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Item#: 6411
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: No usage of SCP-6411, in speech, writing, or any other medium, is to be permitted. Any such usage is to be considered a containment breach, and nearby available MTFs are to be mobilised to deal with it appropriately.

The sole exceptions to the above are the original documentation of SCP-6411, which is to be kept at a high-security vault in an undisclosed site, and sentences of SCP-6411 comprised solely of lexemes1 that are known to have already escaped.

Description: SCP-6411 is a Carpalóra-class constructed language2 created by Department of Linguistics founder Joseph Harrison in collaboration with the Department of Applied Force. Any usage of SCP-6411 that is not in line with the Special Containment Procedures will result in an SCP-6411-A event involving all lexemes used.

SCP-6411-A events invariably result in the involved lexemes ceasing to be part of SCP-6411, instead returning to their previous locations. Often, these previous locations will be brought to the place where the event occured. Further side effects depend on the individual lexemes, and hence cannot be known in advance.

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