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Reviewers be advised that this document contains explicit descriptions of body mutilations, violence, suicidal thoughts and arachnids.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-6420

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter around SCP-6420-1 must be guarded at all times. Any civilians entering the area should be turned away and informed that SCP-6420-1 is hazardous and unstable.

The cadaver of Tal Kinigl, is to be kept in cold storage at Auxiliary Research Facility-19.

When brought into Foundation custody, SCP-6420-2 should be placed in high-security humanoid containment1.

Two instances of SCP-6420-3 should be held in separate, high-security animal containment cells, and fed orchard hay and flies daily. A cadaver of an SCP-6420-3 instance should be contained in safe cold storage. Any SCP-6420-3 instances not found in Foundation custody are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-6420 is the collective designation for a series of anomalies located inside and in the area of a dilapidated house in rural Michigan. SCP-6420-1 is the former residence of Tal Kinigl and Isa Kinigl. Tal Kinigl is a human cadaver presently afflicted by an instance of SCP-6420-3.

SCP-6420-2 is a living humanoid afflicted by SCP-6420-3.2 Instances of SCP-6420-3 are parasitic kits3 bearing genomic and phenotypical commonalities with lagomorphae4 and arachnea.5 SCP-6420-3 are ~0.7 cm in length.

When placed on the back of the neck of a sapient humanoid, SCP-6420-3 bites and burrows through the neck into the subject's brainstem. Reaching the pituitary gland, SCP-6420-3 excretes an unknown hormone.

Discovery: On 2021/02/17 agents Joseph Królik and Mackenzie "Macky" Coinín investigated SCP-6420-1 after the Foundation detected low Hume levels in the area.

Investigation Log 2021/02/17

Location: SCP-6420-1

Investigators: Agents Joseph and Macky

<Begin Log>

[Image is of a two-story house in the countryside. Large firs have grown through the house. White rabbits hop outside the building. Snow lightly falls.]

Macky: They weren't kidding about the rabbits.

Joseph: Do you not like rabbits?

Macky: I like rabbits but sometimes they can be disturbing.

[They step up to the house. The rabbits do not move, but watch the agents. There's evidence of forced entry. Joseph notices something on the ground outside the door.]

[Joseph picks up two small objects, later identified as a mezuzah6and a hamsa7.]

[Joseph takes a deep breath as he steps inside. The agents turn their flashlights on as they enter.]

Macky: (whispers) Hail Mary, full of grace—

[Macky and Joseph put on their infrared goggles and switch their video feed. The agents enter into the main entryway. The stairway and hallways are barely visible due to the thickness of foliage and spiderwebs.]

[Joseph pans the infrared camera across the entryway. Both hallways and the upstairs show groups of rabbit heat signatures.]

[Extraneous footage removed.]

[The agents reach the second floor. Snow falls from holes in the ceiling. The agents see fresh large tracks and follow. It leads to an open door with a large heat signature. As they approach, the heat signature takes the shape of an upright rabbit. The hinges on the door are dislodged and broken. Macky turns her infrared off before entering the room. She peers her head inside.]

[The room is lit from an outside window. The window is smashed in by a tree branch. Snow banks grow in the room as the blizzard approaches.]

[SCP-6420-2 is in the corner hunched over a dead body later identified as Tal Kinigl. SCP-6420-2 covers its face with humanoid hands.]

[Macky indicates to Joseph to follow her into the room.]

Macky: Hello, bunny.

SCP-6420-2: (soft whimpers)

Macky: It's okay bunny, can you understand me?

SCP-6420-2: (shakes and whimpers)

[Joseph follows behind Macky.]

Macky: We aren't going to hurt you, if you can understand us, we want to ask you a fe-

SCP-6420-2: (thumps loudly)

[Macky and Joseph freeze. A minute passes before a responding thump shakes the house. Guttural honking8 is recorded.]

[The agents turn toward the door, the camera reveals multiple rabbits staring.]

[There is loud hissing behind Macky. SCP-6420-2 pounces. Macky screams as she wrestles with SCP-6420-2 in the snow drifts. The rabbits outside the door lunge at Joseph. He kicks and bats them away while retrieving his gun.]

[Macky's camera falls into the snow bank during the struggle. It records SCP-6420-2 ripping Macky's rosary from her neck. Joseph fires his gun at the rabbits who regroup and make an attempt to lunge again.]

[Macky screams as SCP-6420-2 shoves a kit into the base of her neck. Joseph turns around and kicks SCP-6420-2 off of Macky. He manages to shoot the anomaly in the thigh as it jumps out of the open window.]

Joseph: Macky!?

[She is unresponsive and Joseph picks her up]

[His camera shows a red and purple indent at the base of her neck, a pink polyp sticks out. He removes his field knife and tries to remove the polyp. Hissing comes from behind him. He replaces his knife for his gun and heads toward the window.]

Joseph: Shit. (slings Macky over shoulder)

[He looks over at the window, shoots at the approaching rabbits and runs to the window. He looks down, part of the first story roof is under the window sill.]

[Blood trails off the roof and toward the front of the house. He crawls out of the window, balancing himself and Macky. He follows SCP-6420-2's tracks to the side of the house.]

[Joseph jumps off the roof, bracing himself and Macky for impact. Macky rolls over in the snow and Joseph lays on his back. The snow fall has picked up. He curses as he stands and picks up Macky. Rabbits jump from the roof. Joseph moans with pain as he runs toward the car.]

[The hissing and guttural honking grow louder. Joseph turns around and sees the rabbits a few meters away from him and Macky. He draws out his gun and shoots a few of the sprinting rabbits. It scares the oncoming horde long enough for him to close the gap to the car. Wind and snow pick up as the stormfront approaches their area. Vision is obscured.]

[Sounds of labored breathing. The car door opening and slamming.]

Joseph: (yelling) It'll be OK Macky.

[Car engine turns over and the sound of wheels are heard as Joseph drives off.]

[Macky’s abandoned camera feed continues for another hour until buried by the snow drift. During that time it records rabbits binkying9 and playing in the snow.]

<End Log>

Through cooperation with Agent Mackenzie Coinín, crucial observations were made to the stages of SCP-6420-3 symptoms and infection.

Below are logs recorded by Agent Coinín during the infection stages and post-operation.

Agent Mackenzie Coinín's Logs


I woke up in a hospital bed. They informed me that I had been attacked and infected by SCP-6420-2 but I barely remember investigating the house with Joseph. My head feels light and I'm dizzy. I touched the back of my neck and felt the scab the critter left.

Researcher Davis came into the room and gave me this laptop. He requested that I keep a daily log of my activities and thoughts. Well my thought is that this sucks. I mean, there's a lot more to it than that. I might be in shock. The last thing I remember is climbing the stairs with Joseph.

The laptop isn't connected to the internet. I'm bored so I looked for games on the laptop. I like chess, and that's the only game on it I like.


My skin has been really itchy and dry. I told the medical staff this and they gave me some lotion. It helps a little. We don't know what the symptoms of the infection are so… this could be part of it?


The hair on my arm has gotten longer and it grows in thick patches. I'm trying not to itch myself or pick at the hairs by instead playing chess and writing. I forgot how incredibly bad I am at chess.


The itching is unbearable and I'm typing this to complain about it. I'm also attempting to ignore it. I scratched so hard an hour ago that I bled. Staff patched it up and is monitoring me. They might have to tie my hands up, the itchiness is… indescribable.


Staff had to strap me to my bed while the hair fur grew in the rest of the way. I'm only typing this now because the itchiness has finally stopped.

To keep my mind off of the hare I'm goin play chess! Get it? Hare! I know I'm slowly turning into some horrible critter but I still need to laugh!


I can't focus on chess at the moment. I have a splitting headache, I touched the back of my head and found two bumps. I'm going to start crying.

I alerted staff and Researcher Davis inspected my head. He said he wanted to minimize my pain, but that since they don't know what's going to happen he's cautious about it.


I can hear bugs scurrying inside the walls. The sound echos in my skull. I'm trying to ignore the ears. I'm trying to ignore the ears. But I can't ignore it. I can hear everything. I can hear the staff outside talking about other anomalies and I can hear them talking about me.

They sound so cold. I'm just another one of these freak critters we box up… I've been working here for a few years and I know what I signed up for but did I really know what I signed up for? I couldn't have imagined…

Oh God, I have a headache again.


My mouth started bleeding and I held teeth in my hands as they pushed out of my skull. I screamed. New teeth split through my gums. Staff arrived.

I don't know what Davis expects me to type. I don't know what's going on and I'm scared.


it shard to keep my eyes open im overwhelemed by the sight and the light in the room. my face is numb but it wasnt a little while ago haha, they gave me morphine.

i dont know what davis wants me to type at this point?? whats going on with me? my face is fucking different, when it grew it felt like my nose was pushed out of my face. but my eyes, my fucking eyes. hot searing pain down the sides of my skull and when my eyes readjusted? the pain was cold and bloomed from where they moved to

im certain i look like one of the critters now but i can t really think about it.

i asked staff why joseph isnt visiting me, they said that he doesnt have the clearance at this point

well fuck protocols right?


i tried to ask staff to play music or something in my room, i cant speak and when i realized this i screamed. when i heard staff arrivied i typed "i cant speak". davis came and did a quick test.

im bored, i cant see, i cant speak

i requested that i have some music in my room


i heard bones cracking and sinew and and nerves stretch— the pain ached and was fire and ice— i vageuly remember falling off the bed and shouting from staff. i woke up with a numb feeling in my legs. they dont feel right. davis calmly informed me that my legs are like rabbit hnd quarters.

i dont have any comments about this, my body still aches, im still hooked to drip morphine, i still cant speak and i cant see anything.

i dont want to think about the pain. i know davis needs my to type but jesus, mary, and joseph i cant describe it!!!!


my abdoman is swollen and feels like an icicle was jammed into it. im bored and cant keep my mind off of the pain

ive never felt pain like this

staff took a look and i could hear them out in the hallway the results of the MRI is en egg sac growing in my stomach, or my abdoman, or wahtever lower intensitnes??i cant cry anymore im too tired

im going to nap and ill write more later


i was in a dark, gray ocean. salt was on my lips as i swam towards the surface but i couldnt breach, i suffocated and woke up in a blinding white room. it was cold. i heard joseph's voice and a silloute of a rabbit stood in front of me in the blinding light.

i heard joesph's voice again and i woke up again. i felt the rough, warm hospital sheets, and joseph saying "shes woken up! she's woken up!" he asked me how i felt.

im still mute he realized this and got me the laptop… i cried and told him that i dont know what happened or where i was

…im in an intensive care wing in arf 19 and davis' research team performed operation to remove the egg sac

joseph said i was out for a month and a half. he's glad that im alive but i cant stop crying. i'd rather be dead than be this

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