There is naught but dust. Not even blood remains.


The Implicit Door

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Item#: SCP-6462
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6462 is to be monitored for any sign of dimensional intrusion. In the event of unauthorized entry into SCP-6462, Stationary Task Force Aleph-5 ("Bridezillas") is to immediately terminate all trespassing entities. In the event that an authorized entry into SCP-6462 results in personnel being deposited in any area outside of SCP-6462-B-1, an STF Aleph-5 team is to be dispatched to retrieve them.

Personnel stationed within SCP-6462 are to undergo weekly psychiatric evaluations. Personnel that begin displaying erratic behavior, an obsession with the number seven, and/or acute claustrophobia are to be amnesticized and removed from their position. Additionally, SCP-6462 personnel are to undergo regular anaerobic exercises and a high protein diet to prevent muscle atrophy.


Initial point of entry into SCP-6462, 4 km away from SCP-6462-B

To prevent transmission of SCP-6462-A, type-21 bulwark energy disruptors have been arranged in a 7 meter radius around SCP-6462-C. They are to be safely deactivated and replaced every 23.4 hours to be disassembled and cleaned of any accumulated blood, amniotic fluid, and/or assorted viscera.

310 liters of water are to be placed within 5.4 meters of SCP-6462-C every 6.1 hours. SCP-6462-C's chains are to be visually examined every 12 hours for damage. If SCP-6462-C's chains are rendered unable to keep SCP-6462-C closed or SCP-6462-C-1 is verifiably observed to physically exit SCP-6462-C through any other means, an on-site Surtr-Class ████████ warhead is to be remotely detonated.

Description: SCP-6462 is a pocket reality located within Relic Universe 7V-Ω, which was previously believed to have been rendered unable to sustain reality during the Third Crimson Crusade..One of the first recorded cross-universe wars, taking part between the Supplicants of the Cerise Czar and the Dominion of Eyes. SCP-6462's position within Relic Universe 7V-Ω appears to have hidden its existence from the multiverse at large, as all available multiverse maps display 7V-Ω as an empty "dead zone." The only way to independently learn of SCP-6462's existence is to isolate SCP-6462-A, trace it to its point of origin, then utilize a Scranton-Meyerbeer Arc to travel to that origin point.

SCP-6462 does not experience a day/night cycle. It appears to possess a celestial body analogous to the sun (SCP-6462-SOL), which perpetually produces 2000–5000 lux..Direct sunlight produces 32,000–100,000 lux.



SCP-6462 lacks any form of native non-bacterial organic life. Muscle mass atrophies at an increased rate within SCP-6462, though not at a pace that cannot be counteracted by exercise and a high protein diet. With the exception of SCP-6462-B, its landscape is predominately flat and featureless, dotted with stone outcroppings. The surface area of SCP-6462 is currently unknown.

SCP-6462-B is a ~2500 km2 city situated within SCP-6462. The structures within SCP-6462-B bear strong stylistic similarities to Pre-Renaissance Daevite architecture, though no physical evidence of human habitation within SCP-6462-B has been found. With the exception of SCP-6462-B-1, all structures within SCP-6462-B are hollow and deceptively fragile. Nearly all instances of text within SCP-6462-B have eroded to the point of illegibility.

SCP-6462-B is inhabited by an unknown quantity of SCP-6462-B-NT instances. A SCP-6462-B-NT instance is a humanoid entity composed of dense tenebrous matter..Colloquially known as "three-dimensional shadows." SCP-6462-B-NT instances temporarily cease existing while directly perceived. All sightings of SCP-6462-B-NT instances have been in the periphery of the viewer's vision or heard in such a way that the listener was uncertain of the sound's source. Any camera within a 52 meter radius of a SCP-6462-B-NT instance may begin displaying 1 or more SCP-6462-B-NT instances that are not there. Up to 44% of all recorded images of SCP-6462-B-NT instances are potentially false.

SCP-6462-B-NT instances are aggressive and violent, but not directly confrontational, usually choosing targets that are alone or, if no such prey is available, attacking through ambushes. SCP-6462-B-NT instances are either unable or unwilling to harm or impede Foundation personnel within SCP-6462-B-1. As such, SCP-6462-B-1's central hall (designated SCP-6462-B-1-0) has been made the location of the central base camp within SCP-6462.

SCP-6462-B-1 is a palace in the approximate center of SCP-6462-B. It appears to host multiple spacial anomalies, as moving through a doorway in SCP-6462-B-1 transports the subject into a random room within SCP-6462-B-1. The seventh doorway one travels through will always return the subject to SCP-6462-B-1-0. The only thresholds not subject to this anomaly are the doorways at both ends of SCP-6462-B-1-0: the building's single entrance/exit and the door to SCP-6462-B-1-1.

SCP-6462-C is a stone casket that is approximately 3 meters wide, 5 meters long, and 2 meters deep. It is suspended in the air above a stone throne in the center of SCP-6462-B-1-1, wrapped in seven chains composed of an unknown silver metal. Each chain is attached to a metal loop that has been embedded in either the north or south wall. 4 chains are connected to the north wall and 3 are connected to the south wall. A fourth loop has been observed on the south wall, adjacent to the other 3 loops, but no evidence of an eighth chain has yet been found.

SCP-6462-C has an exsiccating effect on all forms of liquid and organic matter within a 5.4 m to 2.2 km radius. The rate of exsiccation and size of its range of effect is inversely proportional to the amount of liquid removed by SCP-6462-C within a recent time span. Entrance into SCP-6462-B-1 was not initially possible until three members of MTF Aleph-7 accidentally entered SCP-6462-C's range of effect, subsequently losing all moisture in their bodies within 2.9 seconds.

There is a symbol crudely etched into the lid of SCP-6462-C, partially obscured by its chains. It appears to be the Daevite glyph 'ner,' which can be translated to mean "lack," "thirst," "hunger," "longing," or "emptiness."

SCP-6462-C-1 is believed to be contained within SCP-6462-C. It is not to be interacted with under any circumstances.

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