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Item#: SCP-6446
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SCP-6446 upon discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6446 is to be contained within a locked room at Site-105.

Notice: After Incident 6446-1, the above containment procedures have been deemed unsatisfactory. While replacement containment procedures are being developed, SCP-6446 is to be kept under heavy guard and monitored at all times.

Description: SCP-6446 is a wall mirror, approximately 1.5 meters in height and 1 meter in width. Although it does reflect the surrounding environment, SCP-6446 does not reflect living creatures or physically manipulated objects. However, matter and energy are capable of being moved through SCP-6446, upon which they are transported to an alternate dimension that is inverted horizontally, but otherwise identical to baseline reality. See 6446 Testing Log for more detail.

Addendum 1: 6446 Testing Log

Personnel Team: Researcher Vanessa Gaius, Junior Researcher Lana Garcia, D-6824

Location: Site-105

Experiment: 6446-1

Date: 7/5/2022

Materials: A metal pole

Experiment: Metal pole partially enters SCP-6446 and is withdrawn. Analysis demonstrates no changes or alterations within the metal.

Experiment: 6446-2

Date: 7/5/2022

Materials: A 1 meter long metal pipe, a pump

Experiment: Metal pipe partially enters SCP-6446. Air pumped out of SCP-6446, and metal pipe retrieved. Analysis of retrieved air shows no incongruity with expected atmosphere.

Experiment: 6446-3

Date: 7/6/2022

Materials: A potted plant (Philodendron).

Experiment: Potted plant inserted into SCP-6446 and withdrawn. Plant survived, analysis shows no change.

Experiment: 6446-4

Date: 7/6/2022

Materials: D-6824

Experiment: D-6824 enters SCP-6446, then returns, confirming that SCP-6446 is nonlethal for humans to enter.

Experiment: 6446-5

Date: 7/7/2022

Materials: A video camera

Experiment: Camera left recording in SCP-6446 overnight. For unknown reasons, at approximately 22:31, video feedback cuts out.

Experiment: 6446-6

Date: 7/8/2022

Materials: A mirror

Experiment: While within SCP-6446, mirror ceases reflective capabilities.

Experiment: 6446-7

Date: 7/8/2022

Materials: D-6824

Experiment: D-6824 enters SCP-6446 and retrieves a wastebasket from within. Wastebasket found to possess no anomalous properties. Objects from within SCP-6446 confirmed capable of entering baseline reality.

Experiment: 6446-9

Date: 7/9/2022

Materials: D-6824

Experiment: D-6824 asked to explore SCP-6446 outside of the alternate containment chamber. Aside from the lack of entities and the horizontally inverted nature of SCP-6446, no discrepancies from baseline reality noted.

Experiment: 6446-10

Date: 7/11/2022

Materials: A radio

Experiment: Radio still functional within SCP-6446, capable of recieving and broadcasting data to baseline reality.


Addendum 2: Incident 6446-1

Incident Report 6446-1

SCP Involved: SCP-6446

Date: 7/12/2022

Location: Site-105

At 1:35, an entity superficially resembling D-6824 emerged from SCP-6446, inflicted with major wounds and covered in her own blood. Junior Researcher Lana Garcia discovered D-6824 shortly after her appearance in the containment chamber, and called for medical support, promptly hospitalizing her. Upon regaining consciousness, D-6824 became distressed, and requested that photographs of her prior to her re-emergence be cross referenced with the version of D-6824 currently in custody. Surely enough, a discrepancy was noted: The D-6824 in custody possessed a mole on its left cheek, while photographs of D-6824 (and the D-6824 that emerged from the mirror) possessed a mole on her right. The imposter D-6824 was designated SCP-6446-A-1 and contained. According to D-6824, she had been within SCP-6446 for three days.

Update: Further investigation of Site-105 personnel revealed 58 individuals, most of whom had worked with or near SCP-6446, displayed signs of Situs Inversus1, where they had not before. All have since been labelled SCP-6446-A instances.

Addendum 3: D-6824's statement

Foreword: After recovering from her injuries, D-6824 was asked to record a statement about her experiences in SCP-6446. The following log is a transcript of this.

[D-6824 sits facing the camera in a plastic chair in front of a gray wall. Her visible body parts are noticably scarred.]

D-6824: I… hi. Is it on?

[D-6824 looks to the side, nods, then looks back at the camera.]

D-6824: Okay. So… it happened when you all sent me in… to explore.

[D-6824 puts her elbow in her lap and rests her head on her hand.]

D-6824: I didn't see anything weird at first, but once I left sight of that fucking mirror… sorry, sorry, SCP-6446, something snuck up behind me and knocked me out.

[D-6824 closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.]

D-6824: It took me somewhere. I think it was nearby. Things are different in there.

[D-6824 shudders and opens her eyes.]

D-6824: You can't even imagine. It's not… anything. Grey mists and shadows, with the only constant being the space near the mirrors. Monsters that looked almost like friends of mine but… empty. Formless, but not without purpose.

[D-6824 starts to rock back and forth in her chair, drumming her fingers on her arms.]

D-6824: They wanted me alive. They wanted me to suffer. They hated me. Gods I…

[D-6824 takes a deep breath and mutters something to herself.]

D-6824: Three days in, I managed to get out of my bindings when they weren't looking. Figured I might be able to sneak back and warn y'all. Bleeding like a motherfucker didn't help me much, but luckily I wasn't too far from SCP-6446. I climbed through, screamed for y'all to help me, and woke up in a hospital bed.

[D-6824 stands up, and looks above the camera.]

D-6824: Yep. That about covers it. Please don't make me talk about this again. I'm done here.


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