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Item #: SCP-6343

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6343's containment cell is to be monitored by one guard at all times. Changes in the behavior of SCP-6343 are to be reported to site staff.
No attempts to open or otherwise access SCP-6343 are to be made until further notice.

As of 16/2/21, SCP-6343 is considered neutralized.

Description: SCP-6343 is a large rectangular container composed of an anomalously strong form of glass and a wooden base. A small locked hatch is located on the back of SCP-6343, although all attempts to open it have failed. A metal plaque is attached to the base of SCP-6343, with the words 'The Amazing Non-Existing Beast' present on its surface.

Several objects are contained within SCP-6343:

  • A wooden chair.
  • A pair of shackles, both bolted to the floor.
  • Two metal bowls, both exhibiting signs of previously containing unidentified forms of meat and water, respectively.
  • A key, thought to be used to open the hatch on the back of SCP-6343, although this cannot be tested due to the key's currently unreachable location.

The objects within SCP-6343 are commonly moved and struck against the walls in a violent manner, and all show signs of severe damage. Notably, the shackles are in motion near the floor at most times. Noise regularly originates from SCP-6343, including muffled vocalizations and banging on its glass walls.

Recovery: SCP-6343 was recovered in a recently-abandoned pawn shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A note was found taped onto the object's exterior, which read as follows:

Not sure how the hell this thing works, but it's been 
going apeshit since I dropped the key in yesterday. 
No wonder that guy was in such a hurry to get rid of it. 

For some reason the door-thingy locked itself automatically. 
Could you call someone to get it open?


The following is a log of all reported behavior of SCP-6343 during its period of containment:

11/2/21 Object is first contained.
11/2/21 Muffled yelling, banging on glass. Noises cease at 11:37 PM.
12/2/21 Previous day's behavior resumes. Metal bowls are interacted with; food waste and water droplets within the bowls appear to de-manifest via unknown means. All behavior ceases at 10:49 PM.
13/2/21 Previous day's behavior resumes. Objects now being violently thrown and struck against walls. Behavior ceases at 8:21 PM.
14/2/21 Behavior resumes, with much less frequency. Vocalizations are reported to sound much less aggressive in tone. Ceases at 5:44 PM.
15/2/21 Behavior resumes later than normal, now exclusively consists of infrequent moaning. Ceases at 1:30 PM.
16/2/21 No activity until 9:29 AM, when a loud thump is heard from SCP-6343. Shackles and chair are moved from their prior position.

All anomalous activity from within SCP-6343 has ceased since 16/2/21, and the glass comprising its walls was able to be easily broken the following day. With the exception of the previously mentioned objects, nothing was found inside.

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