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Item #: SCP-6452

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Please send healthy, alive, human test subjects (disposable) to the offices of Dr. Smithson daily, located in room 5A in the basement of Area-179. Observing this experimentation is bad, bad, punishable by death. O5 Council has said so.

Description: SCP-6452 is a fleshy, thin strip of skin found on all human bodies that stretches so far. From the top of the cute little head to the bottom of the constricted, tight waist. SCP-6452 is invisible, yes, and only can be seen by esteemed researcher Dr. Smithson. That’s just how it is. Applying force and tearing back SCP-6452, ripping and peeling away the yucky trash from that horrid looking body allows access to a subject’s gooey, creamy center. Everything inside is edible, from the meaty cutlets of lard and tissue to the stringy, stuffed tubes near the bottom. Make sure to crack and suck the insides of the bones too. Though removal of the exterior layer attached to SCP-6452 results in the subject’s neutralization, Dr. Smithson knows how to keep them alive as long as possible with his expert precision. Makes flavor better. The crunching of the organs and guzzling of the juices is more than enough reason to continue Dr. Smithson’s research very quickly with swiftness. Extreme caution not to choke on the chewiness of the contents inside.


The Foundation is presently aware of the peculiarities of the above file. The matter is presently being investigated. Page has been edit locked by the request of its author, Dr. Smithson, who has verified his identity via blood sample.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

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