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A sculpture that resembles SCP-650-KO in observation log SCP-650-C

Item #: SCP-650-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its traits, MTF Omicron Rho("The Dream Team") is responsible for contact and monitoring of SCP-650-KO. As SCP-650-KO's activities cannot be stopped, containment of the instance mainly focuses on checking for violations of the agreement of 2012, especially activities outside of North America or those done without prior notice to the Foundation.

Pregnant women contacted by SCP-650-KO should be amnesticized, as they threaten security. Online communities should be monitored, and information about SCP-650-KO produced before the Foundation's containment should be deleted. Sleeper agents in medical facilities must report sudden missing foetuses and dreams related to SCP-650-KO.

Description: SCP-650-KO is an entity that appears in the dreams of pregnant women for six months or more. Due to its traits, descriptions of its shape and behaviour rely on the contact records of MTF agents responsible for the containment and interview of pregnant women.

The visuals of SCP-650-KO differ from person to person. However, it is reported that the dreamer did not feel any discomfort or wariness, regardless of its form. SCP-650-KO is often observed to create or manipulate objects or creatures inside the dream. This indicates that SCP-650-KO does not merely appear in a dream but is in control of it.

On encounter, SCP-650-KO always accompanies a child(referred to as SCP-650-KO-A) around 8~11 years old and soon produces a table and a chair for the pregnant woman to sit on. Afterwards, SCP-650-KO introduces SCP-650-KO-A as the future child of the pregnant mother and as a sales agent willing to receive the ownership of SCP-650-KO-A. SCP-650-KO then proceeds to persuade SCP-650-KO-A and the pregnant woman to agree to hand the child over, as such agreement is required. SCP-650-KO is described as a fluent, confident entity. However, it was also reported that if the persuasion did not unfold as planned, SCP-650-KO may also be furious and say harsh words to the mother and child. Statistically, 60% of the pregnant women who came in contact with SCP-650-KO were significantly reluctant about having a child and thus were easily persuaded by SCP-650-KO.

If SCP-650-KO persuades both the pregnant woman and SCP-650-KO-A, the woman immediately wakes up, and the foetus inside her disappears. A few hours later, a box with bundles of cash and a letter spontaneously appears in the woman's house. There are speculations about where the foetus might have gone, but no decisive evidence has been found. The Foundation is researching what benefit SCP-650-KO gains from this series of procedures.

Forceful retainment attempts to contain SCP-650-KO physically resulted in unwanted consequences. MTF agents reported that SCP-650-KO attacked by manipulating the pregnant women's dreams, and even when it was kicked out of the dream, the pregnant woman suffered damage such as mental trauma and miscarriage.

In 2012, seven years after the initial report of SCP-650-KO, an agreement was sent via a Foundation agent, which SCP-650-KO accepted. Excerpts of the agreement are attached below:

  • SCP-650-KO's activities are limited to the North American region, and the Foundation should be notified of the target and location of the contact.
  • The Foundation is not to interfere with SCP-650-KO's activities except for the observation of MTF agents.
  • SCP-650-KO can pitch a contract to Foundation personnel twice a month. Only Level-1 personnel without any information about SCP-650-KO can be chosen as a target.
  • The Foundation may administer amnestics to the target only when a security risk is expected.

There have not been any breaches of the agreement to date. Also, since the agreement, there have been no direct conflicts or deaths related to SCP-650-KO.

Document Log 650-1
Next is a transcript of a letter from the box. The content and handwriting of the letter vary depending on the letter, but the overall meaning stays the same.


Hello. Our greatest gratitude for your outstanding decision regarding our proposal. It is said that the birth of a child is noble, but no one cares about the child's situation. How can parents choose a child, but children cannot choose their parents? Such simple and rightful rights and choices and a chance of salvation are what our company is for.

We understand how hard it was for you to decide. However, thanks to your commitment, another child can choose their future and march onward. The cash inside is for compensation and consolation. Please use it generously for your future child, as it is substantial.

Oneiroi Collective Parent Selection Services
Sales agent uhgjvytf

Observation Log 650-A
The logs below are notable examples of SCP-650-KO's persuasion of the pregnant woman and SCP-650-KO-A. It should be noted that the recordings rely on the MTF agents' testimony and thus may differ from what happened.

Foreword: SCP-650-KO appeared as a suited man with a mask. SCP-650-KO-A took the form of a girl. Ms Offrey, the pregnant woman, is a young Canadian woman, 21 years old, and is pregnant due to poor contraception.


SCP-650-KO: As I told you, ma'am, this child is your daughter. If you give birth to her as planned, she will grow up to be like this.

Offrey glances over SCP-650-KO and is frustrated.

Offrey: This is just hard to swallow. Crap, how could this happen from that one night?

SCP-650-KO-A: Mom, what do you mean? Do you hate me?

Offrey: (Frowning) This is a dream. I can't raise a child. Oh, what do I tell Mom? I should have aborted her in the first place. I shouldn't have been sympathetic.

SCP-650-KO: Worry not. We understand. You are confused. You are afraid. What you did to fill your measly desire resulted in such a heavy burden, which is unfortunate. However, fortunately, you met me. The Oneiric Collective provide services that take ownership of unborn child and match them to their desired parents. How about handing the child over to us?

Offrey: Is that so!

SCP-650-KO-A: Mom, I don't wanna. I don't wanna go, please…

Offrey looks depressed after seeing SCP-650-KO-A.

Offrey: I can't. Whatever the circumstances, she's my daughter. How can I abandon her?

SCP-650-KO: Ma'am, you're not getting it. Abandon? This is not abandonment but a choice and salvation. You and this child is given a choice. Will she be happy if she is born as she is? Wouldn't she resent you when she knows how she was born? And what about you? Can you handle a child now? Who will take care of her when you're at work? What if she's with you during your holiday or at weekends? Someone somewhere claims that "life is precious", but I think your life will become miserable.

Offrey: B-But…

SCP-650-KO approaches Offrey and puts his face on hers.

SCP-650-KO: Ma'am, will you make another mistake? You had choices: If you didn't have sex that night, if you wore protection that night, if you aborted her soon after she was conceived, things wouldn't have been this way. Don't you realise your future depends on what you say right now?

SCP-650-KO returns to his original position. Offrey stays still, her face down.

SCP-650-KO: Haah… I can't seem to persuade you, can I? I must have underestimated your feelings for your child. Oh well. I'd get goi-

Offrey: (Crying) Wait! I'll do it. I agree. Please take this child. Please…

SCP-650-KO: Excellent choice, madam. What's left is this child.

SCP-650-KO-A: No, I want to be with Mama.

SCP-650-KO: Oh, don't be stubborn. I understand you too, but you should say goodbye. Look, look into her eyes.

Offrey and SCP-650-KO-A's eyes match. Offrey immediately looks away.

SCP-650-KO: Can't you feel the hesitation and guilt in her eyes? She's still weak, as she understands you. Here, take my hand. If your ex-parent feels this way, isn't it an ex-child's duty to respect it?

SCP-650-KO-A looks at Offrey again and slowly holds SCP-650-KO's hand.

SCP-650-KO-A: I'm sorry I was born. Mommy, be happy.

<End of Log>

Offrey showed slight depression after waking up. The letter in the manifested box was soon incinerated after being read. Offrey hid that she was pregnant and thus is considered a minimal security risk. Amnestic treatment is not required.

Observation Log SCP-650-B

Foreword: SCP-650-KO took a form of a jellyfish slightly bigger than an adult male. SCP-650-KO-A took the form of a boy and is willing to be handed over. Madrena, the pregnant woman, is a 39-year-old married woman in Mexico who finally had a child after eight years of marriage.


SCP-650-KO: Ma'am, as you can see, your son remains firm.

Madrena: Son, wouldn't you think again? I don't want to say goodbye; I'm your mom.

SCP-650-KO-A: (Reading the pamphlet) But I don't want to be your son. You're poor, you're not special, and the country I'm going to live in is too dangerous.

Madrena: I know it's not nearly as perfect for you. But you're my precious son. I can love you more than anyone ever could. So please don't leave us.

SCP-650-KO-A: (Looking at SCP-650-KO) Mister, what should I do? Honestly, I don't want Mommy to be so frustrated.

SCP-650-KO: Well, you may feel sympathetic for now. But what about thinking differently? A parent-child relationship is one-sided. A parent can have a child by choice, but what about children like you? You can't consent to be born, you can't choose your name, and you have to fit into whatever environment your parents have. Even worse, some parents treat their children like their stuff while saying they love them. How can they be so shameless?

SCP-650-KO puts its tentacle on SCP-650-KO-A's shoulder.

SCP-650-KO: In this way, you're one lucky child. You met me and obtained the right to take the initiative in this relationship. What's wrong with thinking over? What's wrong with having a parent you want? Everything you do and think is just. Have confidence. Don't let your feelings overwhelm you and ruin your future.

SCP-650-KO-A: Yeah, you're right, mister. I'm sorry, Mom, but I want another parent. I can't be born in this house and country for my dream and future. And I want to decide my name. I don't want to live with a name and face I didn't decide. Understand me, Mom.

Madrena: But son, you're my precious child. How can I let you go…

SCP-650-KO: Ma'am, you said you could love him more than anyone ever could. But what you're doing right now, blocking your son's choice, seems like it's not from love but rather from frustration from losing your possession.

Madrena: That's too harsh.

SCP-650-KO: Am I wrong? Your son is determined. I'm sorry that you struggled to have a child, but your son struggled as much to choose for his future. Why can't you understand that your son is as painful as you are?

Madrena looks at the distressed SCP-650-KO-A and looks down.

Madrena: Is that so… Mommy was selfish. I said, I love you, and I didn't know how my own son felt. I'm so ashamed.

SCP-650-KO-A: M-mommy…

Madrena: I'm sorry. I made you go through all this. I'm a terrible mother. (Looking at SCP-650-KO) Take good care of my son.

SCP-650-KO holds SCP-650-KO-A's hand.

Madrena: I'll never forget you. My son, I love you so much.

<End of Log>

Madrena suffered severe depression after waking up, hindering her daily life. There was not enough time to make a scenario that could explain the sudden disappearance of the foetus to the husband and her acquaintances. The Foundation decided to administer C-Class amnestics to nine civilians, including Madrena.

Observation Log SCP-650-C

Foreword: SCP-650-KO took the form of a frog the size of a palm, wearing a crown. SCP-650-KO-A took the form of a girl. The pregnant woman, Garnet, is a married 26-year-old woman living in the United States. Both SCP-650-KO-A and Garnet were against the proposal.


SCP-650-KO: Think again. This is an opportunity, a chance. It's too good of a choice to let your feelings decide.

Garnet: I understand you, but we've decided. I can assure you my family has the environment and capability to raise a daughter.

SCP-650-KO-A: I don't want to be with anyone other than my mom. I like it this way.

SCP-650-KO: Haah, I didn't want to do this, but…

SCP-650-KO clapped, and a screen appeared from nowhere. On the screen were several graphs and the faces of various individuals.

SCP-650-KO: This is your life index and peer assessment. As you can see, you are worsening financially due to your spouse's failed business. Moreover, your neighbours tell you you've grown more restless. Having a child in this situation? Do you even know what raising a child means?

Garnet: I can't stand the insult! Where on earth did you get this information?

SCP-650-KO: Dreams tell a lot about you. Don't underestimate our capabilities. Now, are you sure you won't change your mind? If you leave her to us, we will compensate you substantially. With the money we provide, you can live a decent life after the failure. And what about you, miss? As seen on the pamphlet, you can choose your environment, your parents' personality, your name, how you look, everything. What about making a wiser decision for your future?

SCP-650-KO-A: (Looking at Garnet) But I don't want to… I don't want to be with a stranger that's not my mom.

Garnet: I can't let her go either. I'm determined as a mom. Whatever gibberish you throw at me, I'm not giving my daughter away.

SCP-650-KO: I see. There are rare occasions like you: people who throw a tantrum, oblivious of their position, arrogant.

The terrain and creatures around SCP-650-KO start to disappear.

SCP-650-KO: Let me explain my company's purpose. Think of a felon who committed a heinous crime. He must pay the price. But what if he committed the crime because of his sick parents and poverty? What if he was born in a country with jack-shit welfare and the harshest punishment? In this case, the felon is more than motivated to cause the crime. Then who is the root of evil that put him in this situation?

Garnet held SCP-650-KO-A's hand and stepped back.

SCP-650-KO: Love, family - Cliché! Cliché! The crime of birth after succumbing to their instincts and desires is the root of all evil! I have met someone who failed to wear protection and passed the abortion time. What would have happened to her if she didn't meet me or didn't give her child away? A child I met left his parents living in a poor and unstable country, pursuing his dreams and future. Would he have been happy if his feelings had kept him from leaving them?

Most factors of the dream start to disappear. The monitoring agent struggled to control the dream and grab consciousness.

SCP-650-KO: How could you commit such a heinous crime while criticising a criminal? What about children who were born against their will? Why are there no laws and responsibilities for children ripped off of their right to choose when they are born, how poor they are and even their name? It is my duty and pleasure to stop such unhappiness, even just a little bit. It is my VOCATION to give a choice children to select their parents and an opportunity and salvation for a better future!

SCP-650-KO steps forward to the mother and child.

SCP-650-KO: Last chance: Won't you find a better future with me?

SCP-650-KO-A thought for a brief moment and shook her head.

SCP-650-KO: (Smiling bitterly) Well, it's your choice. I respect it. Ma'am, please do not do any evil. And miss, please be happy.

<End of Log>

The remaining memories of SCP-650-KO may lead to a security breach. Thus Garnet was administered C-Class amnestics. No anomalies were discovered in the baby.

Additional Log, 2019: Garnet succumbed to poverty caused by her husband's business failure and set her house aflame, committing group suicide with her family. Foundation investigation indicated no interference of anomalous entities, including SCP-650-KO.

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