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By Marcelles D. Raynes

Item#: 6412
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures

Only personnel within the Department of Multiversal Cartography who are familiar with arcane cartography are permitted access to the complete list of esoteric containment rituals and procedures for SCP-6412.

Divulgence of these rituals to personnel with insufficient clearance is considered a breach of the Foundation's internal secrecy protocol. Individuals found in breach of this protocol will be terminated.

A 1km exclusion zone has been erected along the circumference around SCP-6412 to deter the inadvertent discovery of the anomaly by civilians. An armed team is to patrol this perimeter under the guise of park rangers patrolling a nature reservation. All inquiries are to be responded to with Cover Story 9 ("Endangered Species"). Individuals who are not deterred by the initial Cover Story are to be forcefully removed from the property. Individuals who have infiltrated the exclusion zone without sufficient clearance are to be apprehended and amnesticized.

Further explorations into SCP-6412 have been suspended indefinitely by O5 Command.


SCP-6412 is the designation for the extra-dimensional location located within a maple tree in Kineswood Grove, a national park located in Greene County, New York. SCP-6412 can be accessed through a hatch located on the north-facing side of the trunk, which leads to a descending spiraling staircase. Subjects who enter SCP-6412 will emerge from the bottom of a lighthouse positioned at the top of a cliff inside of SCP-6412's interior, at dusk.

A location within SCP-6412

The geography of SCP-6412 cannot be concretely defined, as infrastructure and terrain are altered upon re-entry. An unknown anti-cartographic anomaly prevents the depiction of SCP-6412's landscape in any significant written or visual capacity. Digital maps of SCP-6412's interior become distorted or corrupted as they are being created, while analog records invariably become smeared or otherwise destroyed regardless of preventative measures taken to ensure their preservation.

The only consistency in the geography of SCP-6412 is the lighthouse that entrants emerge from, which is always located north relative to any subject's current position.

SCP-6412 is populated by sapient, hostile entities, who should be avoided if possible. The exact form and behavioral patterns of these entities is highly varied and poorly understood. Many of these entities are susceptible to sustained heavy ballistic or incendiary weaponry.


SCP-6412 was originally discovered in 1997 by the late Senior Researcher Ahdia Alam during her allotted 6-week maternity leave. Alam was with her husband, fellow Senior Researcher Osiris Hadid, when she noticed the hatch leading into SCP-6412. She alerted Site Director Chin of the discovery and was permitted access to explore the anomaly once she was cleared to return to field work.

One week following Alam's return to Foundation fieldwork, she led a small team.Consiting of Alam, three additional researchers, and a four-man MTF squad. on an excursion through the dimension after receiving permission from the O5 Council. The team was able to successfully document SCP-6412's anomalous properties and partially transmit their findings to Site-83 before losing contact. Due to the unknown circumstances surrounding the loss of contact, and the incomplete data recovery detailing the behavior of the entities and geography within SCP-6412, the Ethics Committee had ruled against further expeditions into the dimension. SCP-6412 was then contained and classified as Safe.

The Re-Exploration vote

On September 12th, 2021, Site-83 received a distress signal containing the appropriate Foundation identification codes used in 1997 as well as footage showing the changing topology of the dimension.

<Begin Footage>

[ The camera shows the ground, a desert area perforated by thick jungle roots. The roots appear to become displaced by the presence of a wave moving underneath them. There is chatter in the background. The camera operator either does not notice or does not acknowledge the speakers. ]


The Lexicon

S.R. Alam: If you're getting this, it's us. We've been stuck here for… god… A year? Two? Finally got the M.D. transmitters working again. We found something wonderful here, the boys have taken to calling it the Lexicon.

[ Senior Researcher Alam holds an unknown dodecahedral shape. ]

S.R. Alam: We've been calling for extraction for a while now. I'm… guessing something terrible happened top-side. We've been trying to find that damn lighthouse but the ground keeps shifting and turning us around. We ran out of rations a few weeks ago now, and the fruit here tastes like battery acid but… it's edible. This… thing. It's important, somehow. I think it's some kind of lock for the horsemen. They're attracted to it, I think.

[ There is a faint shrieking noise. The camera operator pans toward a large cliff face in the distance where a lighthouse is positioned at the top. The lighthouse flashes a green light in their direction. Several more faint shrieking noises are heard. ]

Unknown: There it is!

S.R. Alam: We're still in here. Delta X-Ray Charlie Bravo Echo. Help us.

<End Footage>

Several members of the Ethics Committee were present during the initial broadcast of the distress signal and proposed a vote to decide the next course of action in light of the presented information. After much deliberation, the decision to send a team into SCP-6412 with the primary purpose of retrieving the lost information and the dodecahedral object from Alam's team was put to a vote by the O5 Council.

Motion Carries

MTF Lambda-5 ("Walkmen") was assigned to investigate SCP-6412, and Junior Researcher Umar Hadid volunteered to assist with the investigation. All personnel were equipped with a long-term exploration-survival pack.Including machetes, whetstones, a smaller bag for personal items, ammunition boxes, long-range and short-range firearms, dried food, and water canisters. and an additional crate of surplus ammunition, freeze-dried food, and camera batteries. The following audio/visual transcript was pieced together from the body cameras of the surviving personnel.

Initial Exploration

  • Chin, Gytha L5 Alpha - Team Lead
  • Cresswell, Alex L5 Beta - Light Infantry
  • Brown, Cordae L5 Gamma - Heavy Infantry
  • Kens, Nikhil L5 Delta - Medic
  • Allegre, Allison - Research Lead
  • Hadid, Umar - Research Assistant



The access point to SCP-6412.

Dr. Allegre: This is Doctor Allison Allegre of Site 83, leading the mission into SCP-6412 in order to recover the data that was lost in '97, and to hopefully locate any additional anomalous objects of significance. The date is uh… October 12th, 2021. We're inside of SCP-6412 proper now and will start exploring shortly.

L5-Alpha: Alright folks, eyes up. Don't know what kind of weird shit we're walking into.

J.R. Hadid: You got it, Gytha.

L5-Alpha: You gotta stop calling me that, Umar.

J.R. Hadid: Oh, uh right. Sorry.

L5-Beta: So, let me get this straight; we have no map, they expect us to stay out here in this hostile, alien world for who knows how long, and we're looking for an object-slash-team who may or may not even be around anymore?

Dr. Allegre: The object we're after could be of great significance.

L5-Beta: I'm sorry, could? You mean the big wigs don't even know if that thing is worth checking out?

L5-Alpha: Quit bitching, Alex.

[ L5-Gamma carries the large crate of survival equipment and bumps into L5-Beta, knocking them off balance. They appear to stumble momentarily before regaining their balance. L5-Gamma laughs, continuing to walk forward while L5-Beta attempts to shove him back. Due to the size difference between the agents, however, L5-Beta is incapable of hindering L5-Gamma in any significant capacity. ]

J.R. Hadid: Where should we set up camp, Dr. Allegre?

Dr. Allegre: Somewhere strategic. Any elevated area would do. Keep an eye out for highrises, cliffs, that sort of thing.

J.R. Hadid: Will do.

[ The team proceeds. Sand dunes expand into the horizon, and the desert has a spare collection of jungle flora throughout, separated by extreme distances. Small, bipedal arboreal entities glide between the trees. It is unclear how they are able to traverse the distance between trees, as the entities are minuscule and do not appear to have the momentum necessary to glide in-between trees without flight. On the horizon, at the apex of a sand dune, are four humanoid figures mounted on quadrupedal entities. Due to atmospheric haze, the exact appearance of these entities cannot be discerned. Clouds overhead stray against the direction of the wind and appear to be following the team. ]

L5-Alpha: Keep your eyes on them, Alex.

L5-Beta: Aye, Captain.

L5-Delta: Well, that's odd.

Dr. Allegre: Weather anomalies are the least odd thing about this place.

L5-Delta: No, not that. And not the riders either. That.

[ L5-Delta points due east. Approximately 25 meters away there is a weathered building with the SCP Foundation emblem loosely suspended from it via cables and rebar. Protruding from the side of the building is a metal sphere that has spike-like extensions extending from its surface at various angles. The sphere appears to have eroded due to oxidation and the presence of an unknown, dry, red substance. Directly underneath the sphere is the lower half of a humanoid entity in the early stages of decomposition. Skin is dried and bloated, with veins visible underneath the skin and fungal growths present on the surface. Wounds similar to bite marks are visible on multiple parts of its body. ]

Dr. Allegre: That is… discomforting.

J.R. Hadid: It's… a corpse? I've, uh… yeah, no, I've seen worse, right Gytha?

L5-Alpha: I'd really appreciate it if we never speak about Caesar Winters again, Umar.

J.R. Hadid: Right, sorry. S-still, that's not so bad. Least it's dead.

L5-Delta: And it doesn't look like it's been eaten either.

J.R. Hadid: It doesn't?

L5-Delta: Look at the indentations on the legs and the naval region. They're deep enough to tear flesh from, but there aren't nearly enough of them to suggest that whatever this… researcher… was attacked by was attempting to consume it. This means one of two things-

L5-Alpha: Either whoever this was was trespassing in something else's territory, or something is out here killing for fun.

Dr. Allegre: The file said there might be hostile entities in here.

L5-Alpha: Anything more specific, Ally?

[ Dr. Allegre shakes her head. She approaches the deceased entity and removes a sample of its skin, sealing it within a hazardous waste baggie. She shudders once the bag is sealed, then sighs. ]

Dr. Allegre: Best keep our wits about us. Umar? [ She holds out the baggie. ]

J.R. Hadid: On it.

L5-Alpha: Eyes open, people. We're going in.

L5-Beta: Fuckin' – boss! You aren't seriously saying we post up in there? The building with all this bullshit on the outside? I mean, we have all this open desert…

L5-Alpha: Look at that body real close, soldier, then tell me you'd rather sleep out in the great expanse that is this dessert. Go on, take a look.

[ L5-Beta groans. L5-Gamma passes them, appearing to intentionally bump L5-Beta with his shoulder. ]

L5-Gamma: Scared?

L5-Beta: [ They scoff. ] No.

L5-Delta: Might I suggest you stop bickering and get inside? Quickly.

[ L5-Alpha leads the team to the west-facing side of the building and attempts to enter via the door, however wood can be seen on the other side that forms a barrier. L5-Gamma groans and uses the supply crate to destroy the window directly beside the door, prying apart loosely connected pieces of wood with his bare hands. ]

L5-Alpha: Really, Cordae? Really?

[ The team enters the building. Dr. Allegre notes a pungent smell of nectar and milk. The fluorescent lights are either non-functioning or absent. MTF agents activate their flashlights. The ground level is in a state of severe disarray; several documents are scattered on the floor, and the majority of the furniture is upside down or flipped on its side. On several of the tables, there are indentations similar to those found on the corpse on the building's exterior. A dried substance, presumed to be blood based on its coloration, is present on the ceiling lights and windows. There is a humanoid cadaver positioned with its hands outspread and its head vertically bisected laying on the information desk with a spear through its back. ]

J.R. Hadid: That's not good, right?

L5-Alpha: Shh!

[ There is faint growling noise from an indeterminate source. L5-Alpha signals for L5-Beta to cover her. As L5-Alpha approaches the information desk, the noise becomes audibly louder. Movement is detected coming from the restrooms, and L5-Delta moves to investigate. L5-Gamma raises his rifle and points toward the ceiling. He holds a finger to his mouth and pokes the ceiling with the end of his weapon. ]

J.R. Hadid: [ Whispering ] Is that…?

[ Near the information desk is a luminescent object similar in appearance to the Lexicon. Instead of glowing orange, however, the object is now glowing purple and levitating several centimeters above the ground. J.R. Hadid crouches and approaches the object. Dr. Allegre attempts to prevent him from doing this by grabbing his shirt, however, J.R. Hadid moves out of her reach before this can be completed. Dr. Allegre does not pursue. ]

[ J.R. Hadid picks up the Lexicon and examines it, rotating the object several times in his hands. L5-Alpha silently gestures for him to get behind her, and J.R. Hadid co-operates, returning to his initial position next to Dr. Allegre. J.R. Hadid scrapes the surface of the Lexicon with his fingernail, making a noise that confirms the object is made of glass. He inadvertently presses one of the sides down, causing the object to change hues from purple to red. He gasps. ]

J.R. Hadid: I was just… I didn't mean to!

L5-Gamma: [ Pointing upward ] Shush.

[ The ceiling panels appear to undulate under some massive weight. Parts of the ceiling material begin to flake off before larger parts of the infrastructure collapse in on themselves. A steel girder falls through the ceiling, nearly crushing Junior Researcher Hadid and Dr. Allegre. The Lexicon falls out of J.R. Hadid's hands from the impact, although he manages to resecure it before the object makes contact with the ground. He holds the object close to his chest as he and Dr. Allegre relocate to a nearby desk. They reposition it so that they are able to take shelter between its legs. ]

[ After several seconds of debris falling, several amorphous appendages erupt from the ceiling. They appear to be comprised of a material similar to sheepskin. The appendages are black in coloration and appear to secrete a red, viscous substance. At the end of each appendage is an oral opening lined with serrated teeth that rotate counter-clockwise. Along the length of each appenage are eyes, some of which rotate sporadically in a manner similar to twitching. Many of the eyes, however, remain fixated on the MTF agents and follow their movement. L5-Gamma fires into the ceiling. ]

L5-Delta: Move it!

[ L5-Gamma's arm becomes entangled by the tendrils, restraining it and halting his ability to fire. L5-Alpha draws her firearm and shoots. The impact appears to be minimally effective, as the appendages loosen their restraint on L5-Gamma momentarily before tightening once again. More appendages emerge from the ceiling and attempt to ensnare L5-Alpha, who employs evasive maneuvers to escape. ]

[ L5-Delta is ejected from the restroom with an explosive force that sends him into a support pillar. A section of the pillar is broken from the impact. L5-Delta rises and fires his sidearm into the restroom as tendrils emerge from within. They attempt to displace the bullets mid-flight but are unable to. One of the shots connects with the mouth of a tendril, causing the tip of the appendage to burst, covering L5-Delta in blood. A shrieking noise is heard as the appendages swing into L5-Delta's abdomen and knock him to the floor. ]

L5-Delta: Little help?

[ L5-Alpha concentrates fire on the tendrils in the bathroom, while L5-Beta continues to lay supportive fire into the ceiling above L5-Gamma. The appendages around L5-Gamma's arm retract, lifting him to the ceiling and pulling his arm through one of the openings. He pushes against the ceiling in the opposite direction with his free hand while L5-Beta grabs his ankles and pulls downward. The ceiling cracks. A large cephalopod-entity falls through the ceiling and on top of L5-Gamma and L5-Beta. The tendrils from the bathroom are pulled back, allowing L5-Delta and L5-Alpha to rejoin the other MTF agents. ]

[ L5-Beta fires at the entity's beak, drawing its attention. L5-Gamma runs at the entity and wraps his hands around the structure presumed to be the head. The entity appears to attempt to consume L5-Gamma's fingers and eviscerate him with its appendages but is kept occupied by the combined suppressing fire from the remainder of the team. Entity shrieks. L5-Gamma maintains his grip until the entity ceases movement. J.R. Hadid and Dr. Allegre emerge from their cover. ]

L5-Gamma: [ Breathing heavily. ] Too… easy.

L5-Alpha: Hadid, Doc, you alright?

J.R. Hadid: I think so.

L5-Beta: Still think this is a good place to make camp, chief?

L5-Delta: I'm willing to bet that creature might have been some kind of apex predator, or at least something not worth engaging with if you're a smaller organism. Given the lack of bodies, copious amounts of blood, and our skeletal friend over on that desk, I'd say that this thing ate everything else that came this way. As such, I suspect there will be no other lifeforms in this facility.

L5-Beta: [ They scoff. ] I hope you're right about that.

[ Team ascends the building via the stairwell. They climb five floors before resting on the sixth, as access to upper floors is obscured by large debris in the stairwell. L5-Alpha scans the floor for hostile entities and begins to secure a perimeter. There is Foundation-brand equipment scattered across the floor, including extra provisions. L5-Beta sits near a window with a sniper rifle in hand. L5-Delta sighs. ]

L5-Beta: I'll take the first watch.

[ There are several makeshift tents in various states of disarray throughout the floor. Shattered oil lanterns, broken LED lights, and partially consumed rations are present within the tents. Sleeping bags are present as well, covered in a thin layer of dust. Within the tent closest to the stairwell are several outdated computers and monitors. L5-Delta presses the power button on one of the computers. The machine briefly powers on, but deactivates almost immediately afterward, ejecting a small cloud of dust into L5-Delta's face. He coughs. ]

L5-Delta: Anyone else know how to fix 30-year-old computers? This may take a while.

Dr. Allegre: I know a few things.

<End Log>

Several documents were found in the building, including the research performed by the original exploration team and the item showcased in the distress signal.

Recovered Footage from 1997 Expedition

<Begin Log>

[ Footage begins, showing S.R. Alam with MTF Luna-5 ("The Left Hand of God") members Salamander, Newt, Gecko, and Skink as well as Researcher Tori O'Day. The team is present in a mountainous area, evidenced by the clouds appearing below the edge of the cliff they are presently on. Nearby rocks possess veins of a fluorescent substance, making them luminous and extremely vibrant. Medium-sized quadrupedal organisms with thick furs resembling wool appear to gallop on either side of the team. They stop occasionally to drink from the rocks, but otherwise do not engage with the team. ]

Salamander: Never seen that before.

Newt: Have you ever seen anything before?

Salamander: I've seen plenty, mind your own damn business.

S.R. Alam: You see what we have to work with?

O'Day: We're fucked.

[ The two researchers laugh. ]

O'Day: Seriously, is there any way to tell when the environment is going to alter again? I read the documentation but it wasn't very specific.

S.R. Alam: I'm afraid that's what we're here to find out, good doctor. Relax! I'm sure something more interesting than magic sheep will happen soon.

[ There is a slight tremor, followed shortly by the sudden implosion of the mountain. The team appears to fall into the rocks, however, the camera is largely obscured by the presence of sand and other sedentary material. They continue to descend for approximately thirty seconds before there is a large explosion. The team is propelled upward through the sedentary material until they emerge on the surface. ]

[ The environment appears to be desert. In the distance, there is a large, abandoned building with the Foundation insignia attached to it, hanging loosely by cables. On the horizon to the west of the team are four humanoid organisms, mounted on quadrupedal entities. One of the organisms appears to be wielding a staff-like tool, which it uses to point in the direction of the team. ]

Salamander: That's not good.

Gecko: Run!

[ Loud droning noise can be heard, similar to that of a winged insect. This continues for several seconds as the team runs toward the building. Footage cuts. ]

Journal recovered by Junior Researcher Hadid from the information desk.

I've seen them watching us day and night over the sand dunes. I don't know if they know that we're watching them too, or if they even care. Another one of them showed up today. That makes four riders in total now. Fucking hell. How long have we been in this god damn building?

One of the "demons" (working on the official designation) snuck up on Alam when we weren't paying attention and destroyed the relay right as she stopped recording the signal. There was something different about this one though, something sinister. The ones we've seen up until now have had these black, soulless eyes. Tiny little beads that stared right through you like you just another piece of meat. But this one had green eyes. Eyes that were alive and aware of their surroundings. Eyes that belonged to something that could think. Eyes that belonged to a malicious creature different from the mindless drones we've been fighting this entire time.

I think I'm going to sleep down here tonight. I can feel those riders staring at me through the windows upstairs. At least the first floor is barricaded, so we should be safe from exterior threats. Maybe if we ditch the Lexicon here we'll stop being hunted like a pack of god damn mice. Food for fucking thought, eh, Alam?

I heard someone banging on the barricade a little while ago, sounded like Rebecca. Then I heard a wet thump and saw blood seeping through the cracks in the wood. I'm gonna investigate.

Additional Recording

Additional recording from Umar Hadid's body camera, taken during the night.

<Begin Log>

[ Footage begins with J.R. Hadid examining the object featured in the distress signal, henceforth referred to as the Lexicon. He is turning the Lexicon over in his hands and tracing the runes inscribed on it with his fingers. The object occasionally alternates colors when touched, and becomes illuminated brightly following a specific input by Hadid. He drops the Lexicon but manages to catch it before the object collides with the ground. ]

J.R. Hadid: [ Softly ] Damn it.

L5-Beta: Something troubling you?

[ J.R. Hadid sharply inhales and attempts to obscure the Lexicon by covering it with his sleeping bag. He stands and walks to L5-Beta, who is sitting in a chair with their sniper rifle pointed out of a window. They are looking at J.R. Hadid as he approaches. ]

J.R. Hadid: Slow night?

L5-Beta: I'm the one asking questions here, man.

J.R. Hadid: I can't figure out what that thing is, Alex. It's gotta be like a puzzle box or… something. And I want to be the one to solve it.

L5-Beta: Eh, I wouldn't stress about it too much, Hadid. We're on a field op, leave that sciency shit to Allegre and the eggheads back home. You can figure it out then.

J.R. Hadid: Yeah, but I won't be the one to make the discovery.

L5-Beta: Does it really matter that much?

J.R. Hadid: [ Loudly ] Yes!

[ Movement is detected behind them. J.R. Hadid inhales and holds his breath as L5-Beta draws their sidearm. L5-Gamma has begun to stir in his sleeping bag, displacing a large quantity of dust as he rolls. L5-Beta and J.R. Hadid sigh. ]

J.R. Hadid: [ Softly ] It really fucking matters, okay?

L5-Beta: Screwing around with that Lexicon might just fuck us while we're out here, and there's no back-up, Umar. Did you think about that?

[ Silence ]

L5-Beta: Well?

J.R. Hadid: I don't care.

L5-Beta: [ Scoff ] You really are just another Foundation scientist, aren't you?

J.R. Hadid: You don't understand.

L5-Beta: What I understand is that I'm going to put you in the ground before I let you or Allegre endanger anyone on this fucking team, Hadid.

J.R. Hadid: I'm not trying to put any of us in danger!

L5-Beta: Then why are you fucking with an alien puzzle box?


The Lexicon as found in Initial Exploration

J.R. Hadid: Because…

L5-Beta: Because?

J.R. Hadid: Ever since I joined the Foundation and people realized I was the son of the legendary Adhia Alam they've been expecting something great from me. And all I've done is smoke pot and eat pizza. I'm supposed to be a scientist, Alex. I have to reinvent the wheel. I need to figure out what this Lexicon is before anyone else, or I'm disrespecting the memory of my mother.

L5-Beta: Umar…

[ Silence ]

J.R. Hadid: Just make the shot count, alright?

L5-Beta: Umar, I'm not going to shoot you. I get where you're coming from, alright? My parents were the same way. "Legendary" MTF agents, perfect accuracy on a target firing a handgun from a kilometer away.

J.R. Hadid: Seriously?

L5-Beta: I'm exaggerating but that's beside the point. I thought I'd never live up to that, but you know what I realized after I joined the Walkmen?

J.R. Hadid: What?

L5-Beta: That I don't need to fulfill anyone's expectations but my own. Not my parents, not my fellow agents, not Foundation staff, not even the O5's. I'm a non-binary badass motherfucking sniper, and that's the reputation I've chosen to live up to.

J.R. Hadid: I… Thank you, Alex.

L5-Beta: Did you find anything out so far?

J.R. Hadid: Just hypotheses. I think that it might be keeping the creatures here on this side of the lighthouse. I mean, they're attracted to it after all but if they were able to break it themselves, they would have by now.

L5-Beta: Oh shit. Maybe you should just, oh I don't know, ditch it in Allegre's stuff.

J.R. Hadid: What? Why?

L5-Beta: I really don't like her.

J.R. Hadid: Really?

L5-Beta: I'm kidding, Umar.

[ They chuckle. L5-Gamma raises from his sleeping bag and walks toward the far corner. Unzipping can be heard seconds prior to the sound of urination. When finished, L5-Gamma walks over to the pair, withdrawing a small container of hand sanitizer from his pocket, applying it. ]

L5-Gamma: Do you ever stop talking?

L5-Beta: Shut up, Cordae.

L5-Gamma: Question for you, Alex.

L5-Beta: For the last time, I know the reason you don't trust stairs is because they're always up to something.

[ J.R. Hadid laughs. ]

L5-Gamma: Let's say that when we get out of here, me and you found ourselves at a fancy restaurant? What would you do?

L5-Beta: You're not taking me to Arby's are you?

L5-Gamma: Do you like Arby's?

J.R. Hadid: I do.

L5-Gamma: I'm not talking to you, am I?

L5-Beta: Give the kid a break, Cordae.

L5-Gamma: Will you answer my question, Alex?

[ Silence ]

L5-Beta: Are you asking me on a date, Cordae Brown?

[ L5-Gamma looks at J.R. Hadid, then at L5-Beta. He becomes flush in the face and folds his arms. ]

L5-Gamma: I'll take the second watch while you think about the answer to a question I never asked you.

L5-Beta: Fine. Hadid?

J.R. Hadid: Yes?

L5-Beta: Let's leave the man to his post and talk more about this in the morning.

[ L5-Gamma grunts. L5-Beta and J.R. Hadid return to their respective sleeping bags and J.R. Hadid continues to examine the Lexicon for several more seconds. He presses down on one face of the Lexicon, causing it to change hues from yellow to purple. The object levitates approximately three centimeters above the ground for several seconds before falling, its coloration absent. J.R. Hadid picks up the object, looks from left to right, and places it within Dr. Allegre's personal bag, covering it with objects already present therein. ]

Continued Expedition Log

<Begin Log>

[ There is daylight shining through the window as the team awakens. Team descends from building in pairs, with L5-Alpha and L5-Gamma taking point, and L5-Beta and L5-Delta bringing up the rear. Once they reach the ground floor, sounds that suggest the consumption of solid food become audible. L5-Alpha stops them at the entrance, raises her weapon. Four quadrupedal entities are on top of the cephalopod entity's corpse, consuming it. The entities resemble an unknown equine species, however, instead of hooves, they appear to walk on five-digit hands with opposable thumbs similar to apes. The entities are covered in a thick layer of fur, the coloration of which differs between each organism. They soon take notice of the team and scurry up the cadaver, scaling the building, and disappearing over the roof. ]

Dr. Allegre: Absolutely fascinating.

J.R. Hadid: I… can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, Doctor.

Dr. Allegre: I'm never sarcastic, Umar.

L5-Alpha: Focus people. We have what we need, let's find our way back.

J.R. Hadid: Right, uh, sorry Gytha.

[ L5-Alpha leads the team past the corpse. After traversing for 15 meters, the team begins to experience severe tremors. A dense fog covers the building behind them, obscuring it entirely. The source of the fog is unclear, as all clouds are now absent from the sky. The sand ripples, forming waves of two-meter-high dunes that move around the team. A thick Brazil-nut tree similar to those found in jungles sprouts beside L5-Delta, growing exponentially in seconds. The tree ascends seemingly indefinitely, as the top cannot be seen. ]


Location post-trasfiguration

L5-Delta: Holy-

[ More trees of various species continue to emerge out of the ground. The sand folds in on itself and turns hues of black, brown, and green. Grass manifests over the remainder of the sand, completely replacing it. All sunlight has been blocked by the presence of a canopy. Various types of known and unknown flora materialize on the bark of the trees. When the transformation ceases, the team is within a jungle environment. The building they were previously occupying is no longer present. ]

L5-Delta: Well, that's inconvenient.

L5-Beta: Inconvenient? Most of our camping shit was still in there!

[ L5-Beta sighs before kicking a nearby tree out of frustration. The force of the impact dislodges a fruit resembling a non-anomalous orange from its branch, and the fruit collides with the top of L5-Beta's helmet, smearing a juice-like substance down their visor. They groan and L5-Gamma walks over to them, proceeding to remove their helmet and wipe the fluid on his outfit before returning it to them. ]

L5-Gamma: Scared?

L5-Beta: [ They brush past him, maintaining a loose grip on their sniper rifle as they take point. ] 'Course not.

[ The team continues north. The roots of the trees become animate and attempt to entangle their feet as they walk, however, due to the weakness of the branches, the team proceeds unhindered. Where visible, the sky is dark and illuminated by stars and constellations undocumented in current astronomical records. Despite continuing for several hours, the night sky does not alter in any significant way and the constellations appear to remain at a fixed point. In the understory, many small avian and arboreal entities resembling glaucomys sabrinus (flying squirrel) with antlers and fluorescent eyes glide overhead and startle L5-Beta. ]

L5-Gamma: [ Laughs. ]

[ The forest trees become noticeably thicker as the team progresses. Dark green vines are suspended between low-hanging branches. Arboreal entities with six arms and an incalculable amount of eyes are noticed by the team. The eyes are so densely packed that the original head and facial features of the organisms are completely obscured, yet they are able to emit audio noises resembling common chimpanzees. Entities appear to observe the team as they progress, some gesticulated to others and making noise at a frequency that suggests a pattern or communication. ]

[ Flourescent flora becomes present as the space between trees decreases. The color of the flora changes with proximity to the team, with flowers closer to the team consisting of various shades of blue and flowers further away possessing a spectrum of red coloration. There is a gradient of color expanding from the team in a circular pattern. ]

[ A pair of the arboreal entities spotted earlier is seen sitting in the trees beside one another. Judging by the size difference between the entities and patterns of sexual dimorphism patterns in mammals, one is male while the other is female. The larger of the two descend the tree via the vines and spends several seconds picking flowers out of the ground. The male entity notices the team and spends a short amount of time looking between them and the flowers in its hand. With its free hand, the entity gesticulates the team to move closer to it, observing the effects of their presence on the flowers. After the team approaches the entity, the entity backs away slowly and crushes the stems of the flowers in its hands. The flowers no longer change appearance after this. The male entity ascends the tree and appears to gift the female entity the flowers. The smaller entity accepts the gift and embraces the other organism. ]

[ L5-Gamma picks a flower, examines it, and hands it to L5-Beta. ]

L5-Beta: What do you expect me to do with this?

L5-Gamma: Keep it. It's good for you.

[ L5-Beta tucks the flower behind their ear. They appear to become flush in the face, although the exact cause of this phenomenon is unclear. ]

L5-Delta: You truly are a man bred for war, Cordae.

J.R. Hadid: That was… wholesome.

Dr. Allegre: Perhaps I was wrong about you, Hadid. If you think that this display is responsible behavior of Foundation agents on a field operation then-

L5-Alpha: With all due respect, Allison, leave the fuckin' kid alone. You're here to do research, not bitch about the goings-on of my team.

Dr. Allegre: [ She scoffs ]

[ The forest leads into a clearing approximately two kilometers in diameter, void of the flora seen previously. The arboreal entities can be seen on the perimeter of the clearing on high branches, looking down. They are either unable to or unwilling to cross the clearing. An avian organism is seen flying near the canopy before it is assaulted by a sphere of unknown material. The avian entity falls out of the sky, landing in front of L5-Beta. The original form of the entity is unknown, as it is obscured in its entirety by a species of lady-bug-like organisms. The lady-bug entities disperse after several seconds, revealing a mass of bones and blood where the avian organism previously was. There is more movement in the treeline on the side of the clearing opposite the team. Judging by the rigorous camera shaking, trees being felled, and the scattering of the arboreal entities in the other direction, the entity responsible for the tremors is large. ]

L5-Alpha: We've got puppies and kittens people, look alive!

[ L5-Beta raises their sniper rifle and scans the treeline for the source of the tremors. They stop scanning after several moments. L5-Alpha notices that they are trembling. ]

L5-Alpha: Soldier?

L5-Beta: Dear god…

[ A massive, octopedal equine entity walks into the clearing from the treeline. The entity's legs are stripped of flesh, revealing an undulating mass of muscle, bone, and sinew that appears to move in conjunction with its steps. The feet of the entity are comprised of bones similar to those of a human being, ending in five digits including one opposable thumb. From the underbelly of the organism, necrotized intestines hang from exposed ribs that appear to be consumed by more lady-bug entities. The torso of the entity is largely decomposed, exposing large portions of the entity's internal anatomy including four hearts, two parallel spines, and a semi-transparent sac with lady-bug entities present therein. The entity's head is obstructed by atmospheric haze due to its immense height. ]

[ Two arboreal entities, one holding a fluorescent flower, emerge from the forest near the quadrupedal entity swinging on vines. Upon noticing the larger creature, the male arboreal organism appears to command the female organism to a safe distance while it threatens the equine entity with its gestures. A sphere of ladybugs is propelled from the entity's head and covers the arboreal entities in their entirety. Seconds later, several loud squelching sounds are heard followed by snapping and cracking. Ladybugs retreat from the arboreal entities, revealing a patch of glowing flowers that now occupy the space they were once in. ]

[ The entity faces the team. It projects a sphere of ladybugs at the team, missing L5-Alpha by a small margin. ]


Cluster of ladybugs that missed L5-Alpha.

L5-Alpha: Take the shot!

[ L5-Beta appears to refocus and fires a shot into the equine entity's semi-transparent sac, causing it to erupt with an explosive force that knocks the team down. The entity bellows, temporarily causing the audio microphones to peak and causing the team severe pain. The entity projects three spheres of lady-bugs in the team's direction. The first two hit nearby trees, while the third hits L5-Gamma's arm and pins him to the ground. ]

L5-Alpha: Cordae!

J.R. Hadid: Doctor?

Dr. Allegre: Watch, Hadid. This is a learning opportunity.

[ Ladybugs multiply to the point where they completely encompass his arm. L5-Gamma appears to be in a severe amount of physical trauma. L5-Delta sprints to L5-Gamma and withdraws a lighter from his survival pack, holding it near the lady-bug entities. The lady-bugs emit a high-frequency noise that causes pain in the team before dispersing. Once clear, what remains of L5-Gamma's arm becomes clear. It has been consumed through the epidural layer and the majority of the muscle mass, exposing partially perforated bone. L5-Beta fires once more at the entity before sprinting to L5-Gamma. Dr. Allegre takes note of this from behind the cover of a nearby tree. ]

L5-Beta: Oh my god, Nikhil…

L5-Delta: Shut up and let me work!

[ L5-Delta removes several medical tools from his exploration pack, including a tourniquet, a bottle of anomalously enhanced antiseptic, a roll of bandages, and a small, rectangular piece of wood. L5-Beta returns to firing upon the equine, joined by L5-Alpha, although the ballistic rounds do not appear to cause any significant damage. The equine projects another sphere of lady-bugs at L5-Alpha, who successfully rolls away prior to impact. Entity takes another step toward the team, causing significant tremors. ]

[ L5-Delta places the wooden piece in between L5-Gamma's teeth. L5-Gamma bites down on the wood with enough force to splinter it as L5-Delta pours the antiseptic on his wound. J.R. Hadid is visibly disturbed by this, while Dr. Allegre continues to document the events in a notepad. L5-Gamma loses consciousness shortly thereafter, and L5-Delta attempts to drag him into cover by his shoulders. Due to L5-Gamma's size, however, little progress is made. ]

L5-Delta: Help!

[ J.R. Hadid moves toward them but is stopped by Dr. Allegre before he can reach them. ]

Dr. Allegre: Our job is to research, Umar. Remember this.

[ J.R. Hadid pushes past Dr. Allegre, knocking her off-balance. Dr. Allegre quickly recovers and continues documenting. J.R. Hadid applies pressure to L5-Gamma's wound while L5-Delta stitches it closed and wraps it in the bandages. He stares at Dr. Allegre momentarily before withdrawing a sidearm and firing at the equine entity. L5-Alpha and L5-Beta lay suppressing fire as they retreat to the rest of the group. ]

L5-Beta: How we doin', Cordae?

L5-Delta: He's out!

L5-Beta: Fuck!

L5-Alpha: Switch to incendiary. Light this fucker up.

[ L5-Alpha and L5-Beta hostler their weapons and draw their flamethrowers while L5-Delta continues to lend supporting fire from his pistol. The equine entity emits a low, bellowing noise before projecting another ball of ladybugs at the team, but the attack is dispelled by the fire. L5-Alpha and L5-Beta advance. Entity turns abruptly and uses its legs to cut through a swathe of trees, toppling them in front of the team. Entity retreats, its skin aflame. L5-Alpha and -Beta rejoin the group. ]

Dr. Allegre: I think we all learned something, wouldn't you say, Hadid?

[ Silence ]

L5-Alpha: You got a fucking problem, doc?

Dr. Allegre: I'm just here to do research, soldier. I'm not going to get involved of the goings-on of you and your team.

[ J.R. Hadid rises. He looks at Dr. Allegre but does not move. ]

Dr. Allegre: Umar.

[ Silence ]

[ L5-Alpha shakes her head. L5-Beta and L5-Delta assist L5-Gamma to his feet. J.R. Hadid walks beside him, supporting L5-Gamma as he walks. L5-Beta walks up to Dr. Allegre. ]

L5-Beta: [ They spit. ] Next time, when it's you, I'll sit back and watch too.

Dr. Allegre: [ She scoffs ] So it's like that then.

L5-Beta: You're god damn right.

[ There are faint sounds of shrieking heard. The source of the sound is unclear. Through the cut-down trees, four figures can be seen mounted on organisms. The figure to the furthest right appears to be on fire, however, it shows no sign of pain or acknowledgment of the flames. The flaming entity's mount trots in place before charging at the team. L5-Beta and L5-Alpha point their incendiary weapons at it, however before it can reach the team, the entity implodes into the flames and disappears. ]

[ The sound of shrieking increases in volume. ]

L5-Beta: Fuck.

[ Camera footage terminates. ]

<End Log>

Second Recovered Document from 1997 Expedition

Footage recovered from a partially decomposed corpse fused within the trunk of a tree.

<Begin Log>


Still captured from recovered footage

[ Footage begins, showing a plain of crop visually similar to wheat and barley. A dilapidated barn is present. The roof of the structure is caved in and several corpses of emaciated equine entities are scattered on the walls and outside of barn doors. From inside the building, a flickering light can be seen and shadows are visible moving therein. There are sounds of gunfire, followed shortly by loud shrieking that peaks the audio scales. A body is thrown through the exterior wall of the barn from the interior. It spasms for several seconds, spraying blood and viscera on the crop nearby. ]

Gecko: Fucking hell, what is he doing in there?

S.R. Alam: Does it really matter?

Gecko: I suppose not.

[ Seconds later the gunfire ceases. Newt emerges, covered in blood and viscera save for his eyes. He is grinning. ]

Newt: Soup's on.

[ S.R. Alam and Gecko enter the barn following Newt. Inside the blood of the organisms covers the wall, with several organs and intestines hanging from various support beams throughout the structure. In the center of the room there is a rudimentary campfire, its flame still alight. Newt uses a combat knife to remove the head of one of the nearby entities and throws the head onto the fire, fueling it. The flame grows significantly in size, radiance, and heat. Newt continues to smile as he throws the remainder of the decapitated corpse into the flame. ]

[ Gecko pulls down a bisected corpse from a support beam and grabs onto the protruding spinal column with both hands. He motions for S.R. Alam to assist him. She grabs the arms of the corpse and together they are successful in removing the spine in its entirety. S.R. Alam drops the body and stands with her back against the wall, looking out through the opening created by Newt. She withdraws a sidearm from her person and holds it near her face. ]

S.R. Alam: Hurry up.

[ Gecko looks at S.R. Alam briefly before beginning to debone two corpses. Once finished, the corpse of the humanoid is then flayed and separated into thin strips. Gecko sharpens two of the forearm bones until they reach a point, and then skewers one of the strips. He then hands the skewer to Newt. ]

S.R. Alam: Is it ready?

Gecko: Soon.

[ The two roast the flesh of the organism for several minutes until it is light grey in coloration. They then consume the flesh. Gecko retches. S.R. Alam joins the pair at the fire and prepares her own skewer. ]

S.R. Alam: Do you think they got it?

Gecko: Yes.

S.R. Alam: Thank God.

Gecko: How long have we been here?

S.R. Alam: Too long.

[ Newt retches and vomits a mixture of partially digested flesh and blood. He wipes his mouth, then looks at Gecko and S.R. Alam. From outside the barn, the sound of whining horses can be heard. A ladybug-like entity flies in through the window and lands on Newt's forearm. He crushes it immediately. ]

Newt: That's not good, is it?

S.R. Alam: I don't understand. We left the Lexicon at that building, they should've stopped chasing us by now.

Gecko: Fuck. The Foundation must have sent in a second-team after all. They probably found it.

S.R. Alam: We need to find that lighthouse.

<End Log>

Third Exploration Log

Audio/visual surviellance stitched together from the body cam footage of the surviving members of the expedition team.

<Begin Log>

[ Footage starts. Much of the visual is corrupted and is often interrupted by static. The environment appears to be comprised primarily of a metallic substance, and black towers with sharp protrusions are persisted into the horizon. The height of many of these towers extends beyond the camera's view. From the sky, black cable-like extensions hang. At the end of the cables are human eyes, which appear to track the team. The eyes do not have eyelids and appear bloodshot. Additionally, hexagonal structures are protruding from the ground at random intervals, with an unknown pattern of symbols on them that suggest a form of writing. Four of these structures appear larger than the rest and show murals of riders on horseback wielding medieval weapons. Three of the four murals appear to be intact, however, the fourth mural is in a state of disarray, as the edges of it are crumbling and much of the text present on it is eroded. ]

[ Dried viscera and evidence of scratches are present.The pattern of the narrow furrows imply that the scratches were produced by nails or claws. on the ground and towers. In an area where the density of towers is fewer, there is an encampment. There are three large tents present, although each of the tents is showing signs of extreme degradation from weathering. A silhouetted humanoid figure can be seen moving throughout the tents. Judging by the gesticulations, the figure is gathering items from within the tent and placing them into a large container. ]

[ L5-Alpha holds a finger to her lips and uses hand signals to command L5-Delta to approach on the flank of the tent. L5-Alpha approaches the tent from the front with her rifle raised. L5-Beta kneels on one knee and points their sniper rifle at the tent, covering the other MTF Agents. J.R. Hadid and Dr. Allegre, who are assisting L5-Gamma in walking, take cover behind a nearby metallic structure. ]

[ L5-Alpha and L5-Delta converge on the figure in the tent, who raises their arms and drops the items they were carrying. The figure is escorted out of the tent by L5-Alpha. They are adorned in Foundation-grade laboratory protective garments, inscribed with the Foundation insignia on the breast pocket. The garments appear torn in several places, and there are holes present near the sleeves indicative of incendiary damage. The figure, a female, appears emaciated to the point at which their cheekbones become present, however, they appear to have a layer of muscle beneath the skin that suggests they are well fed. One of the eyes is missing, obscured by seared flesh and indentations indicative of bite marks. The figure is forced out of the tent at gunpoint by L5-Alpha, with L5-Delta following. ]

[ The figure abruptly stops, turning to face the MTF agents, who raise their weapons in response. ]

Unknown: Delta X-Ray Charlie Bravo Echo.

L5-Delta: Excuse me?

Unknown: [ Slowly ] Delta X-Ray Charlie Bravo Echo.

L5-Alpha: That's the… Adhia Alam?

[ The figure nods, withdrawing an identification card from the lab coat's inner pocket. L5-Alpha conducts an impromptu Level 5 interrogation screening, asking the figure questions that have been expunged from the record per O5 order. The figure's identity is confirmed to be Senior Researcher Alam. ]

S.R. Alam: I'm leaving, with or without you.

L5-Beta: Just one more question: What happened to the rest of your team? In the last document of yours that we found, there were still Luna-5 members around.

S.R. Alam: The horsemen.

L5-Beta: The horsemen?

S.R. Alam: You've seen them. I know you have, I can see it in your eyes. They looked the same way just before… We need to leave. Now. Fuck the Lexicon, let it stay here. That's all the horsemen care about.

[ L5-Beta approaches with J.R. Hadid and Dr. Allegre. S.R. Alam looks at J.R. Hadid with visible confusion. She approaches him, although she is blocked by L5-Beta. ]

S.R. Alam: Umar?

[ S.R. Alam reaches out to touch J.R. Hadid, who recoils from the action. She paces around in a circle for several seconds before dropping to her knees. She stares at her hands and then at the MTF agents. Dr. Allegre notes that she is crying. ]

S.R. Alam: No… What… what year is it?

L5-Alpha: Ma'am, it's 2021.

S.R. Alam: It can't be later than… my god. Umar I'm so…

[ L5-Gamma yells in pain. His wound begins bleeding through the bandages. He drops to the ground, holding his arm. L5-Delta holds L5-Gamma's arm and removes the bandages. The wound has become gangrenous with pus boils manifesting along the exterior of L5-Gamma's skin. ]

L5-Delta: I need time to mend Cordae's fever and disinfect his arm again.

L5-Alpha: How much time?

L5-Delta: As much as you can give me.

[ L5-Alpha nods. She looks at Dr. Allegre for several seconds. ]

Dr. Allegre: Got a problem, Chin?

L5-Alpha: Not for much longer, I hope. You two, stay here and keep an eye out. I'm gonna see if there's a way up there. Alam, with me.

[ L5-Alpha and S.R. Alam depart in a northern direction, toward the lighthouse. Dr. Allegre enters the tent with L5-Delta. ]

L5-Delta: What do you want, doctor?

Dr. Allegre: Just… trying to lend a hand.

L5-Delta: [ He sighs ] I need pressure here.

[ Outside, J. R. Hadid points north. Approximately 3km away from the encampment is a cliff face with the lighthouse at the top of it. The lighthouse is emitting green light. ]

J.R. Hadid: That's the lighthouse from the distress signal, right?

L5-Beta: Y-yeah. We're almost there.

J.R. Hadid: What's wrong?

L5-Beta: Nothing just… it's Cordae.

J.R. Hadid: He'll be alright. He's big enough to eat me.

L5-Beta: [ They laugh ] And me.

J.R. Hadid: Think Gytha will find a way up there before the land changes again?

L5-Beta: Course she will. C'mon, let's take a look around here. That lost data might be in this campsite somewhere.

[ L5-Beta explores the encampment, accompanied by Hadid. There are several decomposed bodies in various positions throughout the area that are dressed in Foundation attire consistent with the 1997 standard.DNA analysis confirmed that the bodies belonged to the original team that lost contact with the Foundation in 1997. They had been decomposed for approximately 23 years.. Hadid uses a knife and several hazardous waste baggies to collect samples from the bodies. ]

L5-Beta: Gross.

J.R. Hadid: I know but… it's necessary, ya know? For science or whatever. Allegre would kill me if I didn't take the chance to-

L5-Beta: Doesn't make it any less gross, man.

J.R. Hadid: Wha- I- never mind.

[ L5-Beta and Hadid enter a large tent. Inside they collect various holographic schematics display modules which are located near the deceased. There is a long rectangular table with thirteen seats in the center of the tent. All seats are occupied by a corpse. J.R. Hadid approaches the corpse at the head of the table and kneels, examining its feet and collecting samples from the ground. ]

[ There is a faint shrieking sound emanating from outside. L5-Beta assists Hadid in standing. They flee the tent and return to the encampment. L5-Delta and Dr. Allegre are assisting L5-Gamma in walking. ]

[ Seconds later, L5-Alpha and S.R. Alam return. L5-Alpha is firing bursts of flame behind her as they are pursued by an unknown amount of entities approximately 1km behind her. Entities are humanoid, bipedal, and severely emaciated. Wing-like protrusions are present where the arms should be. The entities are shrieking as they pursue the pair. In the distance behind them, three humanoid figures on mounts are present. One appears to be wielding a staff-like instrument, which it uses to point in the direction of the encampment. ]

L5-Alpha: Up! Get the fuck up!

[ L5-Alpha and L5-Beta fire at the entities. Entities are deterred by the flame and remain just out of its reach, however, they continue to advance. ]

L5-Alpha: I found a way out!

[ Team proceeds to run behind L5-Alpha while L5-Beta continues to deter the entities with their flame. Visibility is greatly reduced. Individual voices cannot be heard as the shrieking is louder than the team. There is a tremor.Judging by the sudden vertical vibration from all body cams. that causes the entities to disperse. ]

[ When it is clear, the team has arrived approximately 1km from the lighthouse. A large, gaunt quadrupedal entity manifests approximately 3km behind the team. Entity's head is obscured by the presence of ladybugs. Entity is the apparent source of the tremors. ]

J.R. Hadid: It's-

L5-Alpha: Save your breath, Hadid!

L5-Delta: Captain! Cordae he's-

[ L5-Gamma collapses. The wound on his arm has reopened. From the wound, ladybugs emerge and begin to consume his skin. L5-Delta, L5-Alpha, and Dr. Allegre attempt to remove the ladybugs from L5-Gamma but are unsuccessful due to the sheer quantity of them that has amassed. S.R. Alam grabs a machete from L5-Alpha's person and attempts to cleave L5-Gamma's arm. L5-Alpha raises her incendiary weapon. ]

L5-Alpha: Get down!

[ S.R. Alam successfully severs L5-Gamma's arm and forces him to the ground. The emaciated bipedal entities converge on the group. L5-Beta, -Delta, and Dr. Allegre lay flat on the ground beside L5-Gamma. L5-Alpha fires a burst of flame at the entities, deterring them and causing a presumed panicked response. Entities shriek. ]

[ The ladybugs disintegrate from the heat of the flame. The remainder of L5-Gamma's arm has been reduced to the bone with small amounts of scorched flesh still present. He groans. L5-Beta rises first and assists L5-Gamma to his feet. L5-Delta, S.R. Alam, and Dr. Allegre rise shortly thereafter and sprint westward. They are fifteen meters from the lighthouse entrance. ]

L5-Alpha: Inside!

[ L5-Gamma and J.R .Hadid enter the lighthouse. Bipedal entities can be seen 200 meters away from the lighthouse. Entities are shrieking and sprinting. L5-Delta enters the lighthouse, followed by S.R. Alam. Dr. Allegre attempts to enter but is unsuccessful due to the presence of an unknown force. L5-Alpha inadvertently backs into Dr. Allegre. ]

L5-Alpha: What the hell are you waiting for?

[ Dr. Allegre attempts to enter the lighthouse again, but this time is knocked down by the force. The contents of her personal bag are emptied onto the floor. Among them is the Lexicon. The object is now completely void of coloration and fragmented in several places. It appears to shatter in her hands. She inhales sharply. ]

Dr. Allegre: I…

L5-Alpha: Fucking drop it!

[ The entities converge on Dr. Allegre. L5-Alpha attempts to combat them with her incendiary weapon but is ignored. Dr. Allegre screams. The entities drag her back toward the giant equine entity along with the Lexicon. L5-Beta emerges from the lighthouse, laying a suppressing fire on the entities. They release their grip on Dr. Allegre. L5-Beta extends a hand to her and pulls Dr. Allegre back. L5-Alpha steps in front of L5-Beta and continues to ignite entities as they approach. Dr. Allegre regains her composure and L5-Beta assists her in standing. They enter the lighthouse together. ]

[ From the mass of entities, the three humanoid organisms on mounts emerge. The one in the center dismounts. The organism has the appearance of a medieval knight, although its armor is severely oxidized. The head of the organism is decomposed. Maggots and ladybugs can be seen crawling in and out of its eye sockets and various openings in its flesh. The humanoid organism stares at L5-Alpha as it picks up the Lexicon. ]

Unknown: You've freed us. Thank you.

[ L5-Alpha backs into the lighthouse, closing the door behind her. Footage ends. ]

<End log>

Interview Umar Hadid

The following interview was conducted following the conclusion of the team's allotted resting period post-expedition.

Interviewer: Site Director Alaina Chin

Interviewed: Junior Researcher Umar Hadid

<Begin Log>

Dir. Chin: 'Evening Umar. I hope you've been well?

J.R. Hadid: A little sore but, I'm okay. H-how's everyone else? Alex? Cordae?

Dir. Chin: We've got to amnesticize four witnesses to anomalous events at the local Arby's. Apparently Cordae Brown can't keep himself out of trouble.

[ J.R. Hadid laughs. ]

Dir. Chin: Something funny, Mr. Hadid?

J.R. Hadid: Uh… I… No, ma'am.

Dir. Chin: Good. Now, I've reviewed the footage from your most recent excursion into SCP-6412 and there's a lot of good stuff there. The guys over in R & D are losing their minds trying to classify all the organisms you managed to snag footage of. Good work. Great work, even. But there's one thing that's bothering me, Mr. Hadid. Can you guess what that is?

J.R. Hadid: Look, I know I've been slacking lately but I promise I'll pick up the pace-

Dir. Chin: No, it's not that. The Lexicon. That thing you broke and planted on your fellow researcher? Remember that?

J.R. Hadid: Oh…

Dir. Chin: Real fucking sneaky, Mr. Hadid. And it almost cost Allegre her life. But then I realized something else and had some research heads look into this thing for me. Run the sigils back against some ancient, forbidden texts way above your clearance. And it turns out that you were right.

J.R. Hadid: I was… right?

Dir. Chin: The Lexicon was some kind of anchor keeping those creatures, the horsemen, the tentacle monster, on that side of the lighthouse. And your fiddling removed that anchor from the equation. I don't know why the horsemen haven't come over to this side yet, and frankly, I don't care. It's going to happen sooner or later, and you're going to be the one to stop them when that happens.

J.R. Hadid: But I can't-

Dir. Chin: Look, you wanted to do something great at the Foundation right? Congratulations, Umar. Here's your chance.

<End Log>

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