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Item #: SCP-630

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-630 is to be kept folded in a locked steel locker at Site-69. It is to be inspected for damage and cleaned weekly. Once per month, SCP-630 is to be mounted in Site-69's auditorium and between 5 and 15 D-class exposed to it for 3 hours, or until all anomalous effects have ceased, with full video recording for later analysis. Under no circumstances are individuals with Security Clearance greater than Level 1 allowed to be on-site during a scheduled activation of SCP-630.

While active, the testing area should be completely isolated for a minimum of three hours. Camera feeds and remote recordings must be on a minimum of a five-minute delay. Adequate supplies of bottled water should be provided for affected individuals, in order to avoid dehydration or exhaustion. All testing of SCP-630 is to be recorded through both video and audio feed. All experiments are to be conducted in conjunction with members of MTF Theta-R (Tommy Tuneups).

Description: SCP-630 is a set of theater stage curtains made out of red velvet. SCP-630 appears to be physically indestructible, but can get dirty and requires regular maintenance to remove smoke residue, bloodstains, and water damage due to its effects.

When mounted upon any structure that could be construed as a stage (regardless of whether or not it is usually used for theatrical productions), SCP-630 enters an active state and will initiate a localized reality alteration should any sapient being come within ~10 meters of it. This state will persist for 150-300 minutes from the time of initiation, regardless of how many sapient beings are within range at time of cessation. Once the effect has ceased, SCP-630 will not activate for another 24 hours.1 If SCP-630 has not been used in 45 days, it will spontaneously activate regardless of its location, with an effective minimum range of 1 kilometer.

Any sapient being affected by SCP-630 will behave as if it is part of a musical theatrical performance and will spontaneously perform complex song-and-dance routines. While affected, affected individuals do not recognize this abnormal behavior as unusual, and will ignore or actively resist information to the contrary. The effect is contagious, and any individual who observes affected individuals live, whether in person or via audio or camera feed, will be similarly affected regardless of distance from SCP-630. However, recordings do not spread the effects, and an extensive collection of performances has been collected.2

While a performance is occurring, the surrounding environment will alter so as to present a more theatrically appropriate background, becoming prettier, more dramatic, or more representative of the theme of the piece being performed. This alteration includes increased luminosity in the area immediately surrounding the primary performers, topologically and structurally improbable alterations to the shape and construction of nearby structures, sudden weather changes, drastic alterations in the time of day or phase of the moon, and spontaneous sourceless musical accompaniment. Objects become optimized for use in musical performances, with clothing becoming more "thematic"3 and offering a greater freedom of movement; footwear transforming into ballet shoes, tap shoes, or soft dance shoes; alarms becoming melodic and incorporating into any music playing; and any rhythmic sounds such as footsteps or clock tickings syncing up. Local fauna are occasionally involved, and there is one known instance of a complex 12-minute dance routine performed entirely by a collection of 50 housecats.

Although SCP-630 has no direct adverse effects on individuals while they are performing, personnel will frequently later complain of exhaustion, blistered and bruised feet, painful muscle cramps, and dehydration. Physically unfit individuals frequently collapse or faint once the reality alteration has ceased and subjects who have not received vocal training often suffer from respiratory ailments and strained vocal cords. While under the influence of SCP-630, individuals are unaware of these problems, but if enough area is available, will still drink water and take periodic rests "backstage" while others perform.

Affected performers have no regard for the appropriateness of the content of the songs they sing, and will freely express their innermost thoughts, expose embarrassing personal secrets, reveal classified information, and complain about mundanities such as mustard stains on their clothing.4

Notable Recordings:
Agent Lament on 26 September 19██:

Prof. Bjornsen on 31 March 19██:

Various D-Class on 25 December 2013:

Addendum: Janitor Scruffy consistently exhibits only minor alterations in his behavior while exposed to SCP-630, and is therefore the only person allowed to clean it. Below is an excerpt of the only thing he sings while affected:

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