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Item#: 6386
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Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-6386 are to be located and surveyed by local personnel. Any anomalous objects found (designated SCP-6386-XXX) are to be bought and sent to Site-19 for studying before being stored in standard anomalous object storage. If possible, sale proprietors are to be interrogated on the nature of their SCP-6386-XXX instance, and SCP-6386-A, and subsequently amnesticized. City-wide “garage sale days” are to be created by Foundation agents in metropolitan centers to minimize the spread of SCP-6386 objects. On these “garage sale days”, MTF Kappa-18 (“Bargain Hunters”) is to search for SCP-6386 instances and extract any found 6386-XXX instances. Any instances of SCP-6386-A are to be reported and investigated from a distance.


SCP-6386's symbol

Description: SCP-6386 is a phenomenon originally affecting a small percentage of garage sales (but now also affecting similar events; see Recovered Document 6386.1 for more details) that have had some form of advertisement at least 3 days beforehand. This includes yard sale signs, social media posts, and word-of-mouth communication. Upon activation of SCP-6386, an anomalous object will come into the seller's possession. Occasionally, these objects will be given to the subject by SCP-6386-A. However, in the majority of cases, they manifest in the subject's possession by unknown means. For a partial list of these objects see Addendum 6386.2. All objects affected by SCP-6386 have a symbol located somewhere on them, appearing to be a winged caduceus.

SCP-6386-A is the designation for a caucasian male, roughly 2 meters in height with dark hair, olive skin, and green eyes. X-ray analysis has revealed that SCP-6386-A's skeletal system is within parameters for baseline humanity. SCP-6386-A is believed to be a powerful reality bender and/or thaumaturgist. Some data suggests that SCP-6386-A may be a non-physical and/or unreal entity. SCP-6386-A may occasionally leave a symbol on deposited objects. SCP-6386-A has also, on at least one occasion, left behind a legible document, labeled Document 6386.1.

Addendum 6386.1: On 12/8/2012 Researcher Johnson went to a garage sale in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the city they were living in at the time) in their free time, which was unknowingly affected by SCP-6386. While browsing they noticed a standard Foundation-Issued miniature SRA (hereafter designated SCP-6386-001) along with a small group of assorted objects. Researcher Johnson recognized the object, having experience with reality-bending anomalies, and feared a possible information breach. Johnson then turned on a recorder and attempted to talk to the proprietor of the sale (hereafter referred to as Mr.████████). The following interview is listed below.

Interviewed: [Mr. ████████]

Interviewer: [Researcher Johnson]

<Begin Log, [10:45]>

Mr.████████: Hello Ma'am, how can I help you?

Researcher Johnson: Actually it's Mx— you know what, it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to know where you got this from. [Gestures with SCP-6386-001]

Mr.████████: I don’t really know. I found it when I was going through my attic and decided to sell it. I think it’s some sort of flashlight or something. I pressed the little button on the side and a funky lookin' green light came out of one end.

Researcher Johnson: Where exactl— [ A civilian accidentally makes contact with Johnson]

Unnamed Civilian: Oops! Sorry about that. [The civilian walks away]

Researcher Johnson: Anyway, where exactly in the attic was it? In a steel box with a … weird-looking triangle on it? Maybe in a house safe or something?

Mr.████████: Um…no? Those are pretty odd questions. [He looks at the SCP-6386-001] Hey… is that worth somethin’?

Researcher Johnson: No no no. It's um… just a kid's toy. I used to have one like it when I was a kid. [Johnson reaches into their pocket] Here, I’ll give you 5 bucks for it.

Mr.████████: [Eyeing them suspiciously] 15 dollars.

Researcher Johnson: 10.

Mr.████████: Well, you sure know how to bargain. Fine. [Johnson hands him a ten-dollar bill and exits the garage sale.]

<End Log, [10:52]>

Closing Statement: Researcher Johnson immediately contacted the Foundation and reported the object to security at Site-98. Head Security Officer Ryan Richardson engaged in cataloging all miniature SRAs at the site and found none missing. Agents were then sent to the garage sale and administered Class-A amnestics to the civilians and Mr.████████. Researcher Johnson was then administered the Foundation Pat on the Back Award for quick thinking and recovery of an SRA.

Over the next 4 months, anomalous objects began appearing at garage sales across the United States, Canada, France, and [REDACTED], all with similar circumstances to their appearances. Johnson began to suspect a connection and filed for the application of it as an SCP object. It was not approved until over the next 6 months when 36 objects were recovered, with all of those objects having what is now known to be SCP-6386’s symbol.

Addendum 6386:
Object # Description Effect Location and Recovery
SCP-6386-001 A miniature Scranton Reality Anchor, Standard Foundation Issue. Approx. 20 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in circumference. Upon being turned on, it projects a beam of slightly green light that slightly increases the local Hume level. See Addendum 6386.1 For details
SCP-6386-002 A white, standard-issue pill bottle with the seal broken. A label on the front reads "moar speed pils by dado" in a 12pnt black comic sans font, and SCP-6386's symbol right next to it. The bottle contains30 27 white unmarked pills. Their material composition appears to be roughly 4 parts glucose, 1 part methamphetamine, 1 part bone, and 2 parts one (1) unidentified substance. Upon consumption of one (1) pill with approximately four hundred (400) millliters of water, the subject will have their running speed increase by anywhere from 200% to over 1000% percent. In one test, D-38956 ran over 220 kmph Found at a yard sale in St. Louis, Missouri on 1/4/2013 costing Agent Jefferies $2.50.
SCP-6386-014 A single standard short hook lockpick with a black handle and appears to be primarily composed of solidified mercury. How this is possible is currently poorly understood. SCP-6386 symbol is engraved on the handle. Upon being placed on a locking mechanism, SCP-6386-014, unlocks it via anomalous means. This includes mechanical locks, electronic locks, and locks of a thaumaturgic or anomalous nature. Retrieved by Field Agents Gertrude and Ulrich after the report of a set of break-ins to high-security vaults in Nantes, France on 5/8/2015. Upon apprehension, the subject claimed he purchased SCP-6386-014 at a garage sale and that the proprietor had no idea where it could be from.
SCP-6386-038 A wooden arrow approximately 75 centimeters, with a stone arrowhead and standard Inuit fletching. Has SCP-6386-A’s symbol on the shaft. Whenever placed next to an object that can launch a similar projectile, the arrowhead glows. In this glowing state, will transport anything that it touches to an unknown location after reaching a speed of more than 30 km/h. Found on 8/27/2017 by Dr. Sacher at a garage sale in Edmonton, Canada. The proprietor of the sale was selling, along with other things, her collection of Inuit antiques, although she claimed to have no idea where SCP-6386-038 came from.
SCP-6386-051 A large, red, encyclopedia, with a cover in Ortothan along with glyphs in Ancient Egyptian and Greek, along with two (2) previously undocumented languages of unknown origin. The title reads A Traveler's Guide to the Mystical. SCP-6386's symbol is branded on the back. The book contains numerous thaumaturgical rituals and kinetoglyphs, most of which were previously undocumented by the Foundation. It also contains pictures and descriptions of anomalous creatures, 4 of which have SCP classifications. Obtained by Kappa-12 on a “garage sale day” in Portland, Oregon on 2/19/2017. The proprietor of the sale claimed it was given to her by “a nice young man outside of the Walmart” when she was buying garage sale signs. She claimed he had dark hair and blue eyes. First known instance of SCP-6386-A.
SCP-6386-126 An electrum amulet roughly 8 centimeters in diameter with a ruby in the center. Glyphs of an unknown language are etched on its surface. The cord is made from the sinew of a Sus scrofa davidi1. Upon being “fed” 10 grams of living or non-living animal flesh (preferably human or pig), it will summon a number of either Tartarean, Dux, or Marquis-class demonic entities. Recovered by MTFs Kappa-6 (“Bargain Hunters”) and Mu-0 (“Maxwell’s Demons”) on 3/30/2018. See Incident Report 6386-126 for more details.
SCP-6386-370 A 1-meter tall marble bust of former US President George Washington. Matches no known depictions. The statue occasionally becomes animate and talks. In this state, it cannot be damaged and will repair all damage done to it. It will do so at random times or whenever a conversation about politics, government, patriotism, or US history arises. It has been described as “polite”, “open-minded”, and “nice, if a bit patriotic” by Foundation personnel. Found on 8/9/2021 by Agents Brown and Andromeda in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA after hearing reports of a talking statue. The owner claimed to get it from a garage sale and “didn’t know it did that when I got it”. All subjects administered Class-A amnestics.

Addendum 6386.3:
On 5/27/2020 Site Director ████████ Brown was visited by SCP-6386-A on his way to his car from buying a plastic foldable table for a yard sale scheduled to happen on 5/30/2018. The interaction is documented below. Video evidence was confiscated by the Foundation and all security personnel were amnesticized.

Interviewed: SCP-6386-A

Interviewer: Site Director Brown

<Begin Log, 15:24 >

[SCP-6386-A manifests 10 meters behind Director Brown]

SCP 6386-A: Hey ████████, wait up!

[Director Brown turns around and sees SCP-6386-A]

Dir. Brown: Do I know you?

SCP-6386-A: No. I have something for you though.

Dir. Brown: Who are you?

SCP-6386-A: Oh, just a messenger and a friendly protector.

Dir. Brown: Bu—

SCP-6386-A: If you keep asking questions like this, you're never going to get anywhere in life. Anyway, this is for you. [He puts his hand behind his back again and pulls out an item. Director Brown’s Hume Detector showed large fluctuations around this time.] You guys have been great at finding my objects so when I saw you were having a garage sale AND it was my thousandth item, I just had to give it to you.

[SCP-6386-A hands Director Brown a blank DVD case.]

SCP-6386-A: Welp, I got a game of Buul with Ixcacoa. Gotta run!

[SCP-6386-A takes a step back and demanifests]

Dir. Brown: What the hell?

<End Log, 15:33>

Closing Statement: Afterwards, SCP-6386-XXX instances expanded beyond garage sales to similar events such as:
- Auctions
- Thrift Stores
- Antique Stores
- Used Car Lots
- Marshall, Carter, & Dark Events
- Raffles

Document 6386.1:


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