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SCP-6303, c. 19991

Item #: SCP-6303

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Object Type: Sapient Humanoid

Special Containment Procedures (Prior to 11/16/2003): SCP-6303 is to be confined within a standard humanoid containment chamber within the Delta-C Medium-Risk wing of Site-17. Since containment on 11/12/2003, SCP-6303 has been limited to Class 1 privileges.

Access to SCP-6303's containment chamber is not permitted unless approved by Lead Researcher Eliza. Personnel entering SCP-6303's chamber are prohibited from making direct contact unless strictly necessary.

Description: SCP-6303, formerly known as Kaleb Dowes, is a Caucasian male of European descent. Born on May 22nd, 1989, SCP-6303 was detained and brought under Foundation custody at age 12. SCP-6303 has short brown hair with dark brown eyes. It measured 70.3 kilograms and 1.7 meters tall during the last medical assessment.

SCP-6303 has the ability to manipulate the direction of an object's gravitational pull. It also has the ability to increase/decrease the force of an object's pull, with the maximum being 7G2 and minimum being 0G.

Acquisition: SCP-6303 was first located by Foundation field agents operating within the ████████ County Police Force on September 4th, 2001. SCP-6303 was attending the birthday party of a friend with several other children and parents present. Rachel Harris, mother of Sebastian Harris, called the authorities when it was reported that SCP-6303 was levitating Sebastian. Four Foundation agents arrived at the party under the guise of local police forces and apprehended SCP-6303, transporting it to Area-21 for categorization and then transferring it to Site-17.

Addendum-6303-1: Log Archives

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