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Item#: 6363
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Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AIC NN-SN65KB has been programed to monitor social media sites and delete any instances of SCP-6363 it discovers. Any individuals unable to pass a memetic hazard resistance test above 90% are not permitted access to this file.

Description: SCP-6363 refers to a series of images estimated to be Class-IV memetic hazards. When viewed, these images cause a compulsion effect forcing the viewer to share the image with others, typically through the use of an internet or by showing digital photographs to nearby subjects. It is currently unknown how many instances of SCP-6363 are currently in circulation, but it is estimated that over 50% of the global population has been exposed to an instance of SCP-6363 at some point.

Numerous tests have been conducted to determine whether SCP-6363 has any other anomalous properties, but no conclusive results have been found outside the compulsion to share, and a mildly humorous response. While it is possible the humor response is a natural reaction to the image, the generally nonsensical nature of SCP-6363 has lead senior staff to the conclusion that this is connected to the main compulsion effect.

Although the purpose of SCP-6363 is unknown, the extremely powerful memetic effect has lead the O5 council to believe it may have been created for malicious purposes. As such, knowledge pertaining to SCP-6363 has been restricted to Level 5/6363 clearance until further notice.

Update: On 06/17/2021, a vote was held by the O5 council to approve the use of amnestic treatment for Foundation staff members exposed to SCP-6363. A transcript of this meeting as been recorded below.


O5-1: Alright everyone, I trust you're all aware of the gravity of this situation. SCP-6363 has been spreading into our staff members uncontrollably, and seven has proposed the use of amnestics to stamp it out.

O5-7: This plan currently only includes our staff, we don't have the resources to get SCP-6363 out of four billion people.

O5-1: Of course it will also be performed alongside our current memetic resistance training. It'll be expensive doing both, but we can't just let SCP-6363 take everyone outside this council. Who knows what nefarious mind is behind this.

O5-7: Or what they want from us. I mean, look at this.

O5-7 presents an instance of SCP-6363 on a slideshow. The image depicts a polar bear emerging from a hole in the ice, with the caption "bonjour".

O5-7: Based on the depiction of a large predator preparing to attack the viewer, I think it's clear that this was intended as a sign of aggression. We need to-

O5-9: What the ████ are you guys doing?

O5-1: Excuse me?

O5-9: I've been on vacation for like, a week, and suddenly you boomers are calling memes an anomaly?

O5-1: Nine, need I remind you just who you're talking to?

O5-9: We're the same rank, One. Look, I get that it's hard for someone born in the eighteen eighties to understand what the kids are into these days, but I never thought you'd go this far.

O5-2: Security! O5-9 must be infected with SCP-6363!

O5-9: What? It's not an anomaly, it's just a thing people do for fun on the internet.

O5-1: Fun? Since when is sending random pictures with nonsensical captions considered fun? Although you raise a good point about that internet thing, I've always had a hunch it was just a front for something paranormal.

O5-9: Jesus Christ.

O5-13: Yes?

O5-7: I don't know what you're on about Nine, but I think it's clear you've been missing your memetic resistance training.

O5-9: Look, I can prove this is all fake. Here, look at this picture.

O5-9 shows the council his cellular phone, displaying an instance of SCP-6363. Luckily, the memetic resistance of all other members of the council protect them from the anomalous effects.

O5-2: Security!


Following this meeting, the council voted 12-1 to enact a mass amnesticization of all Foundation staff members exposed to SCP-6363. O5-9 has been forcibly placed under quarantine to prevent any future attempted infections of the council.

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