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Item #: SCP-6320

Object Class: Euclid1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6320 is currently contained within a 19 x 19 meter chamber built around it, located on the lowermost floor of Research Site-107. Individuals entering SCP-6320's containment chamber are to do so in standard protective attire. The chamber must be thoroughly cleaned once twice daily and no loose material left within 16 meters 25 meters 30 meters of SCP-6320.

Note: Containment procedures pending revision following Incident 6320-A.

Description: SCP-6320 is an extradimensional rift in a stone wall at the bottom of a disused copper mine in ██████, Nevada. Appearing in the shape of a mineral deposit vein, the anomaly has been described as resembling a "tear into outer space," with the interior even exhibiting a parallax effect. However, SCP-6320's behavior as a flat surface suggests this apparent depth is a visual illusion.

Any loose particulate matter (such as dirt, crumbs, dust, etc) or freestanding liquids left within a 16 meter radius of SCP-6320 gradually rearrange into a copy of SCP-6320's shape before disappearing completely. Additionally, any object or creature that comes into direct physical contact with SCP-6320 immediately disappears as well. Recording equipment that has vanished after touching the anomaly produces no footage.2

Addendum: Site-107 is currently in the first phase of expansion. Construction will incorporate present mining structures into the new building. Phase Two will oversee construction of new containment areas to house additional anomalies extradimensional in nature. Phase Two cancelled due to lack of available personnel.

From: ten.pcs|nosrac.m#ten.pcs|nosrac.m
To: ten.pcs|syah.p#ten.pcs|syah.p
Date: 7.5.19
Subject: RE: 107 Expansion

While I understand the decision to cancel 107’s expansion, I would like to remind everyone that our current safety procedures in regards to dimensional anomalies are woefully out of date. The last extensive study that I can find into recovery of objects and creatures from extradimensional spaces is dated in 1989. I believe emphasis on updating safety protocol in this area would highly benefit the Foundation as a whole, considering our volume of dimensional anomalies and the extensive danger they pose. The fewer people we lose, the more we have at our disposal.

Dr. M. Carson

Addendum 2: After anomalous movement was observed in a coffee spill roughly 4 meters outside SCP-6320's previously documented area of effect, a temporary perimeter has been established by Containment personnel and will be monitored for additional activity. Onsite personnel are strongly advised to keep work-spaces as clean and free of debris as possible, despite being outside the recorded area of effect.

From: ten.pcs|nosrac.m#ten.pcs|nosrac.m
To: ten.pcs|syah.p#ten.pcs|syah.p
Date: 7.21.19
Subject: RE: 107 Expansion

I want to make it clear that I have no issue with the eventual decommissioning of 107. Following the decision to halt expansion, downsizing is the clear choice. SCP-6320 has shown no outstanding potential for danger thus far and doesn’t warrant a 200-man crew, especially given how chronically short-staffed we have been lately. My staff could potentially be utilized elsewhere, but this brings me to my current issue. I want to keep my staff, at least for another year or two. SCP-6320 is an ideal candidate for development of the safety measures I mentioned to you previously. Aside from the recent slight expanding of its effect radius, SCP-6320 seems entirely predictable and measurable in its effects. The same cannot be said of most extradimensional anomalies. Updated safety precautions will save us manpower in the long run. We should seize the opportunity for this pursuit while people are still here. Frankly, I think it would be foolish not to.

Dr. M. Carson

Addendum 3: Cleaning regimen of SCP-6320's chamber has been altered following a series of small tremors felt in the lower floors of the facility near the anomaly. The chamber is to be cleaned twice daily, increased from once. No other changes are deemed necessary at this time.

From: ten.pcs|nosrac.m#ten.pcs|nosrac.m
To: ten.pcs|syah.p#ten.pcs|syah.p
Date: 8.28.19
Subject: RE: 107 Expansion

I'm going to be blunt. You're making a mistake. We have nearly 200 qualified people on site with what seems to be one of the least volatile dimensional anomalies we currently have in containment. We have very little to risk and very much to gain. Our safety measures with these things are so outdated that another catastrophe as bad as [EXPUNGED] is basically inevitable at this point. I know my staff could be useful elsewhere, but they could be equally as useful here. Right now. I only want one year. One year and we could save potentially thousands of lives in the event of another disaster. The Foundation wouldn't have a staff shortage in the first place if we put more effort into the safety of our personnel. We do what we do for the safety of humanity. You forget our people are human. I strongly advise you reconsider.

Dr. M. Carson


Log Date: 6 September 2019, 1:26PM
Note: The following log was taken from a telephone call between Dr. Corbin, a researcher at Site-107, and MTF Alpha-4 Dispatch, Nevada.


Dispatch: Alpha-4 dispatch,

Corbin: Hi, I know this isn’t your department at all, but I- I really didn’t know who else to call, this is one of the only phone numbers I had. I need immediate help with a- a situation? Emergency kind of situation, maybe?

Dispatch: What’s the situation?

Corbin: I’m working at Site-107 out in ██████, with SCP-6320, and I got in late today and I can’t- I can’t find the door.

Dispatch: The door?

Corbin: The- the door, I can’t find the front doors of the site. The parking lot is here, the checkpoints and everything, but- the front doors are- they’re just gone. I don’t know what’s happening. I can't get ahold of anyone. Nobody is answering their phones.

Dispatch: I’m sorry, I’m having trouble parsing what you’re-

Corbin: The site’s not here.

Dispatch: What do you mean?

Corbin: It’s- there’s this old mine-shaft entrance where the front of the building used to be, there’s nothing here. It’s totally empty inside. It’s just gone. The entire site is gone.

Dispatch: …I’m going to try and find someone who can help you.

[End Log]

Addendum 4: Containment procedures are pending revision following the disappearance of Site-107. SCP-6320’s description and location within the shaft remain unchanged. Pending reclassification to Keter. Recovery efforts are currently on hold due to lack of available personnel.

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