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SCP-6315, obscured behind Huka Falls; image taken on 01/06/2013.

Item #: SCP-6315

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to search sites for SCP-6315 advertisements and suppress them. Any persons of interest tied to Jetboat Sights and Adventures (JSA) and that have obtained knowledge of SCP-6315 are to be detained and interrogated. Amnestics are then to be administered based on the severity of knowledge gained from SCP-6315.

All tourist destinations that included tours of Huka Falls have been relocated under the guise of permanent maintenance. Drones and guards are to be used as surveillance to locate any trespassers entering the 430km² exclusion zone. Trespassers entering the exclusion zone are to be turned away immediately. Roads connected to the exclusion zone are to be closed and rerouted, and any tourist destinations within the exclusion zone are to be relocated.

All logs pertaining to SCP-6315 and its contents are to be logged in Addendum unavailable, please try again laterAddendum 6315-B. Due to Incident-6315, future expeditions of SCP-6315 are to be conducted using Foundation equipment, including transportation and drivers. All personnel must be armed.

Description: SCP-6315 is a spatial anomaly located within Huka Falls of Taupo, New Zealand, consisting of an approximately 3 metre diameter multiversal passageway that is obfuscated by the waterfall. The company responsible for the former operation of this dimensional passageway, JSA, utilized armed and custom made 'Jet Boats' to traverse SCP-6315.

SCP-6315 consists of three points of interest, designated SCP-6315-1 through -3 respectively. These locations have been routinely described in witness accounts collected from the tourism website TripAdvisor.

Foundation personnel are yet to enter SCP-6315 and no formal expeditions have been planned. The following are witness statements collected from said website:

The waterfall was absolutely terrifying, not only was the water crashing down on the boat, but there were pieces of wood and small rocks crashing against the armored windows as well. Only thing that made it bearable was Bennet, he was so calm and even jovial during the ordeal, cracking jokes and smiling to everybody-Thersea, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"You want the ride of your life?" I certainly got the ride of my life! When the boat went through the portal and into that stupid tall cave (TARDIS, maybe? :p), that's when I knew I was going to have the most fun I had in NZ this year! Highly recommend it for all ages! Do beware, the Creature Collection can be a little scary for toddlers out there, recommend you let Bennet know, he's very understanding about it. -Micheal, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I highly recommend that you adhere to the safety warnings with this ride. You are going to experience a lot of thrashing about, especially after the Creature Collection, where that river system throws itself for a loop back into the cave. I also recommend keeping hold on tight, they do not f**k around with the thrill part of the ride. Apart from that, I would recommend this! And if the CEO himself rides with us, that just shows how good it must be! - Theodore, ⭐⭐⭐⭐

For further information regarding SCP-6315-1 to 3, refer to Addendum unavailable, please try again laterAddendum 6315-B.


One article referencing SCP-6315, highlighting its ties to the entertainment industry; article archived 21/08/13.

Due to the public nature of SCP-6315 and its associates, the Foundation is currently investigating JSA and its subdivisions. During the investigation, multiple articles relating to JSA were discovered. All articles referenced JSA's ties to the entertainment industry, public domains, and popular figures. Further research has revealed that JSA employs approximately 200 workers across its subsidiaries, with its biggest pool of employees being JSA's Huka Falls attraction.

The Foundation has focused its efforts on investigating the validity of these articles and JSA's company stocks, history, subsidiaries, and ties to the entertainment industry. These efforts have been placed under the command of MTF Theta-14: "Stock Brokers".

Addendum: On the 11/08/2014, under the guise of an interview for a media outlet, Foundation Researcher Namid Maziar contacted the CEO of JSA, Jack Bennet, for an interview regarding systemic fraud affecting multiple companies at the time. The following is a transcript of the interview.

UPDATE 15/05/2015: Due to Incident-6315, containment procedures have been updated accordingly. MTF Theta-14 have been cooped by MTF Alpha-28: "Hunt and Capture" in efforts to track and locate CEO Jack Bennet.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Foundation have focused its efforts onto the exploration of SCP-6315, the containment of creatures from SCP-6315, and the search and detention of Jack Bennet.
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