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Item #: SCP-6440

Object Class: Euclid (Pending Keter reclassification.)


Image of SCP-6440 taken during first exploration. Potential cognitohazards removed.

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been established around SCP-6440 and is to be guarded at all times. Any civilians seeking to gain entry are to be turned away and placed under Foundation surveillance for two weeks. Any SCP-6440-1 instances found leaving SCP-6440 are to be terminated. If SCP-6440-2 is confirmed to be beyond the perimeter surrounding SCP-6440, MTF-440 ("Muses") are to be sent for retrieval.

Update as of 2018/11/10: The exclusion zone around Dwelling, Michigan has been extended by 30m and Scantron Reality Anchors placed around the perimeter. Traffic on Parker Road1 is to be diverted under the cover story of construction work.

Description: SCP-6440 is a theatre in the abandoned town of Dwelling, Michigan. SCP-6440’s anomalous effect is triggered when a human subject is seated in a theater seat, causing the subject to lose all higher cognitive functions and autonomy. Subjects at this stage are designated SCP-6440-1. Any human entering SCP-6440 is greeted by SCP-6440-2, an instance of SCP-6440-1 dressed in an usher uniform, and led to a seat.

"Muses" are retrieved on the outskirts of town. They were placed in quarantine for two weeks in the event that SCP-6440's anomalous nature is infectious.

Tests were conducted on the retrieved samples. The black fluid obtained from Thalia's knife was found to be liquified black mold.

48 hours after the retrieval operation concluded Hume readings from the perimeter of Dwelling, Michigan dropped from 0.99 to 0.72 Humes. A billboard appeared along Parker Road reading "Watch sleeper hits at the Dwelling Theatre!". SCP-6440 has been reclassified as the town of Dwelling, Michigan.

Provided below are forum logs pertaining to Lisa Gilbert's investigation of Dwelling, Michigan and SCP-6440.

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