Item#: 6330
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A recovered SCP-6330-1 instance.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
N/A N/A N/A MTF Iota-12 ‘Lucid Dreamers’

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-6330, physical containment is not currently possible. Funding should be supplied to companies encouraging the sale and purchase of baby monitor cameras, in an attempt to detect and witness SCP-6330 ‘Sleepwalker’ Events.

Should reports of a Sleepwalker Event circulate, Mobile Task Force Iota-12 ‘Lucid Dreamers’ are tasked with investigation and suppression of public media circulation or news reports regarding SCP-6330. All civilians who view SCP-6330-1 or SCP-6330-2 instances are to be immediately administered Class-A amnestics.

At any time, one (1) SCP-6330-1 should be held within a small item locker in the site nearest to its recovery (current study instance kept at Site-44). The instance should be examined weekly and any changes, reported to the nearest Level-3 researcher. SCP-6330-1 that are affected by Sleepwalker Events are to be left in the possession of the family they were discovered with, as no anomalous activity has ever been recorded following an Event.1 Families in possession of SCP-6330-1 should be monitored in case of further activity.

Description: SCP-6330 is a phenomenon affecting stuffed animals worldwide, though is most common in teddy bears. Manifestation of this phenomenon is referred to as a Sleepwalker Event.

Sleepwalker Events occur only within the households of families with young children, typically between the ages of 1 to 14. Events begin by the manifestation of entities referred to as SCP-6330-2. These creatures typically blend with shadows (though this mechanism is poorly understood) and somewhat resemble creatures associated with fantasy, such as dragons or ogres, and always manifest beneath a child’s bed. SCP-6330-2 instances depict behaviour indicating that they intend to hunt or prey upon the sleeping child. SCP-6330-1 are stuffed animals already present in a child’s room, that seem to be non-anomalous prior to SCP-6330-2 manifestations.

SCP-6330-1 have been shown to instantaneously manifest small wooden medieval2 weaponry in order to combat SCP-6330-2, and assumably to protect the child. Battles have been shown to last upwards of 20 minutes, and are always near silent. In all most observed cases, SCP-6330-1 have emerged victorious,3 though are severely ‘wounded’ during the skirmish. Torn wool and stuffing are common, and following all known events, SCP-6330-1 have ‘died’ due to their injuries. Prior to ‘death’, the instance will drag the SCP-6330-2’s corpse back under the bed frame and demanifest.

It will emerge a short while later, and attempt to climb the bed. The SCP-6330-1 will then embrace its child and ‘pass away’.

Addendum 6330.1: Test Logs
Due to SCP-6330 incidents being generally random and irregular, a total of one controlled test has taken place. The following is a log of the events.

Upon conclusion of this test, MTF Iota-12 carried out heavy investigation of the bed. The SCP-6330-2’s corpse was not discovered beneath the bed frame, though trace amounts of the aforementioned black substance was present. Samples taken reveal it to be composed of raw haemoglobin and water, though its viscous nature and other physical properties do not support the discovery.

The SCP-6330-1 instance was removed and placed in secure storage. It has to date shown no further anomalous properties.

Addendum 6330.2:
Following a Sleepwalker Event taking place on 07/07/2001, a news headline with the title:

Young Boy Reported Missing from Family Home in Portland

Was circulated on mass among citizens of Portland, OR. Upon investigators’ arrival at the scene, it was discovered that the young boy’s room had large trails of viscous black liquid streaking the walls. Investigators soon requested Foundation intervention, at which point, MTF Iota-12 were dispatched. Testing confirmed the substance to be that commonly associated with SCP-6330-2, and Iota-12 requested permission to carry out full investigation of the Event. This request was approved by Overseer command.

The following file was written by MTF Iota-12 personally. I recommend all informal comments should be ignored. ~ Director Woods.

BREAKING: Portland Boy Found!

2 days after the Sleepwalker Event, the child was rediscovered, unconscious behind a hedge in the family’s garden. A brief interview revealed that the child witnessed the final minutes of this Event. He claimed “My orca was fighting a big monster, and then the monster grabbed me and took me out the window but someone saw it6 so it dropped me and I hid in the bush”. A second interview revealed no other discoveries, but the child claimed “the monster ate his socks”.

It is unknown what the SCP-6330-2’s intentions were, had it been able to escape with the child. All involved were amnesticised and a cover story was fabricated, with Iota-12 encouraging parents in the local area to purchase video surveillance cameras.

Addendum 6330.3:
On 19/11/2008, a call was filed to local authorities by a family in Cambridge, England. They claimed to have discovered footage of a Sleepwalker Event within their son’s room. Mobile Task Force Iota-12 ‘Lucid Dreamers’ were dispatched to investigate. The footage was seized by personnel and all members of the family were administered Class-A amnestics.

The following is a report of the investigation, written by MTF Iota-12 following the case’s conclusion.

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