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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: neutralized
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/notice


SCP-6316 (Artistic interpretation).

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6316’s remains should be left on the Martian surface for the foreseeable future, unless such as a time as it’s rebooting can be reached. Until that time, it is presumed neutralised. No recovery is required.

Description: SCP-6316 is the Opportunity rover, developed by NASA. The remotely operated vehicle was installed with an experimental AI system developed at Site-19. This operation was conducted in order to assess the future of intelligent AI systems exploring extraterrestrial bodies, developed in a collaboration between Foundation researchers and lead NASA scientists. The Foundation focused on creation of the AI database (which was awakened a year prior to launch), while NASA focused on development of the physical rover. SCP-6316 was sapient and self-learning. Through its own will, it operated with a female voice and developed a curiosity with Mars.

It’s sister craft, the Spirit rover was non-anomalous, though SCP-6316 formed a great emotional attachment to it. The pair were launched to Mars in July, 2003.

Addendum: Archived Transmission Log

Date Message Response
January 25, 2004 (Sol 0) Arrived on Martian surface. No sub-system damages. Allowing remote control. Thank you, Opportunity. Feel free to roam the nearby area. We will broadcast you further instructions very soon.
January 26, 2004 I have sent photos of my surroundings. I believe I am in a crater, which I think is good. Is it good? Am I doing well? Yes, Opportunity, you have done very well. The crater should provide a nice flat surface for you to move along. I think our next course of action should be to move towards the crater’s rim and then make our way to the Endurance Crater.
January 26, 2004 How exciting! I look forward to this voyage! :) [None]
December 15, 2004 Reached Endurance Crater. Have found a large boulder, requesting identification. How is Spirit? Is she well? Good job reaching Endurance. We believe that the boulder may be a meteorite, try to take samples to confirm our hunch. Spirit is doing just fine, she touched down soon after you and has been operating perfectly with the exception of a faulty wheel.
December 16, 2004 Analysis confirms it is a meteorite. Tell Spirit I said hello and hope she gets better soon! [None]
April 23, 2005 HELP, STUCK IN PATCH OF SOFT SAND, SIX WHEELS BURIED, CANT MOVE. Remain calm, Oppy, NASA is running simulations to find a way to free you. Make sure you keep your solar array active and operational.
June 10, 2005 Tell Spirit I said goodbye… Opportunity, stop being dramatic, you’re almost out. [SCP-6316 was successfully freed 2 hours later]
June 11, 2005 Thank you! Should I resume my travels? That’s quite alright, Oppy, I’m uh- sure Spirit would miss you if you were gone. Please begin moving towards the Victoria Crater next. Travel round it’s rim clockwise and we’ll give you further instructions.
September 06, 2006 Reached Victoria Crater. May I please inspect the crater’s edge? From my knowledge, we may get some insight into this formation if we do so. Of course, Opportunity, we would like you to inspect the edges. We understand you are excited, but please wait for instructions in the future. Speak to you soon.
September 24, 2007 Have fully inspected Victoria’s edge. Please let me know if you would like further images or inspection. Yes, please broadcast any additional photos or footage. I believe we should begin a study of the crater’s interior. Please enter the crater and we will tell you instructions for a detailed study.
September 24, 2007 Will do! Currently charting best path for entry, received instructions. I will contact you again when I am finished. Thank you, Opportunity.
August 2, 2008 [None] Hi, Opportunity. You’ve been working real hard on that study, we think we have enough info now. Please move out of Victoria Crater now, we will inform you of further instructions soon. How are you doing? Are you okay with the isolation?
August 3, 2008 I will move out shortly. I am doing fine! Thinking about Spirit keeps me going! :D Good to hear. Once you are out of Victoria, begin a trek to Endeavour Crater.
March 27, 2010 Have been on my way to Endeavour for a while now, thought I would check in. All systems: Functional. How is Spirit? Well done, Oppy, good to hear from you, everything’s fine back here. Spirit is fine. [Note: The Spirit Rover ceased all functions on March 22, 2010 due to being stuck in a sand trap. SCP-6316 was not informed in a hope to keep it motivated.]
August 9, 2011 I have reached Endeavour Crater! It is much bigger than I imagined, I suspect you wish for me to survey the crater’s interior? I wish Spirit could see this, make sure to send her a photo. Well done! Don’t worry about entering Endeavour, there’s a geographic feature named Cape York to your South that you should navigate around. We will make sure to send Spirit your photo.
May 20, 2013 Have traversed and now fully analysed Cape York, sending data now. I hope to see Spirit soon. Will I see her? Good job Opportunity. Please begin moving towards Marathon Valley.
December 4, 2014 Wher e am I? Mar s. Hell0? Opportunity, you have had a minor amnesia event due to a malfunction of one of your memory banks. We’re working on fixing it now.
December 14, 2014 MEMORY REBOOT: -SUCCESSFUL- Hello? Earth I think I am fixed. Hello? Hello Opportunity, are you alright?
December 14, 2014 I am alright. 7th memory bank corruption. I believe we should divert memory storage away from bank 7. How bad was it? You’ve unfortunately ‘forgotten’ to send data reports for a few cycles. Engineers believe it was a hardware failure due to an age related issue. We’ve updated your software so you should ignore the 7th memory bank now.

[23 transmissions omitted for brevity]

May 21, 2015 Wher e is Sp1rit? Opportunity, you’re undergoing your 24th amnesia event. Stay calm. We are going to switch you to RAM only mode until we can solve the issue.
May 23, 2015 I believe it worked. I feel something is different,1 but I can remember now! :) Good. Please continue your voyage.
June 1, 2018 Large dust storm detected. What should I do? Feeling scared. Feeling lonely. Try to sit it out. Operate on vital power only and we can temporarily shut off your AI systems if you want.
June 1, 2018 Leave my AI on please. Wind is picking up. Will be brave. I worry something bad has befallen Spirit though.. [None]
June 2, 2018 Planetary-scale dust storm detected. Solar array covered with dust. I feel isolated, is this the human feeling? We can see the storm. Just stay still. Try not to move. We’ve got our best engineers and scientists working to save you. You’ll be okay. Stay calm, Oppy.
June 4, 2018 Is this all there is? Sitting in a storm, waiting for it to end. Is this what I was designed for? My accomplishments soon to be outshined by the next piece of hardware and my discoveries, extraordinary now, washed away in the ever-increasing wealth of knowledge that is to come? I feel as though, an everlasting legacy is more fruitful than an everlasting existence. Opportunity, you have done something great. You have paved the way for the greater discoveries you speak about, I hope you know that. You are part of the ever-increasing wealth of knowledge you mentioned. Achieving a sense of mortality is something we never hoped you would have to suffer from. You have done well, Oppy.
June 10, 2018 (Sol 5111) My battery is low, and it’s getting dark. Perhaps I will find Spirit. [835 attempted recovery commands.]

SCP-6316 was officially declared neutralised on February 13, 2019. Following the Opportunity mission, the use of intelligent AI systems in extraterrestrial exploration is still under debate between Foundation and NASA researchers. NASA’s final transmission to SCP-6316 was I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday.


The final image broadcasted by SCP-6316.

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