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SCP-6278-1 inside the kitchen of SCP-6278. Picture taken 1959.

Item #: SCP-6278

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: 72nd Street will continue to be monitored by the Foundation. Civilians exiting SCP-6278 are to be monitored as part of the Temporal Displacement Programme, with the possibility of detention, memory alteration and relocation in cases of poor societal integration.

Following Incident 6278-2, Foundation staff are no longer able to enter SCP-6278. Alternate methods of detaining SCP-6278-1 are being considered.

Description: SCP-6278 is a diner located at 189 72nd Street, Brooklyn, NYC. The diner is identified by a large neon sign saying "Welcome to Marvin's!" across the front entrance.

SCP-6278 was first opened in 1949 by Marvin G. Morris (1921-1979), a former carpet salesman and sailor in the US Navy during the Second World War. SCP-6278 closed in 1963 due to a lack of business. No further references to SCP-6278 or 189 72nd Street exist after this point; it is omitted on all maps of the area and not mentioned in deeds of sale, city planning records or legal documents. Despite this, the diner is well-known among residents, and the Foundation has collated several oral reports about SCP-6278 stretching back as far as 1969.

The interior of SCP-6278 is reminiscent of a typical American diner of the mid-to-late 1950s. However, visitors to the diner have reported a wide variety of different views from the building's windows, as well as many patrons who reportedly "do not belong". Preliminary Foundation observations have noticed several figures wearing unusual clothing emerging from the building.


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