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Item#: 6422
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Zeta-7 "Marriage Counselling" has been posted on the perimeter of Site 337. Zeta-7 reserves the right to turn away or imprison any tresspassers on sight. The 'danger region' of SCP-6422 is to be updated regularly.

Access to the chamber containing SCP-6422 by more than one individual at a time is prohibited. The Primary Research Facility (PRF) is built directly on top of the cave containing SCP-6422. Personnel at the PRF are to be kept to a minimum at all times. All non-active personnel must remain in their quarters until they begin working or evacuate the premises immediately. Personnel on-site are expected to perform multiple tasks outside of their stated duties, including but not limited to janitorial duties and supply delivery in an effort to minimize personnel on-site.

A psychologist must be present on-site at all times. All work shifts at Site 337 will begin with a mandatory psychological evaluation. In the event that the psychologist on-site deems any individual unfit to begin their shift they are to return to their chambers immediately. All work in which more than one individual must be present must be conducted in the presence of a psychologist. The psychologist is not allowed to speak to any personnel for the duration of the shift except in the event of signs of uncontrolled heightened aggression between present staff, in which case they are authorized to use any tactics up to and including a provided tranquilizer gun to isolate affected parties.

Investigation into the ruins surrounding SCP-6422 is prohibited at this time.

All instances of SCP-6422-1 which are found alive are to be detained immediately for questioning.

Description: SCP-6422 is a cylindrical obelisk measuring approximately ten meters in height, tapering in diameter from the bottom to the top. SCP-6422 is comprised primarily of polished granite from the surrounding mountain range. Within the structure of the granite are several intrusions containing the wood of various tree species endemic to the region. The cells within the wood material are living, despite no obvious source of sustenance. Micro-structural analysis of the cells suggests that at some point during the creation of the obelisk, the cells rapidly flooded in through the base of the obelisk, acting as a viscous liquid.

SCP-6422 is contained within a circular cave approximately ███ meters above sea level in a remote region of the Altai Mountains in Siberia. The inside of the cave is temperate at all times of year, even though there is a horizontal entrance and a natural skylight in the roof of the cave. Within this cave exist several flora and fungi species with anomalous properties1.

It is possible for an individual to become 'attuned' to SCP-6422, at which point they begin manifesting the anomalous capacity to alter the shape, function, and structure of living plant matter around them. They are henceforth designated as SCP-6422-1. It is currently unknown how exactly this attunement process is accomplished, though several theories have been proposed. Selected instances of this power becoming manifest are documented in Addendum 2. All instances of SCP-6422-1 have been terminated or are currently unaccounted for.

SCP-6422's secondary anomalous effects manifest when there are two or more people in close proximity within a region labeled the 'danger region' which currently spans a circular region of approximately 5 kilometers centered on SCP-6422. When two individuals within the 'danger region' engage in any conversation, verbal or nonverbal, the probability that the conversation will drift towards a topic in which the two will disagree appears to increase substantially. Upon reaching a disagreement, the two conversants will become fixated on the disagreement, escalating in conversational aggression, until finally both conversants engage in physical violence until one or both parties have collapsed or expired.

The 'danger region' is currently expanding at a rate of approximately █ meters per day. The rate at which the 'danger region' expands appears to increase considerably if conflict is occurring within the 'danger region', and has been observed traveling in excess of ████ meters per day. Research into the conditions which control the expansion of the 'danger region' are considered a top-level priority.

Within the 'danger region' of SCP-6422 exists the abandoned remains of an anomalous civilization which made extensive use of SCP-6422 for various purposes. The remains suggest the civilization used the powers of SCP-6422 for structural, agricultural, and religious ends which were heavily incorporated into daily activities.


Testing Logs and Supplementary Documents


Unauthorized access of any documentation beyond this point is punishable by immediate apprehension and termination. Your location and date of access will be logged and will be used to determine guilt in the event of an information leak.

    • _
      • _

      The following document has been heavily edited to maintain a coherent narrative. Full documentation requests may be made to the Clerical Office of Site 337, at [REDACTED].

      Incident-6422-01 began on 03/30/20██ when the following internal Russian Federation memo detailing an armed conflict between representatives of the ████████ Prospecting Company was intercepted by MTF Iota-10 "Damn Feds" operatives:

        • _

        Memo Acquired at 12:13 on 03/30/20██. Translated from Russian.


        The situation south of █████-███████ has deteriorated since the initial memo. ██████
        internal offices have been contacted and no corporate officials have any knowledge of an
        "obelisk" as described by contacted ground personnel. An investigation has been opened up
        but due to the severity of ground fighting in the region further information is sparse. All
        necessary agencies will be updated upon evolution of the situation.

        - ███████ ████████, Economic Security Service3

      A joint operation between Russian Federation Black Ops and a small amnestics team successfully halted the ongoing conflict. Several members of ██████ were interviewed, but ultimately no new information was revealed. All combatant parties were successfully amnesticized and all evidence of ██████'s claim to the area was removed from federal and corporate documentation. After a brief monologue with the Russian Federation, control of the site was transferred to the Foundation.

      It was discovered during the de-escalation period that the region surrounding SCP-6422 was occupied by an undocumented civilization of instances of SCP-6422-1. What minimal linguistic and genetic analysis that was performed during this period suggests an admixture of Turkic-speaking steppe peoples, ethnic Mongols, and an undescribed culture and genotype, likely originating in Siberia. Foundation linguists suggest that the undescribed culture may be ████████ in nature, meaning the earliest date of divergence is roughly 12██ CE. The language spoken by the locals was sufficiently similar to modern Mongolian for a pidgin to be constructed for communication.

        • _

        Recorded Interview Conducted at 16:33 on 04/01/20██. Translated from Mongolian.

        Dr. ███: Please state your name for the record.

        SCP-6422-1-1: My name is [SCP-6422-1-1].

        Dr. ███: Thank you.

        SCP-6422-1-1: Would you like anything to eat or drink?

        Dr. ███: No, thank you. I was told by other people here that you would be able to tell me where your people came from.

        SCP-6422-1-1: Ah, of course. My family has been tasked with the preservation of the (Daekhiil) for {27 generations}. Shall I begin?

        Dr. ███: Please.

        SCP-6422-1-1 clears his throat.

        SCP-6422-1-1: {Long before} the time of (Daekhiil), the █████ walked the Earth. The █████ was cruel and had many heads. █████ was one time so large that she wrapped her tail around the ocean far to the east where she did battle with the ocean, and the mountains far to the west where she did battle with the {men of earth and metal}. █████ kept men in chains and performed acts of blood upon the ground with the blood of those men. However those heads of the █████ were made weak by her fighting. By {5 generations} before the (Daekhiil) the █████ had grown so weak from her wars that it had shrunken into a pit to the north and east of here. And then all at once the ocean to the east swallowed █████ whole. The blood of █████ mixed with the earth and the salt and water of the ocean and the (Daekhiil) was made {32 generations} ago from the {holy broth}.

        Dr. ███: This is how it happened?

        SCP-6422-1-1 chuckles.

        SCP-6422-1-1: If history were not made easy to tell then it would not be told. Perhaps some of the history is embellished. But the answer to your question is certainly mostly yes.

        Dr. ███: And you are the (Daekhiil)?

        SCP-6422-1-1: Yes. Well, not quite. There is more to the story. The people who comprise the (Daekhiil) were born from dirt and not from others so a {great promise} had to be created by them for it could not be inherited. So our forebearers said amongst themselves that they hold the following {great promise} in their hearts and share that {great promise} with their children. There is no mud greater than any other mud. No person may cast blood upon the earth as █████ did. The seeds of the earth may guide us and we may guide those seeds of the earth. There is no power of the (Daekhiil) that is a power of one person. To make the (Daekhiil) eternal the obelisk was made (Daekhiil) so that one piece exists in physical stone for all time.

        Dr. ███: So the obelisk is also the (Daekhiil)?

        SCP-6422-1-1: The obelisk is the (Daekhiil) and the {great promise} is the (Daekhiil) and the people of this town are the (Daekhiil). Anyone who does not possess all three is not (Daekhiil).

        There is a short pause.

        Dr. ███: What were to happen if these promises were broken?

        SCP-6422-1-1: All those who break the {grand promise} of the (Daekhiil) may not commune with the obelisk of the (Daekhiil) until they have atoned. Periods of hardship usually follow such a transgression.

        Dr. ███: And how does one atone?

        SCP-6422-1-1: Atonement can only be done by sharing the (Daekhiil) as a gift to those who have never received the (Daekhiil). Some transgressions require sharing with only one other person. Some require many.

        Dr. ███: Alright, thank you for your time.

        SCP-6422-1-1: Likewise. Please visit any time.

        End interview.

      After primary reconnaissance on the nature of the anomaly done by Dr. ███ with the permission of the SCP-6422-1 instances, MTF Theta-4 "Gardeners" were moved on-site. Construction of the PRF began immediately following reconnaissance. Minimal resistance from locals was encountered.

      The majority of recorded information during the period of 04/03/20██ and 04/06/20██ was collected by Dr. Johnathan ███. The anomalous effects of SCP-6422 prevented sufficient record keeping, though an attempt at a reconstruction of a timeline of events will be made external to all documents provided.

      At 18:55 on 04/02/20██, Dr. ███ notes that progress on the containment of the anomaly had been slower since the acquisition of the anomaly from the SCP-6422-1 instances, citing disagreements between the commander of MTF Theta-4 and the at the time Site Director, Dr. Wilson. Dr. ███ attempts to characterize the anomaly through4 interview.

        • _

        Recording captured at 18:55 on 04/02/20██.

        Note: Parts of this video have been translated from Mongolian. Names have been replaced with bracketed instance numbers.

        Camera is sitting on a long table. Several SCP-6422-1 instances native to Site 337 are present. Instances of SCP-6422-1 appear to be in religious clothing of some sort. Dr. ███ is out of frame.

        Dr. ███: Thank you for speaking with me on such short notice I understand that you are a decision-making body.

        The SCP-6422-1 instances present stare across the table, presumably at Dr. ███, before SCP-6422-1-2 speaks.

        SCP-6422-1-2: We will begin the town hall now. [SCP-6422-1-1], [SCP-6422-1-3], you may begin with the sedge ritual.

        Camera moves to capture SCP-6422-1-1 walk from the table, over to a small cabinet, retrieving two small objects. The objects are revealed to be flowers of modified Carex sp. as described in Addendum 02. Another SCP-6422-1 instance, presumably SCP-6422-1-3, moves to an adjacent cabinet and retrieves a drinking glass sized, tightly woven basket filled with soil. The second SCP-6422-1 instance places the basket on the table. SCP-6422-1-1 approaches the table and turns briefly to SCP-6422-1-2. SCP-6422-1-2 clears their throat and begins.

        SCP-6422-1-2: We have guided the seeds of the earth. May those seeds guide us.

        All present nod. SCP-6422-1-2 chuckles.

        SCP-6422-1-2: Now we are a decision-making body. Though I am afraid that a decision has already been made for us.

        SCP-6422-1-2 turns to a room adjacent to the meeting room.

        SCP-6422-1-2: [SCP-6422-1-4], bring the last meeting's {omen}.

        A distant shuffling is heard.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Yes [SCP-6422-1-2] {sir}.

        A young male SCP-6422-1 instance comes from the side compartment. They are carrying an earthenware tray. On the tray is a basket like the others except it appears to have crumbled. On top of soil from the broken basket is a dead, wilted Carex. Sp. seedling as described in Addendum 02. A few audible gasps can be heard as the platter is set on the table, and the SCP-6422-1 instance brings the newly planted basket on a return trip with him to the room. SCP-6422-1-2 slouches into their chair and sighs.

        SCP-6422-1-2: The decision is that tragedy will come to the (Daekhiil) soon.

        SCP-6422-1-1 turns to a spot behind the camera, presumably Dr. ███.

        SCP-6422-1-1: The grain planted at each previous meeting is {an omen} for the days following the next meeting. In times of pestilence or failed crops the plant has wilted and died. In times before earthquakes the pot has broken. Both have never occurred simultaneously.

        SCP-6422-1-5: Then certainly there will be earthquakes and other hardships in the future.

        SCP-6422-1-3: But certainly that they are combined means that the calamity will be more than just one earthquake and one famine. That is what I am concerned about.

        SCP-6422-1-1: The roots are still living! They are large!

        The table seems astonished at this realization. The camera pans towards the dirt underneath the dying plant. The roots are observed rapidly growing approximately 1 centimeter. There are gasps across the table.

        Dr. ███: What does that mean?

        SCP-6422-1-2: That the worst will come to pass.

        The SCP-6422-1 instances in the meeting appear to become grave.

        SCP-6422-1-2: There is only one interpretation of this sign. █████ has returned to take her blood back and cast it here. The (Daekhiil) has decided to take the earth into it in preparation, and it has decided that it will not cooperate until the hardship has passed.

        SCP-6422-1-3: And it will store energy in the roots as many plants do? Will it not share any with us?

        SCP-6422-1-5: That is something we cannot know for certain, but considering that the {omen} has not shared its {omen seedling} then it is not likely.

        There are several nods of agreement. SCP-6422-1-2 turns once more behind the camera.

        SCP-6422-1-2: Those who command you, this 'S.C.P.', do they know of the danger of this {omen}?

        Dr. ███: Well I'm not sure, they've been arguing over procedure all day. I'll try to share it with them as soon as I can, I suppose.

        The SCP-6422-1 instances behind the camera appear to share pensive glances.

        Dr. ███: The organization I work for, it's called 'SCP' because it stands for something. It means secure, contain, protect. I'm certain that the people here are qualified to protect us all from whatever evil comes our way.

        The instances of SCP-6422-1 share nods of commitment.

        SCP-6422-1-1: Then we will begin our preparations immediately. You may stay and help us or you may return to your colleagues to warn them.

        Dr. ███: I will communicate with them remotely. I came to the valley to figure out what's going on here and the least I can do is help keep this place on the map. Thank you for your time.

        SCP-6422-1-2: Thank you.

        End video log.

      At some point before 04:34 on 04/03/20██, a GOC detachment appears to have entered the valley containing SCP-6422 from the north, travelled directly southeast towards the PRF, and set up in a mountain pass directly north of the PRF. The exact time of arrival of the GOC detachment is unknown as Foundation Personnel failed to report the GOC intrusion before armed combat broke out. A recording of the beginning of the skirmish is included below:

        • _

        Recording captured at 04:37 on 04/03/20██.

        Dr. ███ positions the video camera, revealing his face. He appears to be standing in a room dimly lit by an oil lamp.

        Dr. ███: Alright so I spent the night in the valley helping out the people here with preparations. They're all quite nice and it's fascinating but it's beside the point right now. Listen.

        Dr. ███ positions the camera towards the mountain containing SCP-6422. Visible light on the mountain suggests activity. The distant sound of gunshots can be heard.

        Dr. ███: So I got a radio communication on my walkie-talkie about, uhh, three minutes ago now and all it said was 'GOC operatives inbound' and I'm honestly kind of thinking it was a good idea to come down here. I've explained the situation to the people in charge in the valley and they've been heading around making sure everyone's alright still.

        Dr. ███ rotates the camera to bring his face into frame once more. He appears to be looking behind the camera at the activity.

        Dr. ███: I've radioed up to the PRF about a plan to maybe evacuate the valley if things get too hairy and they said they'll look into it soon, but I haven't gotten anything back yet.

        Dr. ███ wipes his face before looking into the camera once again.

        Dr. ███: These people here and the town they built isn't set up for war or a siege or anything. They don't have guns, they've got spears. No tactics. This is a group that might not have had any real internal or external conflict for close to ███ years. It's honestly kind of nerve-wracking.

        An unintelligible whisper is heard from deeper inside the dimly-lit house.

        Dr. ███: Alright we've gotta cut the lights and everything and stay quiet. I'll record again if there's an update.

        End video log.

      Military assistance was requested by MTF Theta-4 Commander Hathaway at 05:02 that morning, and by an O5 Council vote of 7 for, 2 against, 4 abstained, it was decided to send one company of AMTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" to rebuff the GOC detachment. AMTF Nu-7 arrives at 07:55 according to transponders on Nu-7 vehicles. The timeline of events is unknown until 09:12 the same morning, at which point Dr. ███ reported that the gunfire has reduced in frequency considerably.

        • _

        Recording captured at 04:37 on 04/03/20██.

        Note: Parts of this video have been translated from Mongolian. Names have been replaced.

        Video begins with Dr. ███'s face taking up entire camera frame.

        Dr. ███: Alright so it's been a night. There have been stray bullets but it looks like we all made it out OK.

        Video pans to reveal village area. Village is largely unscathed. A small amount of structural damage to buildings is visisble in frame as Dr. ███ walks along a dirt pathway through adense section. SCP-6422-1-1 and SCP-6422-1-4 travel with him.

        Dr. ███: Yeah, that's the important part. We're all fine.

        SCP-6422-1-4: The 'G-O-C', you called them that, they seek to destroy all (Daekhiil)?

        Dr. ███: Well, the obelisk, yeah. I-I mean there's not much of a difference though I imagine. Yeah they aren't too good for you guys.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Why?

        Dr. ███: Jeez uhh, well that's a complicated question, and I'm not exactly sure why exactly myself. It's like asking why the (Daekhiil) was built over on that mountain there and not this other mountain here. You'd need to know a lot of things about a lot of people I'd imagine.

        There is silence for a brief period. Suddenly there are the sounds of motored vehicles.

        SCP-6422-1-1: What is that? Who are they?

        SCP-6422-1-1 is seen pointing out of the frame of the camera. Before Dr. ███ is able to turn the camera, there is unintelligible yelling and the sound of gunshots.

        Dr. ███: SHIT! RUN! RU-

        End video log.

      The recording is interrupted at roughly 09:15 by the arrival of Chechen Dawn, an Islamic paramilitary organization based in Chechnya operating under the organizational banner of the Horizon Initiative. They appear to have arrived from due west, setting up their base of operations on the western side of the valley. A brief internal communication intercepted shortly after their arrival suggest a liaison to the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, though this connection is tenuous and not sufficiently established with available evidence:

        • _

        Transmission captured at 09:20 on 04/04/20██.

        Note: Transmission has been translated from Russian.

        Commander Maskhadan: This is Commander Aslan Maskhadan to all warriors of the Almighty. We have breached the perimeter of the valley and will begin operations immediately. You are to setup base wherever is convenient. Drive pagans from their homes if you need to. The collection and destruction of this obelisk is paramount. All across the Earth there are sons and daughters of Adam who count on us. In the West and to the South in Jerusalem and in Iran and to the East as well. They rely on our efforts to curb this threat. Fight as though their lives are at stake as well. Go!

        End transmission.

      No video evidence and zero outside communication are recorded from this point until 15:13 on 04/04/20██, at which point there is a large amount of radio activity involving Foundation personnel, GOC operatives, members of the Chechen Dawn, and two new parties coming from the west; an MC&D acquisitions agent known only as "Magpie" in communications, and a mercenary force comprised of anomalous PSHUD5 and special operatives, under the control of an 'Abraham J'. Both parties appeared to be in cooperation.

        • _

        Transmission captured at 15:13 on 04/03/20██.

        Transmission is between an unnamed party henceforth referred to as 'MC&D Operative' and the individual known as 'Magpie'.

        MC&D Operative: Magpie, do you copy?

        Magpie: Loud and clear. I don't have visual on the main target but I can pick out several good consolation prizes.

        MC&D Operative: You have permission to collect any botanicals or artifacts you believe will recuperate the operation costs. Be aware of SCP, GOC, and Horizon Initiative presence on the ground. You have a detachment of PSHUD units at your employ and mercenaries from our client as well. Stealth is optional but preferred.

        Magpie: Ah, tell me something I don't already know, boy.

        MC&D Operative: Our client and our fulfillment team is confident you can secure the target. Stay safe.

        Magpie: Plan on it. I won't be personally getting my hands dirty if I don't have to so I'll be able to update in real time.

        MC&D Operative: We will be listening with intent.
        Magpie chuckles.

        Magpie: Out.

        End transmission.

        • _

        Transmission captured at 15:17 on 04/03/20██.

        Transmission is between one Commander Maskhadan of Chechen Dawn and one PTOLEMY Quartermaster Bryce.

        Commander Maskhadan: I have been told that the Coalition operates on these channels?

        Quartermaster Bryce: Who is this? State your name and purpose immediately.

        Commander Maskhadan: Excellent. I hoped my radio technicians could contact you easily. I am Commander Maskhadan of the Chechen Dawn and I have an offer.

        There is a long pause. Brief snippets of conversation are picked up by the radio.

        Quartermaster Bryce: Go on.

        Commander Maskhadan: You and I are both here on a mission. There is a disturbance in the order of things in this world at the top of that mountain. It must be torn up from the root and destroyed.

        Quartermaster Bryce: So you're suggesting we make a sort of truce to blow this thing sky high?

        Commander Maskhadan: Davai. The Foundation are strong, and they will afford more resources if they believe that what pagan nonsense they protect is worth protecting. If we do not take some sort of action now I fear that the obelisk will be lost.

        Quartermaster Bryce: And why should we collaborate with you specifically?

        Commander Maskhadan: The Foundation will surely betray you to protect the obelisk if you give them even an ounce of territory. These new robots that have arrived and the men which are with them- they are Godless. They serve whatever masters pay them. We serve the Almighty. Even you should know that it is an affront to lie and cheat and steal as those others would do to you. I would be in remiss in my duties as a man of God if I were to betray you thusly.

        There is a brief pause in communication.

        Quartermaster Bryce: Alright let's get off of this channel and talk specifics in person. I don't want these channels getting listened in on.

        End transmission.

        • _

        Transmission captured at 15:25 on 04/03/20██.

        Transmission is between 'Magpie' and the individual known as 'Abraham J'.

        Magpie: Mr. Abraham J., this is Magpie. I am at the site of the target. No visual.

        Abraham J.: Excellent. I'm confident that this will be a disruptive technology in the global anomalous economy. A real mover.

        Magpie: Of course, sir. Right here, you gave me general guidelines on retrieval of the object which involve aerial support which has not currently arrived.

        Abraham J.: Ah yes, well the aerial retrieval has not become cost effective with the intrusion of so many parties. The operation will have to occur more covertly than that. I trust that the mercenaries I have supplied are sufficient. Try to get them back in one piece. I understand you've got bots to cover for that.

        Magpie: Suggesting a procedural change on the order of magnitude that you have costs extra money, you know.

        Abraham J.: I have you at a fixed rate. Ask MC&D for a raise or take something for yourself if you want more. You're an operative they trust so I trust that you will come up with something. It's your job.

        There is a pause.

        Magpie: Understood. I will update you on situation specifics at a future date. Out.

        End transmission.

      A video summary of the actions seen by Dr. ███ is also provided:

        • _

        Recording captured at 15:13 on 04/04/20██.

        Note: Parts of this video have been translated from Mongolian. Names have been replaced.

        Video camera appears to be inside of a small, dark place, such as a coat pocket. It is revealed to be the pocket on Dr. ███'s lab coat. He stares directly at the camera lens for a brief period, before nodding.

        Dr. ███: OK OK it's still good. The crack didn't hurt anything. Alright, uhh, alright I might as well give a situation update. There's these crazy Russian guys crawling all over the place. They're just shooting anybody they see. It isn't good. It's actually very bad.

        Dr. ███ appears to look out of some sort of cover.

        Dr. ███: I don't know what the hell the Foundation is doing. I've radioed on my personal walkie-talkie several times and they just seem to be ignoring me. There's men, women and kids dying out here, it's a madhouse! It's a slaughterhouse!

        Dr. ███ sets down the camera and is heard breathing heavily.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Johnathan. Sir! Please, we must do as you said.

        Dr. ███ picks up the camera once more.

        Dr. ███: Alright, yeah. So we made it across this wasteland-

        Dr. ███ pans the camera to reveal that every building in the area has been partially or completely destroyed by gunfire and explosive munitions.

        Dr. ███: -because we're pretty sure that in that one building right there, there's an abandoned radio. Some robots and some other mercenaries came through and dragged three Russians out and shot them and one was dragging some radio wires out along with him. Without [SCP-6422-1-4] I'd have never noticed but that means there might still be working radio equipment in that building, maybe even something to defend ourselves with.

        Dr. ███ turns the camera to himself once more.

        Dr. ███: I have no idea how the fighting has gotten this fierce. The earth has been shaking all night from bombs. There's been so many fires, it's way hotter in this valley than it was yesterday. Normally there's something in the Foundation's brain that tells it to stop bombing when there's nothing more to gain but they've just been raining it all this time! This has to be something with (Daekhiil) but I'm absolutely clueless.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Surely you must recognize at this point that your Foundation had no plans to protect us! (Daekhiil) has just brought their own worst colors to the surface.

        Dr. ███ turns from the camera to a point off screen.

        Dr. ███: The Foundation I know would never do this!

        There is a loud explosion nearby. Dr. ███ flinches, turning to look in a different direction, before sighing.

        Dr. ███: Look we have to get to that radio. If anybody's going to save us we can't get to them without it. Let's go.

        End transmission.

      At 17:13 on 04/04/20██, Dr. ███ successfully makes contact with outside personnel using radio equipment stolen from Chechen Dawn operatives. The only message sent is "This is Dr. ███ of [DATA EXPUNGED] of the SCP Foundation. There's enemies everywhere. We're dying. Send more backup."

      At 17:29 on 04/04/20██, by 11-2 O5 decision, the remaining two companies of AMTF Nu-7 were sent to SCP-6422's location. At 19:55 the same day, Nu-7 entered the valley from the north and headed southeast. It was determined that the optimal course of action would be to push the GOC detachment out of the pass and down the valley into Chechen Dawn, at which point the GOC and the Chechen Dawn would be trapped between Foundation armaments and the PSHUD/mercenary battalion controlled by MC&D and the unknown benefactor.

        • _

        Recording captured at 21:35 on 04/04/20██.

        Audio is initially too loud to decipher anything distinct. Sounds of munitions explosions and gunshots drown out any conversation. The camera appears to transition repeatedly between swinging wildly and completely dark. This continues for a few minutes. Then there is a brief lull.


        The audio once again becomes too loud to distinguish anything. The video continues as it had previously for several minutes. There is another brief lull in the violence.

        Unknown Voice (Russian): -THEY ARE SNAKES! THE GOC HAVE BETRAYED-

        The audio increases in volume and the camera shakes wildly for the remainder of the video.

        End video log.

      By 03:12 on 04/05/20██, all GOC operatives had been captured and Chechen Dawn had fled the valley southward. A negotiated peace was reached between the GOC and the Foundation which guaranteed the return of all GOC resources in exchange for evacuation from Site 337. The PSHUD/mercenary force did not advance eastward into the valley, ceding this territory to the Foundation. The stalemate stood as it was for approximately six hours. At 09:21 a transmission was sent by AMTF General Cardamom to outside Foundation operatives:

        • _

        Transmission received at 09:21 on 04/04/20██.

        General Cardamom: Attention to all current Foundation operatives. Betrayal has been crawling through this valley this entire day. Earlier this morning when the GOC and the Chechen Dawn were pushed into a corner, they decided to kill each other like crabs in a bucket rather than stand and fight with honor. Now, on this brisk morning, I hear that there are traitors among our own ranks. People who would shoot their comrades in the back to steal the glory or the favor of the Foundation or worse, the SCP itself. I will not be tolerant of these snakes! I will make sure that every one of them has been captured or ground to dust, on my own name! I will issue no further warning. This crawling betrayal means war.

        End transmission.

      At this moment, a detachment of Nu-7 stationed directly north of the PRF forcibly took the building from on-site control. The detachment of Nu-7 residing in the valley began mobilizing for combat against the rogue detachment. It appears that the following communication was had between 'Magpie' and 'Abraham J.' was had at least partially in response to this movement.

        • _

        Transmission captured at 09:23 on 04/04/20██.

        Magpie: Hello, Abe.

        Abraham J.: Magpie?! You haven't contacted me in days! This is very nearly a breach of our own agreement. There will be consequences to our future business if I don't-

        Magpie: Can it, Mr. Disruptor, I've come to inform you that our agreement is off. MC&D has informed me that they will be taking the anomaly personally. Oh, and they'll be doubling my paycheck when I get it. Unfortunately, the decision's kind of past me at this point, y'know?

        Abraham J.: This is an outrage! You are doing a disservice to the mass anomaly production industry! Give me back my money!

        Magpie: Don't you worry, you will be receiving your money back as soon as I get around to that. Our QA team will cut you a check by this time next week. As of now, there will be no further communication between us. Have a nice day.

        Abraham J.: YOU-

        End transmission.

      After the termination of this communication, Dr. ███ captures a photograph of the PSHUD units moving on the special operations mercenaries. The picture is annotated "They just started shooting at their own men. It loooks like there are more robots coming (sic)".

      Following the liquidation of the mercenary force of Abraham J. the PSHUD units began sweeping eastward into the valley. It is likely that at this point the valley contingency of Nu-7 collapsed and the MC&D forces took the valley, pushing Nu-7 up into the eastern ridge. This larger portion of Nu-7 simultaneously appears to have taken the PRF back from the rogue faction between 12:00 and 13:00 according to eyewitness accounts and subsequent investigations. At this point, the PSHUD units appear to have stopped chasing Nu-7 up the mountain. Further video from Dr. ███ suggests that at some pint prior, the Serpent's Hand became involved.

        • _

        Recording captured at 13:41 on 04/05/20██.

        Note: Parts of this video have been translated from Mongolian. Names have been replaced.

        The video opens in a small alcove on the mountain as the camera is pointed directly at a middle-aged man (henceforth Serpent's Hand) in robes. The man is shielding two young instances of SCP-6422-1 with his body.

        Serpent's Hand: Ay ay hold on, pal what the hell are you recording for?

        Dr. ███: Because I nearly dropped on top of you, what do you mean? Also what are you doing here? There's nothing for you here they all blew it to shit!

        SCP-6422-1-4: Who is this?

        Serpent's Hand: No, you all blew it to shit. Buddy walking into an anomaly like this, with all the callous disregard for human life? That's a war crime if I ever saw one, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

        Dr. ███: I didn't have anything to do with this. My boss deciding to turn a village into the surface of the moon goes above and beyond me.

        The Serpent's Hand member shakes his head violently.

        Serpent's Hand: I don't think you understand what's going on here pal. It doesn't matter if it's you writing stupid shit down in a journal about the thaumic matrix vorticity of the third moment of whosit or your boss deciding that the indigenous people here don't deserve rights. The anomaly is a connected thing and the people are a connected thing. You are a connected thing too friend and the second you all came out here trying to attack this mess? God forget it.

        Dr. ███: What? That's nons-

        Dr. ███ pauses for a long time. The Serpent's Hand member seems puzzled at Dr. ███'s actions behind the camera.

        Dr. ███: Oh. Oh God. Oh no.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Who is this and what are they saying?

        Dr. ███: We're the defense of the obelisk.

        The Serpent's Hand member smiles. Dr. ███ turns to SCP-6422-1-4 and begins speaking.

        Dr. ███: When I was told the rules and the people here and the obelisk, they were all one thing, you know, the (Daekhiil), I was too busy thinking about other things to realize what that really meant.

        SCP-6422-1-4: What do you mean?

        Dr. ███: We all came here and we broke the (Daekhiil) by claiming it as ours. You know, there's no power that belongs to one person business? Well now the (Daekhiil) is using us to fulfill it's own prophecy. It is making us shatter the world and kill the village and drive the (Daekhiil) underground.

        There is a pause. Gunshots can be heard in the distance, with the occasional munitions explosion.

        Dr. ███: [SCP-6422-1-4] you have to get out of here. It's gonna grind us all to dust and I don't want it to take you too. Serpent guy, do you have a way out of here?

        Serpent's Hand: Anytime. I'll take you too, but only if you join us. Can't have Foundation members that know how to get in, you know.

        Dr. ███: Don't bother. I have to figure out a way out of this mess.

        SCP-6422-1-4: Johnathan please-

        Dr. ███: No you listen to me. It's no use coming with me they won't listen to you. They might listen to me and if they do we might be able to bring this place back. I've gotta fix this somehow. Go with this guy. He's not going to harm a hair on your body and it's better than being in this.

        There is a brief pause, before SCP-6422-1-4 joins the other young SCP-6422-1 instances next to the Serpent's Hand member.

        Serpent's Hand: Second you leave line of sight I'll be taking these three to the library. I was about to give up on searching anyways. I think we're done here. Stay safe, pal.

        Dr. ███: Got it.

        There are distant gunshots as Dr. ███ pans the camera downward.

        End transmission.

      No further evidence of the Serpent's Hand exists at Site 337 and their role in the incident is currently under investigation. At approximately 20:30 on 04/05/20██ the PSHUD units begin a final offensive up the eastern ridge in an attempt to take the PRF. It is unknown at this time whose initiative it was, but at 00:20 on 04/06/20██, a strong EMP event was detected in the area of Site 337. One final transmission is collected from Magpie immediately following this event.

        • _

        Transmission recorded at 00:21 on 04/06/20██.

        Magpie: This is to that MC&D operative I spoke to a couple of days ago. It's been a rough one and it looked like I might come out on top at some spots but one of the SCP people appears to have had some sort of EMP device. It fried all the circuits of my bots. I hope it didn't get my radio. I expect the Foundation to overtake my position in about 10 minutes if I don't move and they don't start fighting again.

        There is a brief pause in communication.

        Magpie: I don't have the target, so you can go ahead and write off those bots and the pay you promised me for the artifact's return. I've got a few things from the site that will pay me well enough as secondary targets. You know where to contact me if you want me for another mission. Out.

        End transmission.

      It is assumed that at this point Magpie activated a contingency which detonated all PSHUD units, as it was reported that at this point all units violently exploded. Magpie is currently unaccounted for and all attempts to trace their location after the events of Incident-6422-01 have been unsuccessful.

      No Foundation communications devices appear to have survived the EMP event. However, one final recording provided by Dr. ███ suggests that infighting once again broke out within Nu-7 before 06:23 on 04/06/20██:

        • _

        Recording captured on 06:23 on 04/06/20██.

        Dr. ███ begins recording in the PRF. He is in a hallway leading directly to an access elevator to SCP-6422. He appears to be whispering to himself as he enters the elevator. There is still gunfire in the distance.

        Dr. ███: So it's some kind of metaphysical… with a physical shell… contained by obeying its rules… how do we…?

        Dr. ███ steps off of the elevator into the chamber. The cave is dim, as the sun has not fully risen yet. Dr. ███ is immediately hailed from off screen by then Site Director Dr. Wilson, who has taken shelter in the cave surrounding SCP-6422.

        Dr. Wilson: Johnathan? Where have you been?

        Dr. ███: Dr. Wilson sir, you're alive? Oh thank God the person I need to talk to right now. I've been down in the valley and I think I've figured out how to get this thing under control!

        Dr. Wilson: Under control? It hasn't been doing anything though.

        Dr. ███: No it has! I spoke to the people down in the valley and then to a guy with the Serpent's Hand and-

        Dr. Wilson: The Serpent's Hand?! They're lying to you! They must want it too!

        Dr. ███: No you're succumbing to it right now. Sir the SCP wants us to fight over it. That's how it's-

        Dr. Wilson is seen standing up, visibly upset.

        Dr. Wilson: Nonsense. The obelisk just does low grade thaumatic phyto and mycokinetic properties. We just haven't had time to figure out how it's done because of all of these other orgs trying to take it from us. Actually I bet the Serpent's Hand guy wanted it too, so he threw us off the scent!

        Dr. ███: Doctor please listen to me! It's not just an obelisk it's some sort of metaphysical entity that exists as a-

        Dr. Wilson: I've seen no evidence of that. Also, why did you bring a gun in here on your back?

        At this moment in conversation, the two conversants become visibly aggressive.

        Dr. ███: Because, I've been fighting through a war zone that we caused! We've been trying to contain the SCP but-

        Dr. Wilson: We are the SCP Foundation. There are no 'buts' about SCP. It's what we do, and maybe if you'd been here doing real research instead of gallivanting off with some illiterates we'd have figured out how to turn this thing on our enemies by now!

        Dr. ███: We are the SCP Foundation! And We failed in our mission to secure and protect that village down the mountain! If Hammer Down hadn't been too busy having an internal dick measuring contest we could have saved hundreds of people!

        Dr. Wilson: You are out of line, John. Stand down and just help me finish categorizing these plants here.


        Dr. Wilson: ALRIGHT THEN ███ COME HERE-

        The camera is dropped as Dr. ███ and Dr. Wilson engage in hand-to-hand combat. The fight slowly moves off screen as the two personnel fight. After a brief off-screen fight, three gunshots can be heard. Both men fall silent as gunshots and munitions can be heard in the background. After a pause, Dr. ███ begins sobbing off screen for several minutes. The cave begins to brighten as the sun rises. Dr. ███ stops sobbing, and shuffling is heard as he moves to pick up the camera. The camera pans to reveal that his face is swollen from a bruise on the left eye, and he has recently dried his own tears. He sighs heavily, looking off-screen behind him briefly before speaking. His voice is hoarse.

        Dr. ███: Well, then. I guess that's it then.

        End transmission.

      At this point it was determined that the situation had escalated beyond control. By unanimous O5 decision Protocol 011213-Sandman was initiated, releasing a powerful lingering airborne hypnotic over Site 337. MTF Beta-7 "Maz Hatters" was deployed to perform cleanup and personnel recovery within the affected region. By this point the mechanisms of SCP-6422 were sufficiently well understood that a plan of action was capable of being put into place to minimize contact between MTF members during cleanup.

      An estimated ████ casualties were reported, of which ████ were Foundation personnel. A total of ███ individuals involved in the event are currently unaccounted for, of which ██ are considered to be high priority targets. The incident cost an estimated $5.3 billion USD. After protracted negotiations with the GOC, Site 337 became Foundation property on 04/15/20██.

      • _

      At 19:22 on 05/21/20██, Dr. Johnathan ███ was reported missing from the PRF during his shift. Evidence left behind suggested that Dr. ███ had gone into the valley in a violation of protocol. MTF-Zeta-7 "Marriage Counseling" was dispatched to track Dr. ███. At 23:46, Dr. ███ was successfully tracked to one of the buildings in the region originally inhabited by SCP-6422-1 instances, holding a small, woven basket, the contents of which are currently unknown. After being confronted, Dr. ███ left with minimal resistance. Dr. ███ was transferred from Site 337 into custody at Site ██ the following day. A psychological evaluation found [DATA EXPUNGED], and afterwards was transferred to Site ███ for long-term work.

      Look, I know that what we all experienced those days were hard. It was especially hard for you, I know, or at least I've been told. I think you really need to step away from this project. You haven't been batting 1000 with the work you've done, you know? A break and a new project to work on should get you back into shape. Good luck on all the future projects you're on, kid.

      -Site Director Rayleigh, 05/22/20██.

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