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Reviewers be advised that this document contains explicit descriptions of body mutilations, violence, suicidal thoughts and arachnids.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-6420

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter around the property of SCP-6420-1 must be guarded at all times. Any civilians entering the area are to be turned away and informed that SCP-6420-1 is unstable. Tal Kinigl, deceased, is to be kept in cold storage at Site-85. The search for SCP-6420-2 is ongoing. When apprehended, SCP-6420-2 is to be placed in standard humanoid containment at Site-85.

Only two living instances of SCP-6420-3 are allowed to exist at one time. Instances of SCP-6420-3 are to be held in high-security animal containment and fed orchard hay and flies daily. One dead SCP-6420-3 instance is contained in a small cold storage locker. Any SCP-6420-3 instances not found in Foundation custody are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-6420 is the collective designation for a series of seemingly disparate anomalies, located within and around a dilapidated, rural home in Michigan. SCP-6420-1 is the former residence of Tal Kinigl and Isa Kinigl. Tal Kinigl is a human cadaver presently afflicted by an instance of SCP-6420-3. SCP-6420-2 is a living humanoid afflicted by SCP-6420-3. Instances of SCP-6420-3 are parasitic kits1 bearing genomic and phenotypical commonalities with lagomorphae2 and arachnea.3 These instances are ~0.7 cm in length. The identity of SCP-6420-2 is conjectured to be Isa Kinigl.

When placed upon the base of a Homo sapiens sapiens'4 neck, SCP-6420-3 will bite and burrow through the subject's brainstem, eventually reaching its pituitary gland. Following infection, the subject loses consciousness and the wound produced by SCP-6420-3 will heal, leaving a circular patch of scab tissue.

Observation Note, SCP-6420-3:

We ran tests on Agent Mackenzie Coinín's first litter. SCP-6420-3 instances created webs until the age of two weeks. The anomalies maintained their eight legs until their juvenile stage when the legs shriveled and fell off. Instances consumed the discarded legs for additional nourishment. Other than their peculiar diet, the anomalies exhibit typical rabbit behavior.

-Researcher Davis


On 2021/02/17 agents Joseph Królik and Mackenzie "Macky" Coinín investigated SCP-6420-1 after the Foundation detected low Hume levels in the area.

Below are logs recorded by Agent Coinín during the infection stages and post-operation.

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