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SCP-6468 2/6468 CLASSIFIED
Object Class: Safe Assigned Site: Site-418-δ

Special Containment Procedures

As of 2020/06/15, SCP-6468-1 has been removed from Wix servers; a Foundation-run website has been set up at the same URL to track attempts to access the anomaly.

All 3,159 SCP-6468 currently owned by the Foundation are to be contained in a Standard Anomalous Item Storage Room in Site-418-δ. The room is to be equipped with trapped chests linked to a tamper-evident mechanism; in addition, the exterior of the room is to be lined with barrier blocks and bedrock, with a command block-based mechanism controlling access to the room. Access to SCP-6468 requires approval from three members of Level 4 or higher personnel, and shall only be granted for testing purposes.

Owing to the difficulty of tracking down all extant SCP-6468, an update has been pushed to Minecraft's server software to notify Foundation tracking software whenever an instance of SCP-6468 is loaded, after which Mobile Task Force 辛卯-17 ("Castle of Dreams") will be mobilized to the server in order to retrieve and transfer SCP-6468 to Site-418-δ using a standard item transfer ritual.

The Foundation is monitoring for reports of civilians affected by SCP-6468. All affected civilians are to be taken into Foundation custody, force-fed 1 m3 of cow's milk, and released after confirmation that anomalous effects have ceased.



SCP-6468 in the Minecraft inventory.

SCP-6468 is a Minecraft item, appearing to be a yellow potion with the name "pvp potion by dado"1. When a player consumes the potion by holding the right mouse button, an unknown mechanism causes their right index finger to vibrate at a rate of 200 Hz. This effect appears to last indefinitely and appears to be independent of the nervous system; the tip of the finger continues to vibrate even when separated from the body. As such, the effects of SCP-6468 can be remedied by amputating the affected finger at the proximal interphalangeal joint. In addition, testing has shown that physically consuming 1 m3 of cow's milk will reverse the effects of SCP-64682.

SCP-6468-1 is a website at the address ███████████, seemingly associated with the Person of Interest "dado". The website is non-anomalous with the exception of the shop page, which advertises various Minecraft PvP kits3; upon checking out, the buyer is asked for a server URL and a username. When the URL or IP address of a Minecraft server and the username of a player currently online on that server are entered, a player with the username "dadodeliveryman" will log on in front of the player, place a chest or shulker box containing the requested items, and log out after the player has collected the items4. SCP-6468 is the sole anomalous item listed on SCP-6468-1; however, it is suspected that at least one other anomalous item resulted from SCP-6468-1 (see Addendum IV).


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