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Item#: 6431
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: The Morning Call Cafe has been closed. No persons, civilian or otherwise, are to enter SCP-6431.

Description: SCP-6431 is an extradimensional space located underneath the Morning Call Cafe in New Orleans, Louisiana.

SCP-6431 is accessed through a sinkhole in the back room of the cafe. Radar scans have revealed the space to be predominantly empty with only infrequent, unidentified movements detected within.

Exploration Log 6431-01:

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Rho-23 ("Vinyl Scratchers")

Subject: SCP-6431

Team Lead: Provisional Captain P23-02 - Granite

Team Members: P23-03 - Basalt, P23-04 - Pumice, P23-05 - Slate


Granite: Mic check.

Basalt: Check.

Pumice: Check.

Slate: Check.

Granite: Alright, proceed.

The team descends into SCP-6431.

Houses with varying architecture span throughout SCP-6431. The space appears open. A sunrise is visible, giving SCP-6431 a red tint.

Pieces of trash are scattered across the ground. Multiple roads fork off from the entry point, and pieces of furniture sit on the sidewalks.

Pumice: The fuck? Why's it so red in here?

Slate: I don't think we're inside.

Slate gestures upwards.

Basalt: Weird-ass neighborhood.

Slate: No kidding. What's with the furniture everywhere?

Basalt: The furniture? What about the houses?

Granite: I mean, it's a space under New Orleans. Isn't that already weird?

Pumice: Why's that weird?

Granite: You really don't know?

Pumice: Oh, right, water…

A slight breeze pushes a cup across the street.

Granite: Let's get going.

The team proceeds along the left road for approximately 21 minutes. Various houses of no discernible pattern line both sides. The road branches after every 4-8 houses.

The sound of a closing door is heard, causing Basalt, Pumice, and Slate to stop. Several vaguely humanoid figures briefly appear in the windows of the surrounding houses.

Slate looks around.

Slate: Where'd that come from?

Pumice: I don't think we're alone.

Basalt: Let's investigate. What do you say, Granite?

Basalt: Granite?

Pumice: Shit, he's still moving.

Basalt, Slate, and Pumice run to catch up with Granite.

Basalt: You good?

A pause.

Basalt: Granite, are you alright?

Granite: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Basalt: And you'll tell us if something's wrong.

Granite: Mhm…

The team continues walking for ten minutes. Granite turns on multiple roads before stopping. and turning around.

Granite: Hey, why do you guys keep following me?

Pumice: You're the team leader.

Granite: What're you talking about? Team?

Pumice: Y'know, the exploration?

Granite: Just- stay away. Stop following me.

Slate: You-

Granite: Go!

Basalt looks around.

Slate: What do we do now?

Basalt: Let's go… right.

The team, with the exception of Granite, turns to the right and continues walking.

Slate: We're not seriously gonna leave him, are we?

Basalt: No. We'll turn on the next block.

The team takes the next turn and walks for six minutes.

Basalt holds her head.

Slate: You okay?

Basalt: Yeah, just kinda dizzy…

Slate: Why don't we take a break?

Basalt: No, we're almost there.

Slate: You heard from Granite?


Slate: Basalt, did you hear from Granite?

Pumice: I don't think that's it.

Slate: No shit, Sherlock.

Pumice: No, I mean-

An unidentified female voice cuts in.

Female: Where have you been? I told you to be back before dinner.

Granite: I was out with some friends.

Slate: The fuck?

Female: I was worried about you.

Granite: Sorry, Mom.

Pumice: Granite, you okay there?

Female: Come on, let's get you cleaned up.

Pumice: Granite, come in.


Slate: Granite?

Pumice: We lost him.

A pause.

Slate: Basalt, where are you taking us?

A pause.

Slate: Basalt, where are you going?

Pumice: Let's just follow her.

The team continues walking for five minutes before Basalt stops and stares up at a house.

Slate: I… I don't like this.

A vaguely humanoid figure briefly appears in a window before moving out of sight.

Pumice: Did you see that?

Basalt begins to walk towards the house.

Pumice: Oh, no, you don't!

Pumice forces Basalt to the ground.

Pumice: What's gotten into you?

Basalt: Who- who are you? What do you want?

Pumice: Basalt?

Pumice's hands begin to sink through Basalt.

Basalt stands up, leaving Pumice on the ground.

Slate: Oh god.

Basalt tilts her head slightly before removing her headset.

She opens the door and walks inside.

Pumice: Shit.

Slate: What now?

Pumice: Head back before it happens to us.

Slate: I… guess.

Pumice turns.

Slate: They're gone, aren't they?

Pumice: Probably.

Pumice and Slate walk silently for ten minutes.

Pumice: Hey, Slate?

Slate: Hm?

Pumice: What was your family like?

Slate: Why do you ask?

Pumice: I think… I understand now.

Slate: Understand what? What're you talking about?

Pumice: I just wanna know.

A pause.

Slate: I didn't have one.

Pumice: Well, you're lucky, I guess.

Slate: Lucky? How is that lucky?

Pumice: You'll understand eventually.

Pumice: I think I'm gonna go home now.

Slate: You're not making any sense.

Pumice turns to the left. Slate follows.

Slate: Pumice, where are you going? This isn't the right way.

Pumice: I told you: I'm going home.

Slate grabs Pumice's wrist and attempts to pull him in the opposite direction. He continues walking, pulling Slate along slowly.

Slate: You're coming back with me. Come on!

Pumice: It'll be over soon.

Slate: Yeah, because we're going back up! Snap out of it already!

Pumice's wrist passes through Slate's hands, causing her to stumble.

Pumice: You need to leave.

Slate: I'm not gonna lose you, too!

Pumice: You've already…

Pumice stops and walks into a house. Slate follows him inside.

The camera feed cuts out.

Two unidentified voices begin to speak.

Slate breathes heavily.

Child A: Nate! You're back!

Pumice: Hey, Syd.

Slate: Pumice, whatever that thing is…

Child B: Look, look, my tooth fell out!

Pumice: Don't forget to put that under your pillow.

Slate: Get- get away from it!

Slate screams.

The camera feed begins again, showing Slate running from the house. She continues running towards the entry point for 32 minutes.


Concluding Statement: Slate was successfully extracted following the mission; however, she refused to speak about the events that occurred inside the house. Of note, the sun did not move from its initial position during the exploration.

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