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Item #: SCP-6326

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6326 is currently located in Zone-6326, a cordoned off area of woodland near the town of Aider, Washington. Zone-6326 is known to the public as a wildlife reserve for an endangered species of mushroom and is to be monitored by surveillance equipment and daily patrol of the perimeter. SCP-6326's habitat is to be monitored for the presence of other animals, particularly fish, deer, elk, and moose, with populations of the aforementioned animals kept at normal levels as to be natural food sources for SCP-6326.

Attempts by civilians of Aider to access the area are to be handled by local law enforcement. Online disinformation methods include obviously fraudulent reports of sightings, poorly edited photos claiming to depict SCP-6326, and pages debunking the existence of the anomaly. Residents of Aider are permitted to believe in the fictionalized version of SCP-6326 as a "cryptid."

Agent Ira Watts is currently undercover in Aider in order to gather information from residents about SCP-6326.

Description: SCP-6326 is a hexapedal mammal that resembles a combination of a human man and a grizzly bear. Colloquially known by locals as the "Manbear," SCP-6326 is often described as having a centaur-like build, with the upper torso, front legs and head of a bear attached to the shoulders of a white male human body. SCP-6326 moves primarily by crawling on its humanoid hands and feet, but has been observed running bipedally on occasion. It displays similar behavior to non-anomalous bears, subsisting on a diet of fish, scavenged or hunted game animals, and vegetation, and hibernates during winter months. Its humanoid body differs from a non-anomalous human in the following respects:

  • thicker epidermis with higher resistance to extreme temperatures
  • coarser body hair
  • slightly larger body proportions
  • denser bones
  • thicker and harder fingernails
  • denser muscle mass
  • various differences in sizes of internal organs

Despite its possession of a partially humanoid body, SCP-6326 displays a level of intelligence no higher than non-anomalous bears. While it uses its humanoid hands for hunting and other means of survival, SCP-6326 does not appear to have the capacity to make or use tools.


SCP-6326 as illustrated by fan club member

SCP-6326 regularly patrols a route considered to be the edge of its territory. Upon attempts to remove SCP-6326 from this area, SCP-6326 will vanish and reappear at a random location within the territory. It is noted that removal from the area is upsetting to SCP-6326, and upon reappearance it will become extremely aggressive. While aggravated, SCP-6326 has been observed punching and kicking objects with its humanoid limbs.

History: SCP-6326 came to the attention of the Foundation after a photo of the anomaly began circulating throughout online cryptozoology forums. All occurrences of the photo were deleted, as were other pieces of credible evidence. The town of Aider, nearby SCP-6326's territory, has developed a deeply integrated local culture surrounding the anomaly, with themed businesses, clubs, public artwork and a small (but not insignificant) tourism industry. Considering the success of Foundation disinformation, very few residents or visitors of the town sincerely believe SCP-6326 exists, treating it instead as a local legend.

Addendum 1: Undercover Operation

Agent Watts has been embedded in Aider's largest "Manbear" social club in order to glean information about the origins of SCP-6326. Multiple club members1 are confirmed to have seen SCP-6326.

From: i.watts@scipnet
To: m.gaiser@scipnet
Subject: Transfer from SCP-6326

Dr. Gaiser,

I am requesting an assignment transfer. I do not believe that I am an appropriate fit for this assignment. My skillset does not align with the responsibilities required of me here, and I strongly feel that this anomaly would be better served by someone with more experience with civilians. Thank you for your consideration.

Agent Ira Watts
Mobile Task Force Lambda-5

From: m.gaiser@scipnet
To: i.watts@scipnet
Subject: RE: Transfer from SCP-6326


Your request is denied. Due to the nature of your injury and how you acquired it, you are not cleared for advanced threat missions for at least several years. I understand your frustration, but this is the closest thing to field work I could get for you. Unless you want a desk job, you're stuck with the Manbear.

- Dr. Margaret Gaiser

From: i.watts@scipnet
To: m.gaiser@scipnet
Subject: RE: RE: Transfer from SCP-6326

fuck you and i hate this

Addendum 2: Interviews

Log taken from a video conference between Agent Watts and Dr. Gaiser

[Begin Log]

Gaiser: Nice to hear from you, Watts. Excited for that new intel, you sounded very enthusiastic over the phone.

Watts: Oh, I'm very enthusiastic.

[Several seconds of silence]

Gaiser: What are you wearing?

Watts: It's called merch, Gaiser. Look it up.

Gaiser: Why are you wearing Manbear merch?

Watts: Because I'm undercover. It's what Keaton Ramsey, documentary film student would do. I'm all in now. Number one Manbear fanboy, that's me.

Gaiser: Oh. I see. You're being shitty on purpose.

Watts: I don't know what you're talking about.

Gaiser: What is that hat made out of?

Watts: Papier mache, obviously.

Gaiser: Okay. I'm ignoring all this. What did that PoI have? Anything interesting?

Watts: It's all extremely interesting, if you're a real fan. Did you know it was once seen flying over Aider on Christmas Eve?

Gaiser: Maybe you should come back when you're feeling less childish.

Watts: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm being so sincere right now. I am taking my job very seriously. Do you see my hat? Only a serious man would be wearing all this. I have traversed splinter realities and fought subdimensional monsters with my bare hands, and this is essentially the same and not at all a waste of my abilities.

Gaiser: Just tell me what you found out from the old man.

Watts: He's got really hard evidence that the Manbear was sent to earth by aliens. A very grainy picture on a flip phone from 2005.

Gaiser: Is it credible? Is it actually aliens?

Watts: Totally. Why would I have any reason to doubt the world's leading Manbologist? See for yourself.

Gaiser: This is clearly a picture of something being thrown out of a helicopter.

Watts: Yeah, I know it's a fucking helicopter!

Gaiser: Watts, you better cut the attitude or I'm gonna have to write you up for insubordination.

Watts: You wouldn't.

Gaiser: Only because I'm genuinely worried you might be having a mental break.

[End Log]

Addendum 3: Informational Leak

Note: Following breach of protocol, Agent Watts was reprimanded and suspended from duty for 3 weeks. PoI-6326-3 was administered amnestics and is no longer considered a security threat.

From: m.gaiser@scipnet
To: i.watts@scipnet
Subject: You're Welcome


Good news. I spoke with Commander Conley and he agreed not to have you fired. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you're on thin ice. I pleaded mental instability following your injury, but that's not going to hold up forever so you had better be a MODEL of good behavior at your next position. You cannot pull something like this again.

That being said, I have found a new assignment for you. You'll be getting the details in a couple days. And I better not hear you complaining. Beggars can't be choosers.

I'm sure you want to know what we found out about that helicopter photo you found? It's pretty fascinating.

- Dr. Margaret Gaiser

From: i.watts@scipnet
To: m.gaiser@scipnet
Subject: RE: You're Welcome

oh my god i literally dont even care about the fucking helicopter. please just tell me my next assignment isnt going to be bullshit or i actually will lose my mind

From: m.gaiser@scipnet
To: i.watts@scipnet
Subject: RE: RE: You're Welcome


How do you feel about working with children?

- Dr. Margaret Gaiser

From: i.watts@scipnet
To: m.gaiser@scipnet
Subject: RE: RE: RE: You're Welcome

how do you feel about my 2 weeks notice

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