Material appended to this file describes an emergent situation related to the following database entries: SCP-5382, SCP-5054-EX, SCP-001. Personnel are encouraged to familiarize themselves with any combination of said entries, for background and context, before proceeding.

— Dr. Daniel ███████, Director, ETTRA

Item#: SCP-6382
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Special Containment Procedures: No attempt will be made to contain SCP-6382..Flor Galana-class objects are ethically or logistically difficult to contain, yet aid with the containment of other anomalies (and/or themselves). He has been granted Provisional Security Clearance Level 3 and free access to Research and Containment Site-43, and is to be considered expert-at-large for all anomalies associated with GoI-5054 (the giftschreiber).

Description: SCP-6382 is the former PoI-382, thaumaturge and linguamancer Thilo Zwist. Born in Austria in the year 1622, he was apprenticed into a protomemeticist society known as the schriftsteller at an early age and taught to employ words and symbols to produce a wide variety of anomalous effects, the earliest known origin of memetics. The schriftsteller were massaced by Bavarian general Franz Freiherr von Mercy at the Battle of Herbsthausen in 1645; Zwist alone escaped. In addition to his suite of practical memetic abilities, he is also capable of making thaumaturgic interventions and alterations in the noosphere during moments of intense emotional trauma or investment. For example, after witnessing the destruction of his order he inadvertently embedded a potentially terminal and viral semantic effect in all Germanic languages which remains active to the present day, against his expressed desires. His long-term efforts to redress this wrong led to Foundation researcher V.L. Scout discovering his activities and seeking him out, leading over time to a tentative alliance.

Addendum 6382-1, Operation FIREBREAK: A digest of materials relating to Operation FIREBREAK has been appended to this file by order of the Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority (ETTRA).

This material is protected by a Yeats-Lillihammer Memetic Discouragement Agent. Further countermemetic inoculation is recommended where indicated.

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