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Item#: 6427
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Item #: SCP-64271

Object Class: Keter2

Special Containment Procedures: Undefined.3

Description: SCP-6427 is the temporary designation given to an entity currently inside Site-324. The full extent of its abilities is currently unknown, but it is believed that SCP-6427 is capable of teleportation, abnormal feats of strength, and enhanced agility.4

SCP-6427 appears to be a pale grey creature approximately 3 meters tall.5

SCP-6427 possesses irregular body proportions, with some appendages extending over 2 meters further than others.6

SCP-6427 possesses mild antimemetic properties, which it theoretically uses in order to avoid description.7

SCP-6427 was discovered after sightings of a hostile force inside Site-324 were confirmed on 12/10/2021. The entity proceeded to engage several members of Site Security, ultimately overpowering them and turning towards nearby personnel.8

The entity materialized inside Junior Researcher Michaels' living quarters at approximately 3:56 AM9 and was subsequently restrained accidentally by a file describing it10, which Michaels had made in an attempt to communicate with any available member of site staff.11

SCP-6427 is thought to possess an aversion to written descriptions of it, which render it inert.12

When SCP-6427 is actively described in a document, it assumes a fetal position, although a pause longer than a second restores its ability to move.13



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