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Item#: 6525
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Photograph taken after SCP-6525 Event. Anomaly has affected over 90% of the pictured area.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-6525 is currently infeasible. An O5 consensus regarding SCP-6525 is underway.

Description: SCP-6525 is the designation given to a CK Class Reality Restructuring Event as initially reported by O5-5. Various individuals across the globe report similar experiences and consistently state that SCP-6525 took place on the 25/05/1998.

As of time of writing, the effects of SCP-6525 on our reality are not entirely understood, but is believed to have altered nature and the laws of science significantly.

Addendum: SCP-6525 Project

Several days following the emergence of SCP-6525, O5-5 initiated the SCP-6525 Project (named Constantinople) with unanimous O5 approval. The SCP-6525 Project saw the halt of all non-essential Foundation operations and recruited personnel from various departments such as the Temporal Anomalies Department and the Reality Phenomena Division.

The following are excerpts taken from the project proposal.

Addendum: O5-5 Audio Logs

Due to his experience with SCP-6525 and the work from Project Constantinople, the O5 Council assigned Site-93 Therapist Gabrielle Lobachevsky to O5-5. The following is a series of personal recordings made by O5-5 as part of therapy, and was uploaded per his request. Despite being irrelevant, O5-5's requests to submit his logs were approved in order to improve his morale.


DATE: 02/06/1998

NOTE: The following recording is the first part of a series of diary entries created by O5-5. The recording took place in O5-5's residence in ██████████, ██████.


O5-5: The recording begins, showing O5-5 sitting at a mahogany desk. Warm lighting dominates, but does not eliminate, the view of the background. Various furniture and decoration can be seen. O5-5 sighs, visibly slumping in his seat.

O5-5: "The O5 have decided I need a therapist." O5-5 rests a hand on his head and brushes his hair back, avoiding eye contact with the camera. "It's only been a few days since the 6525 Project kicked off - now I need a therapist?"

O5-5: Leaning forward, O5-5 clasps his hands together and stares into the camera lens.

O5-5: "My main concern isn't about 6525. It's this god damn…" O5-5 whispers and glances aside, "Family."

O5-5: "I mean… Fuck!" O5-5's voice increases in volume. "One day you're a twenty year old guy cooking a barbecue and the next…?" Another sigh.

O5-5: "I should give some context, right? Gabrielle said that I can keep these private, but I'll upload this to the main file anyway. Annoying bitch. Maybe if the others know I'm doing fine, they'll let me off and be at peace."

O5-5: "Okay so, everything started on the 25th. I had a nice barbecue going but I was a real dumb fuck because I forgot my tongs." For a moment, the Overseer is quiet and rests a hand on his chin. He looks down before continuing, "I think somewhere around then it happened. It was around two o'clock - this… Sickly yellowish colour appeared everywhere, coming from this ugly blue sky. And- And god, the green. Green. Everywhere."

O5-5: "And my face too, it was… It is old as fuck."

O5-5: "But like I said, the worst part was what was waiting for me outside."

Child: Daddy, who are you talking to-?

O5-5: Suddenly, O5-5 jolts up in his seat and turns to face the origin of the voice, which is feminine and childish. He glances down, and seethes in anger. "Didn't I tell you not to come in here? You little shit!"

Child: Silence.

O5-5: "I said get out!" Sniffling is heard before a door abruptly slams shut. The Overseer groans and swindles his chair so as to face the camera again. "That. Is the worst part."

O5-5: "Apparently I have a family now." O5-5 wipes his face with his hands. "Dammit."

O5-5: "Wait, kiddo, come back!" O5-5 exits the frame and can be heard conversing with the child for several minutes.

The record is silent for another 4 minutes before the camera deactivates automatically.



DATE: 22/06/1998

NOTE: At this point in time, Project Constantinople was facing trouble with research and investigations. This resulted in an outburst from O5-5, who was then sent home on mandatory leave for two days.


O5-5: The recording starts up with O5-5 leaning into the desk and towards the camera. Signs of exhaustion are visible on the Overseer's face.

O5-5: "The project isn't going anywhere." O5-5 sighs and sinks into his chair further. "Our biggest theories yet are a temporal anomaly, rapid biological skip or a reality shift. Could be any or all three." O5-5 slams the desk in anger. "My team is fucking hopeless. 'Best of the best', Seven told me."

"Meanwhile, I've managed to figure out my wife's name: Mavis. And my kids are, uh, John, Jared, Hailey and Raya. Looks like the wifey and I had a lot of sex or something. Assuming that this is a time thing, and not a figment of our imagination."

O5-5: "Honestly, they're a bunch of weirdos… I've been spending some time trying to get to know them. I've written down their birthdays and, er, I have some recordings and photos of special days so I have a better picture of their personalities and- Oh shit." Footsteps are heard in the distance, and knocking ensues. "Yes?"

Mavis █████: The door opens, "Sorry about last night. I know work has been hard-"

O5-5: "Hey. Hey, it's fine. Are… You alright? You look like you've been treading on thin ice."

Mavis █████: "I'm okay, ███. Just… Come down for dinner please." Mavis appears on camera, glancing down at O5-5. She grasps his hands with her own. "The kids feel left out. Please just…"

O5-5: "Okay. I'm coming down, and maybe we can watch a movie together?"

Mavis █████: "They'd like that."

O5-5: "Well, yeah, but for us too. It's… Our anniversary after all!"

Mavis █████: She smiles, "You remembered."

O5-5: The Overseer chuckles and stands, using a hand to lift the camera. After some movement, the camera is seen resting at his side. "Of course; why would I forget our… Special day?. I'm just going to clean up quickly, you go ahead. The kids have probably destroyed the TV or something by now."

Mavis █████: "… Okay." The two smile at each other before Mavis exits.

O5-5: Silence commences for a few seconds before a drawn out groan is released. "God this is so fucking hard. Let's hope the team figures something out soon." O5-5 motions to disable the recording device.



DATE: 28/06/1998



O5-5: "This IS important. Don't you care for our worl- our- our wellbeing?" The recording takes place from the floor of a well furnished kitchen. The legs of O5-5 and Mavis █████ can be seen.

Mavis █████: "Wellbeing? What about the kids? You might as well be gone from here because it wouldn't make a difference!"

O5-5: "Well, maybe I will be soon-"

Raya: Raya █████'s voice is heard from a distance. "Daddy… What do you do at work?"

O5-5: "I… Well, I…"

O5-5: "I'm… Sorry Mavis."



DATE: 28/07/1998

NOTE: Project Constantinople is complete, and a solution to SCP-6525 is devised with a 94.67% estimated chance of success.


O5-5: "So." O5-5 shuts his eyes and exhales longingly. He is sitting at the same mahogany desk. "Raya asked me last month…What I do at work."

O5-5: "What… have I been doing?"

O5-5: "SCP-6525 is due for neutralization tomorrow."

O5-5: "I don't know if I can go back now. I've spent all this time… Learning. Learning about these people."

O5-5: "It was so fucking annoying but… A life without Raya's Disney songs playing, or without stepping on Jared's legos. Hailey's damn teen songs. And John… Well, uh, John is bland but he'll get there."

O5-5: "I… I can put up with all of this…. Green. And trees. And 'suns'. And 'vegetables.'"

O5-5: "Maybe change isn't so bad."


Addendum: Final O5 Consensus

O5 CONSENSUS VOTE 29.07.1998 6525/04/0-0

PROPOSAL: Cancel Project Constantinople and integrate SCP-6525 into normalcy. - O5-5

YEA: 4
NAY: 7

CONSENSUS: Denied. Neutralization of SCP-6525 due in 4 hours as scheduled.

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