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An image of SCP-6271

Item #: SCP-6271

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6271 is to be kept on a table in a standard 5×5×5 meter humanoid containment room. Personnel are forbidden to do any tricks with SCP-6271, especially ones that involve spinning SCP-6271 around any finger such as the Y2K, the Zen rollover, the Helix, Behind the 8 ball, a twirl of any kind, a Chaplin of any kind, etc. Although uses of SCP-6271 that do not involve rollovers or twirls do not trigger any significant or measurable anomalous activity, personnel are prohibited from attempting them nonetheless1

Update: 2037/██/██:
SCP-6271 is to be surrounded by religious artifacts (namely catholic) to prevent activation of its anomalous effects

Description: SCP-6271 is a scimitar-type balisong constructed of crude wood, plated gold, and stainless steel.2 SCP-6271 is 18.5 centimeters tall, 2.5 centimeters wide, and weighs roughly 124 grams. SCP-6271's steel blade was sharp but has become dull with age; its dullness has made it near impossible to inflict laceration. Once subjects attempt a rollover or a twirl of any kind, SCP-6271 (the blade and handles) would change to a "sharpened" state, allowing lacerations deep enough to sever bone material. Due to the rusty nature SCP-6271 possesses, subjects are likely to contract Tetanus after the encounter. Once SCP-6271's activation requirements have subsided, it returns to its "dull" state, on average, 1.4 seconds, with little to no visual change in composition upon visual inspection.

Discovery: SCP-6271 was first discovered during 2032/██/██ in the residence of ███████ after the funeral of his sister. He witnessed his friend pick up SCP-6271 in which he flipped it causing his index finger to seemingly sever. SCP-6271 mysteriously vanished for 5 years. The witness and victim were brought to be interviewed and were promptly administered Class-A amnestics and returned to functioning society. SCP-6271 disappeared from the foundation's radar until it was discovered on a table inside SCP-████-█'s containment chamber by Dr. Zack Johnson during 2037/██/██ and was contained properly.

Addendum 6271-1: Test logs and Reports

Test Logs:


Addendum 6271-2: Interview

Interviewed: John Smith

Interviewer: Dr. Julia Ciudadela

Foreword: This interview was conducted immediately after the discovery of SCP-6271. The victim, John, was taken in to be interviewed under the cover that Dr. Julia Ciudadela, his friend which is a doctor, would heal him.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Julia: So, could you tell me what happened at that moment?

John: (Slouching) What moment?

Dr. Julia: After my cousin's funeral, when you flipped the balisong.

John: OOH! That! (Snaps fingers) so, uh, Jules wel-

Dr. Julia: (Furrowed eyebrows) John, this is not the right environment to call me that way. Please, address me formally. Right now, I am a doctor.

John: Oh sorry Doctor, (Clears throat) well what happened was, ███████ was miserable on the couch, then I saw a butterfly knife on the table and got curious you know?

Dr. Julia: (Tilts head) … When someone is grieving right in front of you?

John: Shut it… Anyway, I began flipping and it was fine until I did a Chaplin, in which my FINGER FELL OFF (Shows lack of index finger)

Dr. Julia: So is that it?

John: Yeah, That's it…

Dr. Julia: Great! Now let us get that finger fixed, shall we?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the interview has finished, Dr. Julia brought John to a room with the witness, and both were promptly administered Class-A amnestics

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