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Item#: 6395-J
Containment Class:
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Self Portrait of Researcher Jellyfish, age 12.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6395-J cannot be contained. All SCP Foundation personnel transformed into SCP-6395-J-A instances will not be contained and instead be allowed to roam free. Research into how to halt the spread of SCP-6395-J has become the Foundation's top priority. This file is to be freely distributed among the public to help those stupid fucks1 the civilian population become aware of SCP-6395-J.

Description: SCP-6395-J is the designation for an ongoing event that has turned all sapient beings in Foundation employment and custody into anthropomorphic creatures bearing resemblance to aquatic mammals, typically fish (designated SCP-SCP-6395-J-A). SCP-6395-J is also a nomiclative hazard that changes the name of SCP-6395-J-A instances into "play on word" puns related to fish or aquatic animals. This also affects the name of organizations and items associated with SCP-6395-J-A instances.

Some examples of SCP-6395-J-A include:

  • Dr. Bass Clef, MTF Lambda-2 Lead2
  • Dr. Jackfish Bright, SCP-963
  • the Overfish Council
  • Site Director Tilda Mackerel3
  • Yossi Lingcod, Dept. of Tactical Theology Abrahamics Sublead
  • Decomfishioning Department Director Clownfish Bold
  • Dr. Lungfish Veritas
  • The Ethfishcommite
  • Dr. Everett Mannette, 0Fish-█

Discovery: On 4/1/2022 at 00:00 UTC, Foundation Sites 01, 17, 19, 23, 69, 237, and 420 were all infected with SCP-6395-J, which quickly spread to all Foundation personnel and sites by 6:30, including transforming the SCiP database into a "fish" theme.

UPDATE: As of 11:00 UTC, SCP-6395-J infection has begun spreading out of Foundation sites and infecting civilian populations. As a result, the clearance for SCP-6395-J's file has become public and distributed to the public. SCP-6395-J is spreading at a rate of approximately ███████ kilometers per second and is expected to have infected all of humanity by 23:59 UTC.4.


Hello. You may be wondering what is happening right now. Your friends, neighbors, and even yourself may have begun to transform into fish. World governments are descending into madness. We are here to help. We are the SCP Foundation. We die in the shadows so you can live in the light. But we cannot stop this. Please take heart, as no matter what this is your life now. Stay strong.
Salmon - Carp - Pike

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