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Due to repeated questions over the recent allocation of resources, all personnel in the Southern United States are required to read this document, which serves as an official announcement of the SCP-6300 project.

Item #: SCP-6300 Level 4/6300
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-6300 has currently not been built, the following containment procedures have been written in advance to be put into place once SCP-6300 is constructed.

SCP-6300 will require an active police force. This will serve two purposes, one of which is simple and general lawkeeping and protection of private property. Due to the fact that SCP-6300 is officially classed as a Foundation site, there will be sensitive information and classified anomalous material present. The second purpose of the SCP-6300 police force will therefore be to prevent citizens from accessing said material and, in the event that it is accessed, perform necessary amnesticisation procedures. This purpose will require the police force to be made up of trained Foundation operatives.

In the interests of increasing tourism and revenue for SCP-6300, the public display in the central hub of some visually interesting, low-threat level anomalies has been sanctioned by the O5 Board of Directors. In order to preserve the veil, these anomalies will be given appropriate natural explanations. Some anomalies currently scheduled for display include a colony of SCP-098, a large sampling of SCP-1006, and some SCP-111 specimens. The respective containment procedures for all displayed anomalies are to be maintained and followed as normal.

The construction and presence of SCP-6300 is projected to cause minor damage to the ecosystem and landscape within Canyonlands National Park. Legal funds will be set aside to lobby for suppression of negative media concerning SCP-6300. Models show that negative impacts to the ecosystem and landscape should disappear within 30 years.

Description: SCP-6300 is the official designation for an expansive Foundation-led urban project currently slated for construction in early 2054. Plans for SCP-6300 include high-rise residential districts, central business/tourism hub and a transport network. Additional construction and development will be planned as SCP-6300's population increases. Canyonlands National Park, Utah, has been chosen as the location for SCP-6300 due to its natural beauty and potential for tourism.

SCP-6300 was conceptualised by the O5 Board of Directors after successful smaller-scale urban planning ventures, such as the construction of a monorail transport system in San Antonio, Texas. These initiatives were a result of a larger structural reorganisation made necessary by severe financial losses as a result of the Xi'an Incident. In the years since, this reorganisation has been a resounding success, allowing the Foundation to expand to ventures beyond anomaly containment.

When fully populated, SCP-6300 is projected to have an initial population of around 3 million citizens. Continued growth models predict that this will rise to 7 million within 20 years, which would make it the second largest city by population in the United States. An official municipal title for use by the public is currently under consideration.

If successful, more cities of the same model as SCP-6300 will be constructed around the world. Current regions slated for future development include Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, Wadi Rum in Jordan, Komodo National Park in Indonesia, and the Black Forest region of Germany, each selected for similar reasons as SCP-6300.

Addendum: A notice from the Administrator.


In the coming months, we will officially break ground on SCP-6300. This is undoubtedly an exciting time. It represents the culmination of years of planning, involving thousands of important personnel. But even more than representing the end of this planning stage, it represents the beginning of a new age for the Foundation. A shining new era for all of us.

SCP-6300 is not just a new age for us as an organisation. It's a step forward for the entire world, a gift that we are graciously giving to them. It will stand tall above the Canyonlands - but not known as SCP-6300 to them. Instead, it will be christened as Manoa. Explorers spent hundreds of years searching for the lost city of gold in the Amazon, and we hope we are giving the world a place equally as glorious as those legends.

— The Administrator and the O5 Board of Directors.

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