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A lone tree in the middle of a clear salt flat. There is a slight lens aberration effect.


Special Containment Procedures

Dr. Charles Gears is to monitor and survey SCP-6463 for topological or interdimensional irregularity. Re-establishing contact with the Foundation is to be considered highest priority.



SCP-6463 is the provisional designation for Dimension-882R53, an extradimensional plane of unknown size. SCP-6463 resembles a salt flat, with its surface being solid and exhibiting near perfect reflectivity. The surface is also noted to have a salty taste.

Entities within SCP-6463 are believed to not be affected by any form of energy expenditure and decay, as several electronic devices brought into SCP-6463 have been in continuous function for at least 296,516 years without fail, and people inside it do not appear to age or need sustenance, making them biologically immortal.

SCP-6463 is largely featureless, with the exception of a single tree (henceforth SCP-6463-A) which exhibits a cognitohazardous effect which makes the observer always aware of its location, regardless of distance or visibility.

The body of Dr. Charles Gears was found leaning against the base of SCP-6463-A. The timestamp of this file's last update, alongside the subsequent autopsy report and 1,779,095 recovered video logs on his drive indicated he died at ~450,000 years of age from natural causes.

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