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Item #: SCP-6440

Object Class: Euclid (Pending Keter reclassification.)


Image of SCP-6440 taken during first exploration. Potential cognitohazards removed.

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been established around SCP-6440 and is to be guarded at all times. Any civilians seeking to gain entry are to be turned away and placed under Foundation surveillance for two weeks1. Any SCP-6440-1 instances found leaving SCP-6440 are to be terminated. If SCP-6440-2 is confirmed to be beyond the perimeter surrounding SCP-6440, MTF-440 ("Muses")2 are to be sent for retrieval.

Update as of 2018/11/10: The exclusion zone around Dwelling, Michigan has been extended by 30m and Scranton Reality Anchors placed around the perimeter. Traffic on Parker Road3 is to be diverted under the cover story of construction work.

Description: SCP-6440 is a theatre in the abandoned town of Dwelling, Michigan. SCP-6440’s anomalous effect is triggered when a human subject is seated in a theatre seat, causing the subject to lose all higher cognitive functions and autonomy. Subjects at this stage are designated SCP-6440-1. Any human entering SCP-6440 is greeted by SCP-6440-2, an instance of SCP-6440-1 dressed in an usher uniform, and led to a seat.

Exploration Log 1:

Date: 2018/10/09

D-54392 was sent to investigate the interior of SCP-6440. A body-mounted camera and microphone were supplied.

<Begin Log>

[The exterior of SCP-6440 is deteriorated except for the front doors.]

Control: D-54392, enter through the front theatre doors.

D-54392: It's just a theatre. What's the deal?

Control: That's what you're here to find out.

D-54392: So, you guys have no idea what's in there?

Control: (dryly) D-54392, please enter the theatre.

[D-54392 sighs and enters SCP-6440. The interior is pristine.]

D-54392: Huh, that's weird.

Control: D-54392, report?

D-54392: This is a theatre but I don't smell or hear popcorn.

[Lights turn on as D-54392 walks toward the ticket booth. The narrow view of the camera follows D-54392's movements as it sweeps across an empty entry way. SCP-6440-2 pops up from under the ticket booth desk.]

SCP-6440-2: Welcome to Dwelling Theatre! What movie are you lookin' to see?

D-54392: (confused) Uh? I don't know? What do you guys have?

SCP-6440-2: (points to the marquee above it) This is our current selection of movies. We at Dwelling Theatre specialize in sleeper hits!

D-54392: (perusing the movies listed) Yeah uh… I guess I'll watch 'Johnny Mnemonic', I haven't seen it in decades!

SCP-6440-2: (nods) Follow me if you will!

[SCP-6440-2 leaves the booth without giving D-54392 a ticket and leads xyr down a well-lit hallway. Movie posters from the 80s and 90s line the hallway. They appear new.]

D-54392: (nervous) So, you do this for a living?

SCP-6440-2: Yes! It's my greatest joy!

D-54392: Have you, uh, seen anything weird going on here?

SCP-6440-2: Other than the few kids sneaking in?

D-54392: Yeah.

SCP-6440-2: Nothing really.

[They reach the entryway for the room showing 'Johnny Mnemonic'. SCP-6440-2 turns on its flashlight and leads D-54392 into the show room.]

[The room is dark and lit by a gray theatre screen. Light from the screen and SCP-6440-2's flashlight shows the theatre to be three quarters full.]

Control: D-54392, see if you can get a closer look at the audience.

D-54392: (speaks to SCP-6440-2) Uh, so why is the screen blank? Isn't there supposed to be bumpers for upcoming mo-

SCP-6440-1: Shh! The movie is about to start!

D-54392: Sorry.

SCP-6440-2: Here's your seat, xir!

[SCP-6440-2 gestures at an empty seat. Nearby patrons turn their heads watching D-54392 find xyr seat.]

D-54392: Oh… I just realized that I should go to the bathroom before the movie starts.

SCP-6440-2: You don't want to take your seat?

D-54392: Yeah, I want to take my seat, on the toilet.

SCP-6440-1: Shhh! The movie is about to start.

SCP-6440-2: (whispers) You'd miss the beginning of the movie.

D-54392: (muttering to Control) Why is he arguing?

SCP-6440-2: (grins and tilts its head to the side) What was that? I didn't catch it.

[D-54392 backs away slowly. More instances of SCP-6440-1 turn their heads and watch. A few instances' heads turn 180 degrees to watch D-54392.]

Control: D-54392, abort and head to the extraction point!

[Breathing heavily, xe turns to run. An instance of SCP-6440-1 blocks the path.]

SCP-6440-1: (cocks head to the side) Where are you going? The movie is about to start.

[Xe screams and pushes past. Fibers similar in appearance to mycelia4 attach themselves to D-54392's shoulder.]

D-54392: Gross! What the hell?

Control: D-54392 stay calm and get out of there!

[Xe manages to push past the anomaly but from the aisle seats arms reach out trying to grab xyr as xe runs past.]

[At the top of the stairs xe encounters more SCP-6440-1 instances. They cock their heads to the side. One of them speaks.]

SCP-6440-1: Where are you going? The movie is about to start.

[D-54392 screams as xe tries to break past the block. The instances grab xyr and pull xyr towards a seat. D-54392 struggles and punches an instance in the face. Its nose snaps but it doesn't react otherwise. Black blood drips from its nose.]

[The instances repeat themselves as they force D-54392 into a chair. A squishy, ripping sound is heard from outside the field of view. The camera jerks but continues to face forward.]

Control: D-54392? Respond! D-54392?


[SCP-6440-2 makes its way up the stairs. Instances clear out of its path and then return to their seats. Loud, squishy noises are heard as the instances sit. D-54392's camera captures the anomalies in front of xyr. Fibers from the backs of the chairs and from the backs of SCP-6440-1 instances merge.]

[Smiling, SCP-6440-2 approaches D-54392.]

SCP-6440-2: Whoever you are, I would like to thank you for sending me a patron!

[It reaches inside of D-54392's front pocket and tears out the camera. SCP-6440-2 looks into the camera, its eyes are gray.]

SCP-6440-2: I hope you send me more patrons soon.

[Recording cuts out.]

<End Log>

SCP-6440-1 instances captured on D-54392's camera matched descriptions of Larry Wheeler, Samantha Brown, and Jude Hart who were all reported missing in 1989, 1992 and 1994 respectively.

Exploration Log 2:

MTF-440 "Muses": Melpomene-0, Thalia-0

Date: 2018/10/17

Due to SCP-6440-2's knowledge of the Foundation's operations and aggression by SCP-6440-1 instances, "Muses" was sent for further exploration. Their orders were data collection and retrieval of lost personnel if possible. The following recording was retrieved at a later date.

<Begin Log>

Melpomene-0: Control, we've reached the target location.


Melpomene-0: Control?


Thalia-0: How do we proceed?

Melpomene-0: Lets back track a safe distance and reestablish communications.

[They retreat back a safe distance and establish contact with Control. It's decided that "Muses" proceed with caution.]

["Muses" enter the theatre through the front door. Expecting hostility, they ready their firearms. As in previous explorations, the entryway is pristine and the lights turn on as they walk into the building. They cautiously approach the ticket stand.]

SCP-6440-2: (slowly pops up from under the desk) Hello hello! I knew you'd send me more patrons! But there is a strict no-firearms policy while in the theatre.

[Melpomene-0 opens ver mouth to speak.]

SCP-6440-2: (interrupting Melpomene-0) I'm afraid I'll have to take those.

[Mycelia spread over their firearms. Melpomene-0 and Thalia-0 try their weapons.]

SCP-6440-2: Nope! No can do! Not in my theatre. (laughs)

[The firearms dissolve in the operatives' hands.]

Thalia-0: Well shit!

[Melpomene-0 throws a punch. SCP-6440-2 dodges.]

SCP-6440-2: Tsk, tsk! (shakes head) There shall be no violence in my theatre either.

[Momentarily lights in the main entryway are cut. When the lights come back SCP-6440-2 is nowhere to be seen.]

SCP-6440-2: (incorporeal) How about this? I let you come and see a movie without a ticket, eh?

Thalia-0: (yelling) We aren't here to see a movie!

Melpomene-0: (calmly) Thalia-0 check the booth, concession stand and restroom. I'm checking the hallways and show rooms.

[Thalia-0 nods as fae carefully inspects the booth while Melpomene-0 cautiously walks down the hallway. The movie posters have changed to 'Dawn of the Living Dead', 'The Sixth Sense', 'Stephen King's IT', 'Arachnolagophobia' and other 80s-90s horror films.]

[Thalia-0 inspects the ticket booth. Fae finds it empty.]

Thalia-0: Wow, that sure is weird? No tickets, no register, no seat? I thought there'd at least be food crumbs.

[Fae leaves the ticket booth and heads for the concession stand.]

Thalia-0: Hope I find some popcorn. (laughs to faerself)

[Reaching the concession stand, fae finds it's also empty.]

Thalia-0: Well, damn. What kinda two-bit theatre is this? No popcorn?

[A loud slapping sound comes from the restrooms.]

Thalia-0: (sighs) Of course.

[Fae heads to the restrooms. Reflexively fae reaches for faer gun. Fae curses under faer breath. Instead, fae pulls out a hunting knife.]

Thalia-0: (chuckles) Fucker didn't take my knife.

[As fae approaches the restroom the sounds get louder. Fae identifies the sounds coming from the stall restroom. Peeking faer head around the corner, the camera pans the room.]

[The restroom is lit and empty. Fae cautiously enters the room. The sounds stop. Thalia-0 takes a deep breath and kicks down the first stall door. It's empty. Fae kicks down the next stall door. A raccoon screams and sprints out of the restroom.]

Thalia-0: (surprised) That's fucking bizarre.

[Melpomene-0 makes ver way down the hall toward the show room with the marquee 'Dawn of the Living Dead'.5 Ve turns ver body mounted light on and enters the room. The theatre is close to full. Amongst the crowd are two bright orange jumpsuits.]

[The movie screen is blank as seen in prior recordings. SCP-6440-1 instances are motionless and remain facing the screen. Melpomene-0 breathes heavily as ve slowly steps down the stairs. Keeping an eye on the SCP-6440-1 instances, ve approaches the nearest one.]

[Ve closely inspects the instance.6 Melpomene-0 removes medical latex gloves from ver side-pouch and gently pushes the instance forward. The instance's back peels away from the seat. Both the seat and the instance are connected via fibrous threads. Ripping and tearing sounds are recorded. Melpomene-0 gags.]

[Ve takes a sample of the mycelium and places it in ver kit. A loud, ripping sound is recorded off camera. Melpomene-0 turns toward the noise and sees an instance standing. Mycelia hang from its back.]

SCP-6440-1: Where are you going? The movie is about to start.

[Melpomene-0 doesn't respond. Instead ve turns around and walks out of the show room. More tearing sounds are recorded out of view. At the end of the hallway stands SCP-6440-2.]

SCP-6440-2: Leaving so soon? The movie is about to start, you know.

[Melpomene-0 looks at the other end of the hallway. It looks longer than it had been previously and leads to a dead end. Ve turns back to SCP-6440-2 who is slowly walking towards ver.]

SCP-6440-2: This is the most active the theatre has been in a long time.

[Thalia-0 sneaks behind SCP-6440-2. Mumbling is heard from inside the show room. The squelching, ripping sounds get louder.]

SCP-6440-2: I've been getting one patron every other year for the past three decades. So whoever you are, thank you for your patronage. I've been quite famished.

[Instances of SCP-6440-1 exit the show room.]

SCP-6440-1: Where are you going? The movie is about to start.

[Melpomene-0 approaches SCP-6440-2 while Thalia-0 approaches it from behind.].

[SCP-6440-1 instances slowly leave the show room. They follow Melpomene-0.]

[Thalia-0 jumps SCP-6440-2 and slits its throat. Black tar gushes from the cut. SCP-6440-2 falls to its knees. It clutches its throat and gags while trying to talk.]

[Melpomene-0 sprints past SCP-6440-2 with Thalia-0 leading the way. They enter into the main entryway with the sounds of footsteps behind them.]

[The operatives reach the front door and find that it's locked. Gurgling and laughter are heard from behind. They turn and the video feed shows SCP-6440-2 clutching its throat and attempting to speak. SCP-6440-1 instances file behind SCP-6440-2.]

SCP-6440-2: (gurgles) This is m- theatre. Y- thin' y- c-n leave?

[The instance laughs as more black tar sprays from its cut.]

Melpomene-0: Fuck. This.

[Ve grabs a nearby bench and with Thalia-0's help they smash a window.]

SCP-6440-2: (cackles) C-me bac' s-n!

[The operatives sprint away from the theatre. Once out of the town's boundary Melpomene-0 calls for back-up requesting anomalous hazardous retrieval.]

<End Log>

"Muses" are retrieved on the outskirts of town. They were placed in quarantine for two weeks in the event that SCP-6440's anomalous nature is infectious.

Tests were conducted on the retrieved samples. The black fluid obtained from Thalia-0's knife was found to be liquefied black mold.

Parawatch Forum Logs: Lisa Gilbert

not-so-modest-mouse 10/28/2018 (Sunday) 23:11:24 #54789321

ok. so. ive lived in mercer for my whole life, and yea i know you cant find it on a map, its a small township. yea. i know. it sucks. anyway, ive lived here my WHOLE LIFE and i know every other small town, village, and township and i have NEVER come across the town of dwelling. it like. just showed up one day?

i was mudding down the back roads with my buds when we zipped past a town with a sign that read "welcome to dwelling"

in the distance was a town that i never saw before

anyway, i shrugged it off until late last night, i decided to go to the town, but i couldnt bring myself to cross the town line

something felt off

i just wanted to share this with you guys

because im pretty shook

jortsMcGee 10/28/2018 (Sunday) 23:26:17 #54789322

Hey so, I'm not your baby sitter or anything, but you should totally go check it out! Sounds like fun!

not-so-modest-mouse 10/28/2018 (Sunday) 23:44:36 #54789323

im thinkin of doin that, but im going to do some research first because like, what if im walking into a trap or an alternate dimension or something?

jortsMcGee 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:03:47 #54789324

OP where are you from?

not-so-modest-mouse 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:10:05 #54789325


gracee_sleek 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:23:14 #54789326

LMAO isnt that already an alternate dimension?

not-so-modest-mouse 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:31:02 #54789327

…yea youre right.

anyway, im going to the library tomorrow to find any old school documents on dwelling

jortsMcGee 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:56:17 #54789328

Godspeed o7

gracee_sleek 10/29/2018 (Monday) 00:58:05 #54789329

what a nerd, just go to the town already

not-so-modest-mouse 10/29/2018 (Monday) 23:10:08 #54789330

alright so i went to the library. theres a TON of info on dwelling! but when i asked the librarian about dwelling she looked at me like i had two heads! shes never heard of that town before! i showed her the records and she just shrugged. said it mustve been an old township that was abandonded for quite some time. but i asked her how no one has noticed it before now! she said someone surely has but paid it no mind, its not important she said and shrugged it off.

like no??? im not accepting this. its not just some "ghost town", i mean, like it IS a ghost town but where did it come from? is it from here? whats it doing here?

jortsMcGee 10/29/2018 (Monday) 23:16:12 #54789331

OP like I said before, you should totally go check it out. Have you gone paranormal hunting before? Because if not, take some provisions with you. A flashlight, a notebook, a spirit box, your phone, a battery pack, your phone cable (duh), some MREs or protein bars, a bottle of water, a bottle of holy water, and maybe a cross.

not-so-modest-mouse 10/29/2018 (Monday) 23:19:57 #54789332

a bottle of holy water, and maybe a cross.

hahahaah no. ill take a bottle of regular water though lmao

anyway im taking the rest of this with me and ill record my findings! wish me luck! and if you dont hear back from me in the next day tell my wife i said hello!

jortsMcGee 10/31/2018 (Wednesday) 22:11:43 #54789333

Well, OP isn't back yet so…

gracee_sleek 10/31/2018 (Wednesday) 22:23:15 #54789334

lol we tell her wife 'Hello!'

bunbun 10/31/2018 (Wednesday) 22:25:13 #54789335

b srs bout this, she may b fuggin ded

not-so-modest-mouse 11/02/2018 (Friday) 21:23:58 #54789336

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long! I'm doin alright, and really? The librarian was right. It's just some dusty ghost town.

jortsMcGee 11/02/2018 (Friday) 21:25:48 #54789337

Dude! You can't just say what you said, disappear for two days, and then return saying "im doin alright"! There's more to this! What happened?

not-so-modest-mouse 11/02/2018 (Friday) 21:39:41 #54789338

I was busy with rehearsals!

bunbun 11/02/2018 (Friday) 21:46:11 #54789339


o cool! i didnt kno u were n theater!!

Retrieval Operation:

On 2018/10/31 at 05:41 EST Lisa Gilbert, a paranormal investigator, bypassed security personnel and entered SCP-6440. MTF-440 was sent to attempt retrieval and were equipped with Kant counters.7

MTF-440 "Muses": Melpomene-0, Thalia-0, Urania-0, Clio-0

Date: 2018/10/31

Time: 06:38 EST

<Begin Log>

["Muses" hike into the town from the drop-off point. As expected they lose contact with Control. The morning is overcast and misty. Clio-0, Melpomene-0, and Urania-0 make way to SCP-6440 to retrieve Lisa Gilbert. Thalia-0 is left to set up Kant counters around the perimeter.]

[Thalia-0 turns on a counter. It reads 1.00 Humes8]

Thalia-0: (over the radio) Lookin' good over here boss!

Clio-0: (places a Kant counter at the entrance to SCP-6440) All set!

Urania-0: Excellent. Clio-0, scout around the back of the theatre. Report anything suspicious.

Melpomene-0: It's quiet.

Urania-0: What do you mean?

Melpomene-0: There were sounds of birds and raccoons last mission.

[Urania-0 and Melpomene-0 ready to breach the front doors. The windows of SCP-6440 are intact. Urania-0 attempts to kick down the door. Xe fails. Xe and Melpomene-0 attempt to pull and push the door open. It remains closed.]

Melpomene-0: (over the radio) Clio-0, are you able to find an entry point around the back?

Clio-0: Negative.

Melpomene-0: (observing the intact theatre windows) Thalia-0 and I broke a window.

Urania-0: Is the theatre able to regenerate itself?

Melpomene-0: I'm not sure, but after seeing what the usher is capable of, I don't doubt it.

SCP-6440-2: Did I hear a man in black call for me?

[Melpomene-0 and Urania-0 look at the front door. The video feed shows the doors open and SCP-6440-2 standing at the doorframe. Behind it are roughly 10 instances of SCP-6440-1.]

SCP-6440-2: Or should I say woman in black?

Urania-0: (over the radio to Clio-0) We found the usher! Report!

Melpomene-0: Long time no see.

SCP-6440-2: Yes, quite. Lovely to see you back! And you've brought a new patron!

[Urania-0 inspects the counter. The Hume levels drop to 0.80. SCP-6440-2 takes a step out of the theatre. As it does tendrils of mycelium similar in pattern to the carpet extend making a path for SCP-6440-2.]

SCP-6440-2: (gestures to the Kant counter) Looks like the men- excuse me- women in black have brought their weird science.

[Urania-0 and Melpomene-0 reach for their guns.]

SCP-6440-2: Really? Again? (laughs) Nonetheless, you've brought even more patrons!

Melpomene-0: I thought you were restricted to the theatre?

SCP-6440-2: (laughs) I was! Until I got more patrons, that is.

[Humes drop to 0.72. Melpomene-0 and Urania-0 back away from SCP-6440-2. Fibrous growths reach around the equipment. The counter now reads 0.53 Humes.]

Urania-0: Where is Lisa Gilbert?

SCP-6440-2: (laughs and gestures to an SCP-6440-1 instance behind it) Well, she's right here!

[The SCP-6440-1 instance matches descriptions of Lisa Gilbert.]

Melpomene-0: (to Urania-0) Do we proceed with retrieval?

[Mycelium continues to grow outwards toward the operatives.]

SCP-6440-2: (grins) Bold of you to assume that you can save her. She's mine now. Or ours, rather.

[Clio-0's video feed captures thon running through the side alley. Mycelium grows in front of thon. Under thon breath Clio-0 cusses and pulls out thon knife. Cutting through the mycelium thon reaches the front of SCP-6440.]

[SCP-6440-2 shouts as if in pain when Clio-0 cuts the mycelium.]

SCP-6440-2: (doubling over) Ouchie! Who's doing that? (sees Clio-0 sprint past) OH! Another patron!

[Mycelium rapidly grows and wraps around Clio-0's ankle.]

SCP-6440-2: -and thon is mine too!

[Clio-0 yelps and swings thon knife at the mycelium. Melpomene-0 and Urania-0 replace their guns with knifes and help Clio-0.]

[SCP-6440-2 doubles over in pain again; the growth of mycelium slows. The operatives help Clio-0. Propping thon up, Urania-0 and Melpomene-0 sprint away from SCP-6440.]

[Melpomene-0's video briefly records the Kant counter reading 0.19 Humes. When SCP-6440-2 regains composure the fungi spreads faster. SCP-6440-2 walks out to the middle of the road, following "Muses".]

SCP-6440-2: (shouts) Where are you going? The movie is about to start!

[Fungi spreads faster. SCP-6440-2 cackles. Sounds of crunching metal come from behind. Urania-0 turns around, xyr video records the Kant counter crushing as the fibers spread. The mycelium wraps around buildings and cars, carpeting the city in fibrous growth.]

[The operatives remain silent as they run past the town's boundary and meet with Thalia-0. Faers feed captures the mycelium stopping abruptly at the town boundary and the Kant counter reads 0.99 Humes. Breathing heavily, Urania-0 radios for retrieval.]

SCP-6440-2: (distantly yells) Send more patrons soon, women in black!

48 hours after the retrieval operation concluded Hume readings from the perimeter of Dwelling, Michigan dropped from 0.99 to 0.72 Humes. A billboard appeared along Parker Road reading "Watch sleeper hits at the Dwelling Theatre!". SCP-6440 has been reclassified as the town of Dwelling, Michigan.

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