Fig 1.1: Digital recreation of the rune string present on SCP-6372's outside.

Item №: SCP-6372

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The star system in which SCP-6372 is located within must remain closed off from public access under the guise of a highly unstable reality, caused by prior en masse testing of Lang Distortion Drives. All civilians entering through are to be detained, amnesticized, and released as per standard protocol.

Provisional Site-6372 has been established at the top of SCP-6372 for further research. Finding a viable way of entry into the structure and deciphering the symbols it bears should be considered an utmost priority.

Description: SCP-6372 is a massive1 stone monolith, located on the surface of BU-45996-V2 and piercing into its exosphere. It is solely constructed from a currently unidentified smooth, black, and seemingly indestructible material.

Despite this, engravings with, as of yet, untranslated runes regularly appear on its surface. As of writing, these runes do not correlate to any language known by humanity, the Martians, the taronyu, or otherwise, as depicted in Fig 1.1. Foundation empaths and telepaths claim the symbols emanate a "worried feeling of abandonment." The exact meaning of this and the translation of the symbols discovered are still being compiled by Provisional Site-6372 personnel.

Although SCP-6372 bears no points of entry, a Foundation scan revealed the structure to be hollow inside after just 10 meters of wall depth, forming approximately 9 959 km3 of emptiness within. What — if anything — resides there currently remains unknown. From inside, the monolith itself constantly exudes a notable buzzing sound — whether this is caused by some unidentified property of the stone it was built with or is made by additional anomalous phenomena within the structure itself remains under investigation.

A clarification for my colleagues: it is not just the sound of "buzzing" that has piqued our interests. We are aware of multiple materials that emanate similar sounds — this, in and of itself, is no different.

While the document is not technically incorrect, it severely lacks specificity and context. Beyond the aptly put "buzzing" are faint echos, reminiscent of undecipherable whispers. Myself and many others have heard it during our research. Further deeper the sounds are louder — almost as if a loud drum was being played somewhere inside. Really, there is a certain rhythm within SCP-6372; and its songs are what truly intrigue us.

Whatever it may be — we must know the truth.

Dr. Stephen, SCP-6372 Research Team Lead

SCP-6372 has been, thus far, entirely resistant to every type of damage the Foundation attempted to inflict on it, anomalous or not. This property seems to also extend to immunity to weather patterns and standard physical forces that should affect the structure.3 This trait has ensured that any approximation of the structure's age, research into its exact composition, or further analysis of its characteristics remains impossible by current means.

The only thing that can be extrapolated about SCP-6372 from currently available data is the fact that it is not native to the planet it is located on.

Addendum 6372-1: SCP-6372 Entry Attempts

Following extensive study regarding SCP-6372, Provisional Site-6372 personnel have come to the conclusion that further research and understanding of the structure's purpose is entirely unfeasible without gaining entry inside it.

As such, the usage of direct force in hopes of achieving this has been authorized by Overwatch Command. Additionally, an official request for the deployment of a linguopath4 to SCP-6372 was put forward. The request was later approved, but the expected arrival time for the aforementioned asset was determined for the next decade due to project overload.

In the meantime, entry testing officially began for SCP-6372. Attached below is the log of Foundation attempts to breach the structure via the utilization of technology shipped to Provisional Site-6372 by supply spaceships.

Test Number Technique Utilized Results
#1 Standard diamond drill No effect. Item broke upon prolonged contact with SCP-6372's surface.
#3 Nuclear-powered Deep-space Mining Satelite (NDMS), operating from BU-45996-V's orbit The device operated non-stop for a week until its power supply had run out; whilst the part of SCP-6372 it was targeted at did not break, its surface temperature has increased by 0.0002°C.
#10 Standard Deep-space Mining Explosive (SDME) Upon exploding, the asset ionized the entirety of BU-45996-V's atmosphere around the part of SCP-6372 it was focused on. The structure itself yielded no damage.
#12 Thaumaturgy Numerous thaumaturgic rituals ranging from alchemical mass exchange through focused rays of energy to attempted ripping of the material from the inside out were attempted by shipped Thaumaturgy Department personnel. All of them have invariably failed — research staff have concluded that the material SCP-6372 is composed of is a perfect thaumaturgic isolator.
#14 Nuclear bombardment A nuclear missile was detonated at the bottom of SCP-6372. Following the dissolvement of the mushroom cloud that was formed during the explosion, research staff determined the blast peeled away 1 μm of SCP-6372's shell in the radius of the blast. Although this was noted to have indeed damaged the structure, further testing with this method has been deemed impossible, as total forced entry into SCP-6372 would require the usage of approximately 10 000 000 warheads, should identical blasts deal the same amount of damage to the walls.
#21 Entry via the usage of a Bifrost Engine-powered ship5 Following the activation of the engine, SCP-6372 still persisted within the zero-reality space, still present, not allowing for the ship to bypass it; the exact meaning of this remains unclear.
#26 Localized total reality breakdown, as initially utilized by Lang Distortion Drives Pieces of technology previously used within the LDD were targeted at the part of local reality that was the walls of SCP-6372, removing the concept of baseline laws of physics from it to allow destruction attempts. Despite this, SCP-6372 remained indifferent, suggesting it adheres to different laws of physics that the ones present in baseline reality.
[Following the failure of all the above methods, the request for utilizing anomalies in the process of attempted entry into SCP-6372 has now been officially approved]
#35 SCP-37946 SCP-6372 was struck once using SCP-3794. However, it remained unaffected by the weapon's anomalous effect, suggesting it is entirely non-biological in composition.
#50 SCP-2977 Although SCP-6372's surface temperature increased significantly as a result of the application of SCP-297 at its highest setting, no other structural changes were observed. SCP-297 eventually broke after 3 hours of continuous use, and has since been reclassified as Neutralized.
#61 SCP-0638 SCP-063 was applied to the base of SCP-6372, removing all dust and foreign particles present on its surface. No damage to SCP-6372 was observed. Further testing with SCP-063 has been put on hold indefinitely due to concerns over the possibility of its unintentional neutralization.
#68 SCP-61619

Addendum 6372-2: Provisional Site-6372 Exploration

Shortly after the commencement of the most recent test entry, all contact with Provisional Site-6372 was abruptly lost. For this reason, the results of the aforementioned test remain unknown. A fleet of recovery ships was promptly sent to investigate and ascertain the status of Provisional Site-6372.

Upon arrival, the Foundation came to find the Provisional Site having been destroyed entirely. Its structure had seemingly melted, and all on-site personnel were reduced to skeletons. Their suits and apparatus were likewise rendered unusable.

Following further examination, SCP-6372 was verified to have been breached. A small, several centimeter opening was found at the northern-most face, roughly 1.25 m above ground-level. A single broken knife handle was found nearby, with additional skeletons surrounding it and the opening. Personnel peering into the structure from the opening reported it being empty, and that it appeared to be composed entirely out of cake from the inside.

On the southern and opposite side of SCP-6372, another larger breach was also discovered. Cake material scattered several kilometers away from the opening indicates that a sudden large explosion was the cause of the breach. SCP-6372 was also noted to have been silent for the first time since its discovery.

Despite the apparent loss of all data stored at Provisional Site-6372, the unsealing of its Exclusionary Deepwell Archives revealed a record of all data transfers into and out of the Site. Among standard project files previously submitted to the inter-Foundation SCiPNET databases, a single edit request was found that had not received authorization.

The edit request in question was submitted by the account of Samantha Baker,10 containing a singular sentence with a message titled "SCP-6372 Translation". Its exact meaning — and importance to SCP-6372 and the Site's fate, if applicable — remains unknown. It is attached below.

This is not a place of honor.

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