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The acquisition of sufficient and nutritious sustenance has plagued our organization — both practically and morally — since its conception.

Our pursuit of a food source capable of enabling our personnel to Securely undertake research initiatives, Contain anomalous threats, and Protect humanity has led us to be complacent in unethical and unsustainable farming practices — and resulted in a noticeable dietary absence of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2.

We have done this because there was no other choice.

This is no longer the case; from this day forward, our Foundation will no longer supply innocent souls with processed, artificial, high-fructose foodstuffs in the dark — their food pyramids will remain balanced in the light.

We have a new approach.

It's very sustainable.

Greg Albsernester,



Item#: SCP-6269
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SCP-6269, featuring proposed SCP-6269-J additions.


To ensure its proper use by trained anglers, SCP-6269-J may only be operated in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in:

  • John Moorwood's The Magic of Fishing,
  • Henry Gilbey's The Complete Fishing Manual,
  • Jeremy Wade's How to Think Like a Fish: And Other Lessons from a Lifetime in Angling,
  • Shelley Walchak's 52 Rivers: A Woman's Fly-fishing Journey,
  • Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea.

Additionally, due to the relation between SCP-6269-J and SCP-6269, all anglers should be familiar with the Department of the Multiversal Claw Machine: Ethical Acquisitions Training Manual, the "DotMCM:EATM."

Personnel assigned to SCP-6269 found not adhering to the sage life and fishing advice found in the aforementioned texts may be subject to dismissal from the Fishing Council, suspension of fishing licence, and/or temporary loss of rod operation privileges depending on the severity of their violation.


SCP-6269-J is a proposed technical adaptation of SCP-6269, the "Multiversal Claw Machine:" a Foundation-developed, coin-operated, eigenmachine utilized for the ethical acquisition of D-Class Personnel from non-Prime universes.

Through the addition of several components, SCP-6269-J will allow for SCP-6269 to specialize in the sustainable acquisition of F-Class personnel..F-Class Personnel is a proposed designation referring to aquatic, craniate, gill-bearing animals that lack limbs with digits acquired by the SCP Foundation. These proposed additions include:

  • SCP-6269-J-BAIT: A collection of lab-grown bio-synthetic organisms, replicating a wide variety of bait and tackle in their physiological structure. -BAIT instances are capable of being flash-printed to respond to the individual preferences of intended F-Class acquisitions.
  • SCP-6269-J-BUCKET: A 15-Million gallon, variable fresh/saltwater aquarium; -BUCKET is utilized to hold F-Class personnel following their acquisition.

Visualization of -BUCKET viewing portal; the proposed structure would be significantly larger.




Comparrison of quantity of fish on Earth-Prime and Non-Prime Earths.


While the usage of SCP-6269 for the acquisition of D-Class personnel has allowed our organization to procure sufficient individuals necessary for our organization's operations, it has brought to light additional challenges — both within the Foundation and beyond.

Chief among those is the added difficulty in securing sustainable sustenances to ensure our employees and 'volunteer workers' remain healthy, happy, and capable of performing their duties.This pursuit has been hitherto out of reach, due to the associated high costs in acquiring sufficient quantities of non-lab grown or repurposed biomaterial. Using SCP-6269-J for the acquisition of F-Class personnel would allow the Foundation to offer nutritious meals, rich in vitamins and healthy fats, in large quantities: effectively resolving this logistical and culinary difficulty.

Additionally, using SCP-6269-J for this endeavour would ensure the acquisition of F-Class personnel is sustainable. The primary concern of existing fishing practices relates to the potential dangers of overfishing — if we grow too greedy, we may exhaust our available supply of F-Class personnel entirely.

SCP-6269-J avoids this complication by acquiring F-Class personnel from the infinitude of non-Prime universes. Due to the limitless number of non-Prime F-Class entities available for acquisition,.Please refer to the attached graph. It goes on longer, I just had to crop it. the SCP Foundation would be able to exceed its current demand, allowing for the creation of a new revenue stream through via the operation of a series of restaurants under the moniker: "Seaside Chip Place."



This is the third time you've proposed using SCP-6269 for — in some form or another — the acquisition of fish, mollusks, and/or other sea life. It is also the third time such an idea has been rejected. I know you are familiar with the "DotMCM:EATM," and as such aware that the usage of SCP-6269 for the acquisitions of non-D-Class subjects, as well as its use for personal, recreational purposes, is considered unethical — and thus prohibited. If you have any genuine suggestions regarding increasing SCP-6269's efficacy, ethicality, or ease of operations, you are always welcome to contact me.

In case it's not clear, fishing should be reserved for non-working hours.

Director Greeboni,
Department of Acquisitions.

SCP-6269(-J) — INCIDENT: 003 (ONGOING)


SITUATION: As of 06:00, 01/04/2022, approximately 800 SCP Foundation personnel associated with the Department of Acquisitions failed to arrive on-site to perform their daily roles and duties. These individuals hold diverse positions throughout the department — including SCP-6269 operators, technicians, auxiliary staff, and management roles — and no definite association has been established between the identified, absent personnel.

As of 13:00, all attempts to contact these individuals or identify their current location(s) have been unsuccessful. No confirmation as to the cause of this event has been verified, although a single typed note was found on the central control console of SCP-6269. A transcription of the discovered text is included below:



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