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Item #: SCP-6367

Object Class: Safe


SCP-6367 several minutes before Agent Wattison interacted with it.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6367 sits at -30.36683, 45.81011 along the northwestern region of Algeria, Africa. It is desolate, guarded by the sole member of MTF Epsilon 98 ("Sun Watcher"). No further containment procedures have been deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-6367 is a single wooden chair, sat in the Grand Erg Occidental region of Algeria. It is unknown who placed SCP-6367 there, or what purpose it is intended for.

The chair itself does not exhibit any outward anomalous effects. However, all attempts made by Foundation personnel in interacting with the object have been unsuccessful as SCP-6367 remains in-use by Agent Parker Wattison, who has sat there since its discovery. When inquired, Agent Wattison has confirmed that SCP-6367 is, in fact, anomalous, and has since refused further elaboration on the subject. It is unknown how Agent Wattison acquired this knowledge, nor his reasonings for withholding information from Foundation personnel.

Preliminary Interview: After SCP-6367's discovery, and the claims by Agent Wattison that the object was anomalous after sitting on it, the following was conducted by Researcher Niles Gustom to ascertain further information on the potential anomaly.


Wattison: Oh yeah, this chair definitely has something funky going on with it.

Gustom: Funky?

Wattison: Yeah.

Gustom: Like?

Wattison: It's just really comfortable.

Gustom: What? I'm sorry but I don't think I get what you mean.

Wattison: It's exactly like I told you — this chair is not normal.

Gustom: How so…?

Wattison: I'm not going to be able to get up after this.

Gustom: Oh. So you're… like, stuck there?

Wattison: No.

Gustom: [Scoffing] "No?"

Wattison: It doesn't really feel like I'm stuck.

Gustom: So can you sit up or anything?

Wattison: If I tried, maybe.

Gustom: Then what's stopping you from getting up?

Wattison: The fact that there's something funky going on with this chair.


Addendum 1: Concluding the events in the Preliminary Interview, Agent Wattison has yet to remove himself from SCP-6367 after one week. Further conversations with the agent have revealed the following:

  1. Agent Wattison is not being restrained by any physical, metaphysical, or magical objects.
  2. No discomfort has been reported by the agent despite sitting on SCP-6367 for an extended period of time.
  3. The agent has no interest in moving from SCP-6367 since the Preliminary Interview.
  4. No behavioral changes have been reported by Foundation therapists in regards to Agent Wattison, with anomalous screening also remaining inconclusive.

Attempts to remove Agent Wattison from SCP-6367 remain underway. Referenced below is the current list of actions undertaken by on-site containment teams in removing the agent, followed by their results thus far:
Actions Results
Agent Jackie Robertson formally requested Agent Wattison to step away from SCP-6367. No results.
Agent Robertson, Doctor Howard Rains, and Researcher Travis Lapid all attempted to forcibly remove Agent Wattison from SCP-6367. Attempt unsuccessful. Agent Wattison did not move from SCP-6367 whatsoever.
Disciplinary action, up to and including termination, was threatened to Agent Wattison for interfering with further investigation of SCP-6367. No results. Agent Wattison has little regard for his position at the Foundation.
An additional two weeks paid time off was offered to Agent Wattison in return for him vacating SCP-6367. Offer was rejected in favor of remaining on SCP-6367.
A video of Agent Wattison's family formally requesting that he returned home from SCP-6367 was played. Agent Wattison requested the arrival of Foundation lawyers to initiate the divorce of his wife. Still no movement from SCP-6367.
Ontokinetic anomalies attempted to displace Agent Wattison from SCP-6367. All attempts unsuccessful.
1 AMT bulldozer was brought to SCP-6367's containment site to physically remove Agent Wattison from the object. All attempts were again unsuccessful, with neither SCP-6367 or Agent Wattison moving from their position. The bulldozer used was later sent for repair after a large dent was discovered near the front where it had engaged with SCP-6367 and Agent Wattison.
Agent Wattison was asked what the Foundation could offer in return for his compliance in leaving SCP-6367. Refer to Addendum 2.

Addendum 2: Following Addendum 1, Agent Wattison was asked by Foundation personnel if he could be convinced to remove himself from SCP-6367. After further conversations, Agent Wattison stated that the only way he would remove himself was if Foundation personnel could complete the following:

Using time-altering anomalous phenomena, personnel would retrieve another Agent Wattison from an alternate timeline and have him convince the agent to leave SCP-6367 permanently.

Foundation agents agreed to Wattison's demands, and began the preparations for retrieving another Agent Wattison. This task would eventually be completed by Site-01's Δt, who would then dispatch the alternate Agent Wattison (hereby referred to as Agent Wattison-2) to SCP-6367.

Upon arriving, an interaction between the two agents was recorded.


Wattison-2: Hello, me.

Wattison: Hi, me.

Wattison-2: What are you doing on that chair?

Wattison: What do you mean?

Wattison-2: I mean… like, isn't it kind of weird that you're just going to sit there? And do nothing?

Wattison: No. Not really.

Wattison-2: Oh, and why not?

Wattison: Because. Besides, have you tried sitting on this chair?

Wattison-2: I can't — not with you sitting there.

Wattison: That can be changed.

Wattison-2: Well, yeah, but I mean… why? What's so special about it?

Agent Wattison stands from the chair.

Wattison: Come and find out.

Wattison-2: Oh. Well, okay then. Fine.

Agent Wattison steps aside from SCP-6367 and Agent Wattison-2 takes his place, sitting down on the chair.



Wattison-2: Oh.

Agent Wattison walks away from SCP-6367.


Agent Wattison has since departed to Wattison-2's reality, under the approval of Δt. Agent Wattison-2 has likewise remained on SCP-6367 — refusing any and all attempts made by Foundation personnel in removing him from his position.

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