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ADDENDUM: Debriefing Material

Resubmit clearance credentials to access post-mission reports regarding SCP-6500-α acquisition.

Missing Persons Report: Dr. Udo Okorie/Chief Delfina Ibanez

In the early days of the SCP-6500 crisis, three Foundation personnel embarked on a voluntary expedition to a) acquire an anomalous artifact, b) uncover the truth of its origins, and c) determine whether or not it could be used to partially restore the status quo. This resulted in the acquisition of SCP-6500-α-Sword, "The Leading Edge." Said artifact is a blade capable of reflecting the inner strength of its bearer into thaumaturgical and narrative energy, revitalizing decayed anomalous landscapes and living creatures and restoring momentum to their "stories." Dr. Udo Okorie, Chief of Applied Occultism at Site-43, was lost during this operation in the hostile and extremely hazardous City of Alagadda and is presumed KIA.

The bearer of SCP-6500-α-Sword, Site-43 Pursuit and Suppression Chief Delfina Ibanez, subsequently organized a Mobile Task Force made up of individuals with exceptional "protagonistic potential" as identified by Site-87 pataphysicist Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate. Chief Ibanez and MTF Delta-6500 ("Magical Mystery Tour") were deployed to each Foundation Site, and a variety of Foundation-friendly anomalous locations, in order to repair the damage done by SCP-6500 wherever possible. While local effects have been more extreme, generalized (though random) global, interstellar and interdimensional effects have also been witnessed. Selected intentional, desirable, unintentional, undesirable and unforeseen restorations include:

  • SCP-5923: The living village of Kayaköy no longer subsists on the psychic energy of its denizens, and has returned to contented hibernation;
  • SCP-179: The self-proclaimed "lookout" has stirred to life, and now points with one finger directly towards the Earth;
  • SCP-2922-C: All contact with the afterlife known as Corbenic was lost at the outset of the crisis, but it has become accessible once more;
  • GOI-ALPHA-19: Formerly dedicated to addressing the SCP-6500 crisis, a number of revitalized Serpent's Hand thaumaturges have resumed their campaigns of attrition against the Foundation;
  • SCP-1762: A single instance of SCP-1762-1 has been reported in the wild. Confirmation pending.

SCP-6500-α-Sword has proven incapable of restoring most anomalies whose anomalous functions have fully ceased. Attempts by Delta-6500 to enter the Wanderers' Library to render aid and assistance have been categorically rebuffed; no attempt has been made to return to Alagadda, for reasons which should not require explication.

It was observed that SCP-6500-α-Sword can only draw a certain amount of power from each wielder before becoming inert in their hands. Chief Ibanez therefore mandated rotating the use of the artifact between all members of Delta-6500, utilizing their unique protagonistic profiles to infuse moribund anomalous locations and entities with whatever variety of esoteric force they require to continue or resume their normal functioning. After one week of this activity, citing a sufficiently well-trained and diverse task force capable of carrying out these actions indefinitely, Chief Ibanez surrendered the artifact to Dr. McDoctorate and nominated him temporary head of the task force. She requested a leave of absence to convey her condolences to Dr. Okorie's parents, researchers stationed at Site-91 in Yorkshire, England; this was granted.

The Drs. Okorie report nothing unusual in Chief Ibanez' activities during her time at Site-91. Nevertheless, on her return to London — ostensibly to resume duty with Delta-6500 — she was instead seen entering Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, heavily armed, at which point she disappeared without a trace.


I am the author of rebirth
In fire, water, air and earth
Despised, I stand alone
But when the truth be known

Choose Your Path


Collect the Oriykalkos Codex: a mystical artefact capable of storing vast amounts of magical energy and allowing its user to perform rites and rituals on a potentially-universal scale. Thaumic workings using the Codex would be capable of halting and reversing the effects of SCP-6500 altogether.

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