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Item#: 6366
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-225 Dr. Edward Irkiv Dr. Nile Brackish N/A





Special Containment Procedures
SCP-6366-1 is to be contained in a large aviary in the wildlife containment wing of Site-225, designed to resemble the natural habitat of a shoebill stork's.Balaeniceps rex. SCP-6366-1 is to be fed on a daily basis, presented with a diet of nile tilapia.Oreochromis niloticus meat, senegal bichir.Polypterus senegalus meat, and walking catfish.Clarias batrachus meat. Any amenities requested by SCP-6366-1 are to be provided to it on a case-by-case basis.

SCP-6366-2 is to be held in a 760-liter freshwater fish tank in the wildlife containment wing of Site-225, with live plants and several hiding places. SCP-6366-2 should be fed a diet of live tubifex worms.Tubifex tubifex, and Hikari brand carnivore pellets daily. Any amenities requested by SCP-6366-2 are to be provided to it on a case-by-case basis.

SCP-6366-1 and SCP-6366-2 should both be escorted to an enrichment cell daily and should be allowed to interact for approximately two hours.

SCP-6366 is the designation given to two linked entities. SCP-6366-1 is a male member of the shoebill stork species. SCP-6366-1 is approximately 1.6 meters in height, with a wingspan of 2.5 meters. SCP-6366-1 is sapient and is capable of speech.

SCP-6366-2 is a male member of the senegal bichir species. measuring approximately 0.3 meters in length. SCP-6366-2 is sapient and is capable of speech. SCP-6366-2 is also capable of staying moist outside of water for extended periods of time through anomalous means.

If SCP-6366-1 and SCP-6366-2 are not within three meters of each other once every 24 hours, SCP-6366-1 and SCP-6366-2 will begin being pulled towards each other by an anomalous force. This force will pull the entities through solid objects. However, this will not cause any damage to the entities themselves. Once the two entities are within three meters of each other, the anomalous force will disperse, and the entities will be allowed to move independently once again.

Addendum 6366.01 Interview 6366-1
Following the initial containment of SCP-6366-1 and SCP-6366-2, an interview was conducted with the entities to ascertain a possible origin of the anomalous properties they possess.

Following the interview, both entities were escorted to their containment cells. Upon being separated, both entities expressed panic, until they were notified that they would see each other daily, upon which the entities calmed down.

Addendum 6366.02: Incident 6366-1
On 9/25/2021, Site-225 experienced a site-wide containment breach, caused by SCP-████. During the containment breach, both SCP-6366-1 and SCP-6366-2's containment cells were compromised, and the doors to the cells were opened. The following set of events were recorded via security cameras and have been logged below.

Following these events, Dr. Munn arrived at the scene and brought SCP-6773 to the wildlife medical ward, where she conducted several medical procedures on SCP-6773, saving its life. Dr. Munn also discovered an unconscious SCP-6366-2 inside SCP-6773's digestive system. SCP-6366-2 was saved through a surgical procedure, which both SCP-6773 and SCP-6366-2 survived. Once the containment breach ended, SCP-6366-1 was reunited with SCP-6366-2, and the two entities rejoiced. On 9/30/2021, SCP-6366-1 was awarded the Foundation Star for aiding in the recontainment of SCP-6773.

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