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Item #: SCP-6331

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Mu-5 ("Secret Shoppers") is tasked with monitoring the Lynchburg, Virginia and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas for further appearances of SCP-6331. All recovered containers are to be kept in Safe Storage at Site-22.

Update 09/10/2018: SCP-6331-A is to be held in a low-security humanoid containment cell. Subject is considered non-threatening and should be treated cordially to maintain tractability.

The vehicle driven by SCP-6331-A has been placed in Anomalous Vehicle Storage. The instance of SCP-6331-1 printed on it is to be interviewed at the research team's earliest opportunity.

Containers of SCP-6331-2 are housed in the same storage facility as SCP-6331. Usage of SCP-6331-2 by personnel requires authorization by the Head Researcher.

Update 11/10/2018: SCP-6331-A has been transferred to a medium-security humanoid containment cell and is to be kept gagged when not being interrogated, despite physiological disparities that would suggest vocal restraint being ineffective. All personnel conducting interrogation of SCP-6331-A must wear Embol-Class cognitohazard-screening earphones.

SCP-6331-2 has been moved to a separate Safe Storage facility from SCP-6331, per Ethics Committee order to maintain the morale of SCP-6331-1.

Investigation into GoI-331 ("Soft Hands®") is ongoing.

Description: SCP-6331 refers to a pinkish water-in-oil emulsion, held in containers labelled "Smile Cream™". While none of the ingredients listed upon containers of SCP-6331 are inherently anomalous, when applied to the face, SCP-6331 induces muscle rictus over the course of the next 3 minutes. This effectively forces a user to smile, typically to a degree that impedes use of the mouth. This effect lasts for a minimum of 1 hour, but has been recorded to extend anywhere from 3 to 49 hours1. There is no apparent correlation between length of time of this effect and amount of SCP-6331 used.

When used on any other external body part, SCP-6331 produces no unusual effect, and has been described by test subjects as "oily" and "unpleasant". The sole exception to this is use on the hands, where SCP-6331 functions as an effective moisturizing lotion, protecting the skin from minor environmental damage and healing cracks over weeks of consistent use.

SCP-6331-1 is the designation for the cartoon of an anthropomorphic flower printed on each container of SCP-6331. When any number of containers of SCP-6331 are left in a room with a single subject, SCP-6331-1 will animate and begin to talk with the subject in a high-pitched voice. Conversations are typically steered towards exhorting the subject to be more happy, as well as advertising SCP-6331.

Multiple instances of SCP-6331-1 in the same room are capable of carrying on separate, simultaneous conversations, often to the detriment of intelligibility. Questioning has determined that individual instances of SCP-6331-1 function independently, but are capable of sharing memories with one another. Notably, the speech of SCP-6331-1 instances will synchronize when they are talking about SCP-6331.

SCP-6331-1 self-identifies as male and says its name is "Daisy". Individual instances refer to each other as "brothers".

Discovery and Initial Containment: SCP-6331 was first identified while being sold in Food Lion stores in and around Lynchburg, Virginia, USA after an increased number of customer complaints via the company's online and telephone contact lines. Cover Protocol 145-Ekwensu2 was enacted and MTF Mu-5 dispatched to retrieve all containers of SCP-6331 and administer amnestics to individuals who purchased it, as well as store employees.

In an interview, a store manager claimed to have no idea where SCP-6331 came from, as no shipment thereof had been logged by their receiving department. Despite this discrepancy, barcodes present on the packaging were able to be scanned appropriately via the store's electronic point-of-sale system.

Monitoring of Food Lion stores in the state of Virginia has discovered no further instances of SCP-6331 appearing on shelves.

Addendum 6331.01: Sample SCP-6331-1 Interview, 11/05/2018

Update 09/10/2018

On 09/10/2018, Foundation agents tracking SCP-████ activity in the Minneapolis metro area alerted Site-22 command about a possible SCP-6331 containment breach.

A delivery van bearing an image of SCP-6331-1 on the side was spotted by numerous civilians driving aimlessly through the city streets. A real-time disinformation campaign was started in earnest to get ahead of social media posting, while MTF Kappa-90 ("Bastard Cops") was deployed to apprehend the vehicle and driver.

The driver, designated SCP-6331-A, was unexpectedly cooperative with MTF agents, stating it had been attempting to locate a Foundation Site without success for over a week. Agents guided the entity to a Foundation safehouse, whereupon it and its vehicle were taken into custody.

SCP-6331-A is a humanoid, 1.7 meters tall, fair-skinned and with a thin build, wearing a uniform consisting of overalls, boots, t-shirt and ball cap, the latter two bearing an image of SCP-6331-15 The entity's most notable feature is the smooth plane of skin present where its facial features should be. Despite lacking eyes, ears, nose and mouth, the entity is capable of sight, hearing, speech and olfaction. It has stated it "no longer" needs to eat.

SCP-6331-A's arms terminate just below the wrist, with smooth, rounded skin covering the ends. Again, despite this deformity, SCP-6331-A demonstrates considerably more ease manipulating objects than would be expected from a baseline amputee or individual with congenital limb defects.

The van being driven by SCP-6331-A contained 35 cases of a variation of SCP-6331, termed SCP-6331-2, with a similar ingredient list and near identical chemical properties. Of note, the phrase "New And Improved!" features prominently on the packaging.

SCP-6331-2 lacks SCP-6331's muscular rigor effect, and instead causes the mouth to form into a slight smile while the face is relaxed. This effect lasts upwards of 8 hours per application. The cream has been described as "fragrant" and "pleasant to use".

Instances of SCP-6331-1 printed on these containers and on the van have been noted to be significantly less animated and conversant than previous instances, displaying simple, repetitive movements and vocalizations limited to advertising SCP-6331-2.

Addendum 6331.02: SCP-6331-A Initial Interview

Addendum 6331.03: Incident 6331.04

A second interview was conducted with SCP-6331-A on 11/10/2018 under the same circumstances as the previous one. Dr. Sanborn was directed to ask the subject about its place of employment, and gain any information about how to locate or contact either "Happy Faces" or "Soft Hands".

The subject again proved cooperative. However, when providing the group's address, SCP-6331-A produced an audio cognitohazard which immediately incapacitated Dr. Sanborn, Dr. Maimone and JR Barnard. SCP-6331-A reacted with distress, confusion and numerous apologies.

Security personnel were stationed outside the interview room, due to SCP-6331-A being assessed as a low threat risk, and so were able to respond quickly to the event. Standard vocal suppression techniques were utilized and proved effective despite SCP-6331-A's lack of mouth.

Medical personnel were brought in and able to stabilize all three researchers in short order. Drs. Sanborn and Maimone had lost their hands at the wrists, with an appearance similar to that of SCP-6331-A's arms. JR Barnard was affected less severely, as he had returned from a restroom break in the middle of the cognitohazard being spoken. His hands have atrophied, possessing a gangrenous outward appearance.

Attempts to repair damage and restore blood flow to JR Barnard's hands have made minimal progress but are still ongoing. Analysis of Drs. Sanborn and Maimone revealed that their DNA had been altered in such a way as to remove genetic markers for development of hands and digits, as well as the muscular and vascular structures required to support appendages at the end of the forearm.

In a followup interview conducted by Dr. Mulvaney, SCP-6331-A stated that it was "just trying to help", that it "had no idea" the effects would occur, and that it was "extremely sorry for hurting anyone". At this point, the Foundation's true nature was revealed to the subject, who accepted increased containment strictures as a justified punishment for its actions. Containment procedures were updated.

Addendum 6331.04: Post-Incident 6331.04 Interview

Addendum 6331.05: First Interview with SCP-6331-1.2, 12/10/2018

Addendum 6331.06: Incident 6331.05, 18/10/2018

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