Item#: SCP-6306
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-6306 have been properly disposed of. Dr. Wettle is to report further incidents correlating with SCP-6306, if they occur.

Description: SCP-6306 was an A4-sized sheet of paper formerly belonging to Dr. W. Wettle. It contained various 'New Year's Resolution' goals, though the exact contents of SCP-6306 have yet to be disclosed, as Dr. Wettle refused to elaborate on the written desires he planned to fulfill the coming year.

While SCP-6306 itself was non-anomalous, the circumstances surrounding its sudden neutralization.See Incident 6306-1. warranted its SCP designation. It is unknown whether the incident involving SCP-6306 was caused by an unidentified third party or SCP-6306 itself. Dr. Wettle has prohibited any further exploration into the anomalous makeup of SCP-6306 due to it being "unnecessary."

Incident 6306-1: The following is a transcription of the events immediately leading to and after SCP-6306's abrupt nullification.

Recording Log

Date: 12/31/21 - 01/01/22

Foreword: Footage taken from security cameras implemented within Dr. Wettle's office.

Footage begins.

[Dr. Wettle is seated in his office chair, skimming through SCP-6306's contents, faintly smiling. He takes a sip from his coffee mug while still holding onto SCP-6306.]

[A spark is seen on the bottom-left corner of SCP-6306 before it suddenly catches on fire..This occurs exactly on midnight. Dr. Wettle sees this and accidentally chokes on his coffee as he steps from his desk, leaving SCP-6306 resting on top and kicking away his seat as it slides across the room. Dr. Wettle appears confused.]

[Dr. Wettle swears under his breath as he notices the coffee stain on his lab coat before turning his attention to SCP-6306. He gradually approaches it before throwing it on the floor and repeatedly stomping on it. Despite this, the fire does not subside and continues spreading throughout SCP-6306. Dr. Wettle sighs, putting his hands on the back of his neck before swiftly exiting his office.]

[Five minutes later, Dr. Wettle returns with a fire extinguisher and attempts to extinguish the fire once more. He coughs and closes his eyes as excess amount of haze is released. He eventually succeeds, however, SCP-6306 is entirely disintegrated before the flames were put out. Dr. Wettle sets down the fire extinguisher off-camera.]

[A message composed of SCP-6306's ashes remains, reading: "As if you'd fulfill them anyway." Dr. Wettle stares at this for a brief moment before leaving the room to retrieve a dustpan and brush. The rest of the recording shows him silently sweeping the ash and discarding it in the trash bin.]

Footage ends.

Afterword: Dr. Wettle filed a request to take the rest of the day off. Request was accepted.

As of writing, Dr. Wettle has made no attempt to redraft his New Year's Resolution plans.

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