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Item #: SCP-6336

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Researcher Eric Colroy is to report any further changes in the behavior of SCP-6336 if they arise.

Description: SCP-6336 is the reflection of Researcher Eric Colroy. SCP-6336 is slightly out of sync with Colroy's movements, oftentimes performing the entirely wrong action. SCP-6336 has also been observed to habitually glance left and sweat profusely. These behaviors worsen the longer it is continuously monitored.

Update: On 2020/31/03, SCP-6336 displayed unprecedented behavior. While Colroy was performing his morning hygiene routine, an individual wearing an unidentified military uniform entered into view of the reflection. The man then forcefully seized SCP-6336, placing a black bag over its head and securing its wrists with cable ties, before exiting out of the view of Colroy's bathroom mirror with SCP-6336.

SCP-6336 did not reappear until two weeks later. Upon reappearance, medical gauze was wrapped around the top of its head, bearing circular stains of blood along its scalp line.

Otherwise, SCP-6336 is now perfectly in sync with Colroy's movements.

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