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Item#: 6265
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Area directly above SCP-6265.

Special Containment Procedures: The land directly above SCP-6265 has been purchased by a Foundation cover corporation, and all intruders are to be apprehended, interrogated, and amnesticized as appropriate. All entrances to SCP-6265 save the main one are to be thoroughly sealed off by construction personnel. A security checkpoint is to be established at the main entrance of SCP-6265, and all personnel moving in or out are to be logged.

Communication with SCP-6265-1 is currently assigned to Doctor Mary Maris.

Analysis of the interior of SCP-6265 is currently underway by research staff. Until the purposes of all mechanisms within SCP-6265 have been ascertained, they are not to be interfered with. Full mapping of SCP-6265 is still underway by exploratory teams.

Description: SCP-6265 is a massive, underground facility located several kilometers below the surface of Paimpont Forest, Brittany, France. It is accessible through several hidden entrances embedded in the forest's undergrowth, five of which have been currently discovered, although further entrances are believed to exist.

Research indicates that SCP-6265 is an artifact of Camelot, an anomalous nation which existed in the British Isles and surrounding territories during the fifth and sixth centuries, C.E.

In terms of appearance, SCP-6265 primarily consists of a winding network of tunnels around a central point, with security doors and cameras spread throughout the complex. Despite the great length of time since SCP-6265's estimated construction, the facility is still active and operating, with fully functional lights and automatic doors. The means by which the facility draws power is currently unclear, with numerous cables stemming from SCP-6265 leading directly into the dirt and vegetation above it.

Evidence suggests that SCP-6265 was constructed around a large chamber directly in the centre of the complex, visible through several sturdy portholes. This internal chamber appears to be filled with a translucent orange liquid, samples of which have been confirmed to possess potent life-extending and mnestic properties. Floating within this chamber is a female human figure, perpetually in the foetal position, with a long black cord connecting to the base of her neck from one of the chamber's inner walls.

This female figure is designated SCP-6265-1, and identifies as 'Guinevere'.

SCP-6265-1 is capable of textually communicating via the monitors present throughout the facility. She appears to be cognizant of all events within SCP-6265 in view of security cameras, and is also capable of manipulating the facility via remote use of security doors and other mechanisms. In addition, she has demonstrated the ability to form highly advanced 'incubators' out of the walls of the complex at its own discretion. At present, SCP-6265-1 is cooperative with personnel, and has freely volunteered information regarding SCP-6265's history and purpose.

According to SCP-6265-1, SCP-6265 was constructed as a production facility for genetically engineered human beings by the Camelot monarchy. These humans were supposedly generated using the ruling king's genetic material as a base. Further alterations were directed and applied by SCP-6265-1 on a case-by-case basis depending on the purpose of the organism. Testimony provided by SCP-6265-1 suggests these requested applications could vary greatly, from the common purpose of war to more specialized areas of technical repair and diplomacy.

Addendum 6265-1 (Interview 6265-1)

Following discovery and initial observation of SCP-6265-1, the following interview was conducted via text using the monitors spread throughout SCP-6265. Note that interaction had taken place prior to this recorded interview: as such, some information is restated for ease of understanding.

<Guinevere> Your name is Maris, yes? I've remembered this correctly?

<User> That's correct.

<Guinevere> And I am Guinevere — although I suppose that is obvious. A great deal of time has passed since I last received visitors. Does the world still follow the turning light of Stielenōt?

<UserMaris> I don't

<UserMaris> Oh, I see you've updated the name.

<UserMaris> I don't think I've heard of an entity by that name before. Can you describe it for me?

<Guinevere> Where to begin? Stielenōt is the day and the night and the transition process between the two. He is steel and industry and the light of wisdom. He constructed the world in perfect unity, with all components in their proper ratios. He is the almighty father and administrator of this reality.

<Guinevere> He is the divine apex. He is the machine made perfect. He is the metal star that births mankind.

<UserMaris> That's a very passionate description. I believe this deity is something worshipped by some in our modern world, too: though it's called the Broken God now.

<Guinevere> Oh. The heresy persists, then.

<UserMaris> Heresy?

<Guinevere> A story for another day. I believe you were curious about the purpose of this facility?

<UserMaris> Yes. According to you, your kingdom's religion was based around worship of the mechanical, of steel and industry. When we first initiated communication with you, you also indicated this facility was designed to gestate and produce human beings.

<UserMaris> I'm just having trouble seeing how those things match.

<Guinevere> Humans are machines constructed from meat. The distinction is irrelevant.

<UserMaris> Is that the same logic that led to your… imprisonment here? Are you being imprisoned?

<Guinevere> Not at all. I chose this for myself. It was the hope of any child of Camelot to be of use to the almighty King, chosen of Stielenōt. Four tried before me, but I alone survived integration.

<UserMaris> And how exactly were you 'of use'?

<Guinevere> A King is nothing without a dynasty, but our monarch was unable — he had given too much of his body to his divine patron. Think of my mind as a single cog in a great mechanism. It is my task to imagine the King's children, to direct the machinery to create what is needed for the task at hand. It is a task I have performed for many years now.

<UserMaris> And you do this… what, forever? If you've been here since the time of Camelot, that's more than a thousand years. When does the work stop?

<Guinevere> The work does not stop. I have devoted my body and soul and my eternity to my King forevermore. That is my happiness. The King will return when the nation has need of him once again. I have faith that day will come. My work will be required once more.

<Guinevere> Please, feel free to walk these halls. It is not what it once was, but I will still be glad of company. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

<Guinevere> But for now, let me sleep and dream of the future.

Addendum 6265-2 (Exploratory Notes)

Throughout exploration of SCP-6265, several used incubators have been found in various areas of the facility. It is believed these incubators were previously utilized to gestate and birth the humans generated by SCP-6265. Monitors next to these incubators log information regarding their former occupants, and SCP-6265-1 has also proved willing to provide testimony regarding them.

The following is a record of incubators located thus far.

Incubator discovered on a wall near the entrance of SCP-6265. Unlike the majority of subsequent incubators, which are human-sized, this initial incubator is roughly the size of a human fist.






"A small and wretched thing. He twitches meekly. Through his sacrifice, a dynasty is born."

<Guinevere> Oh, Gwydre…

<UserMaris> If this is upsetting, we don't have to discuss this here and now.

<Guinevere> No. There's no issue.

<Guinevere> It had to be confirmed that the Royal Nursery would actually function. I was directed to create a test case, a simple and short-lived thing. Long-term stability was not a concern. He was born dying.

<Guinevere> I sang to him as he passed.

Incubator discovered in a hallway above SCP-6265-1's chamber. Incubator protruded from the ceiling of the hallway.






"Her body is long and lithe, so as to slip and weave between the organs of mighty war-machines. Her head lacks hair that could snag, and her eyes peer unburdened by the dark. Her skull swells against the pressure of her brain. Her bones are flexible like water and the fluids shed from her skin make her shine in the sunlight."

"She forgets nothing."

<Guinevere> The army of Camelot was the wonder of the age. Arthur led the charge, his armour intersecting with him and sustaining his life, white plates glinting in the sun. His augmented steed galloped with such speed that it could run along the water.

<Guinevere> Oh, my King. Oh, my King.

<UserMaris> Guinevere?

<Guinevere> Forgive me. Such gallantry. Behind Arthur flew the hundred banners of Stielenōt, crested by the mighty war machines. Walking castles, sufficient to crush villages beneath their feet. Nothing could stop the march of Camelot. Nothing could stop the march of progress.

<Guinevere> But, occasionally, the march would slow.

<UserMaris> Why?

<Guinevere> Technical malfunction. A perfect machine would never break down, but even our mighty engines were hollow imitations of Stielenōt's glory. But that in itself opened up a new spectacle.

<Guinevere> Like worker ants, the engineers would pour forth and begin their repairs. They would writhe their ways between gears and cogs, their slippery bodies granting them great speed as they worked their way through to the damaged parts. It took only minutes at a time for the error to be corrected.

<Guinevere> No hands would be faster than those of Hilde, however. No problem was beyond her brilliance. No obstacle beyond her reach.

<Guinevere> Oh, my daughter. Oh, my daughter. They never came back to visit.

Incubator discovered in a hallway below SCP-6265-1's chamber. Incubator protruded from the wall and was approximately fifteen feet tall. The glass of the incubator appeared to have been smashed — upon examination, it was determined this was done from the inside.






"His hair is flowing black and coats his body like a shawl. His skull pushes up before his face in the manner of a mask or helmet. He was born diminutive as an infant, but decides his own size with arbitrary passion. At times, he is six feet tall, sometimes nine, sometimes twelve, sometimes fifteen. When he roars, the land shakes."

"To Camelot he is a titan worthy of admiration, to Camelot's enemies he is the ogre of a nightmare house."

<Guinevere> Many times after Arthur accepted Stielenōt as the father and administrator of this world, he would face rebellions from the blind. At first. these were worshippers of the obsolete divinities — easily crushed with steel and flame — but as the truth soaked into the land, the nature of these adversaries changed.

<UserMaris> How so?

<Guinevere> Even our notion of Stielenōt was but a simple interpretation of the absolute mechanism. It is no surprise that, with time, alternate interpretations would arise. The rebels that plagued Camelot for many years followed a rusted, shattered god — a wretched malfunctioning thing that was the source of all human misery. They believed it was their duty to repair this dying deity, so as to perfect this flawed universe.

<UserMaris> I don't see how that requires war.

<Guinevere> At first, neither did I. But the King is never mistaken. Camelot was founded on Stielenōt's supremacy. To cast aspersions on that is to deny Camelot itself. Traitors cannot be suffered to live. I'm sure you understand this as well.

<Guinevere> Hello?

<UserMaris> I believe we were discussing the incubator our crews found yesterday? 'Amr', the name was?

<Guinevere> The rebels were sometimes formidable. Excellent soldiers were needed for battle. Augmentation of the body sufficed for a time, but the time came when a better class of warrior was necessary.

<Guinevere> Amr was born to destroy Camelot's enemies. He smashed fortresses, burnt villages, devoured mighty knights. Once that was accomplished, there was no further need for him to exist.

<UserMaris> He died?

<Guinevere> Arthur slew him, and the land was broken from their clash. I asked that his bones be returned, but my King could not spare the men. There was a great deal to be done, after all. I understood.

<Guinevere> I understood.

Incubator discovered in a massive room located directly above SCP-6265-1's chamber. Incubator was elevated slightly by a pedestal beneath it, but was itself estimated to be only four feet tall.






"Their hair is white and billows down to the ground like snow. Their features are fair and heavenly, so as to inspire devotion. Their voice is song, so as to inspire the people's love. Their four eyes shine black with cosmic wisdom. At times, they choose to float above the ground."

"When they spread their four arms wide and preach, the whole world must listen. It is required of them."

<Guinevere> Archfedd was a fine child. The final product achieved the brief perfectly. I could not hope for more pride as a mother.

<UserMaris> If you don't mind me asking, then, what was this brief? Their purpose is listed as 'Beloved'. What use is that in a mechanical kingdom?

<Guinevere> It is vital.

<UserMaris> In what way?

<Guinevere> As machines need fuel, humans need morale. There is nothing more inspiring than a being of beauty and wisdom to pledge your sword to. Armies would charge to their deaths for Archfedd's smile. They did.

<UserMaris> Propaganda, then? That was the intention?

<Guinevere> If that is what it means to be beloved, then certainly. There was not a soul in Camelot that could deny Archfedd's requests, bar Anselaus.

<UserMaris> Anselaus?

<Guinevere> The chief engineer of this place, before the fall of the kingdom, before your people assumed those duties. He held certain affections for me. As it did not impact his work, I saw no need to dissuade him. My decision was incorrect.

<UserMaris> I take it that it did impact his work — eventually.

<Guinevere> Yes. At some point, he acquired the notion that my duty was something I required rescuing from. Nonsense. He took steps to sabotage this facility, to betray the King. He poisoned the mind of my finalborn in that effort. He thought revolution the ideal way to give me my supposed freedom.

<UserMaris> Your finalborn? We're still talking about Archfedd here?

<Guinevere> No. Of course not. Archfedd was always the king's favourite. When they fell

<Guinevere> When they

<Guinevere> When they fell

<Guinevere> I'm sorry. I will not speak of this further.

Incubator discovered in a small room located far below SCP-6265-1's chamber, in a separate section accessible via ladder. The room itself was behind numerous sealed doors that had to be breached via drill.






"His hair is short and dark across his head like that of a bear. In his right hand he holds the killing light, and from his left he births the dread sword Clarent. He is four-eyed and seven-fingered. When he roars, he shakes the earth, but he does not roar often as he is of the serpent's kind. The king's blood is still upon his blade."

"He will know that you have found this."

<Guinevere> Mordred the Red-Stepped. They say he is the lowest scum in all the world. They say he brings the end of days. They say that he will never die.

<UserMaris> 'They' say this? What about you? What do you think?

<Guinevere> What do I think? What would you think of the person who ran your beloved through, who destroyed your kingdom, who tore down your world?

<Guinevere> Hello?

<UserMaris> I would say it depends on the reason.

<Guinevere> Yes.

<Guinevere> I think it would depend on the reason as well.

Addendum 6265-3 (Incident 6265-1)

On 19/01/2022, new advances were made in the full mapping of SCP-6265. By clearing heavy amounts of vegetation that had grown through one of the complex's walls, personnel were able to gain access to a previously unknown secondary entrance to SCP-6265.

During exploration of this secondary entrance, heavily decayed human remains were recovered. This corpse was clad in a highly advanced — if decayed — form of mechanical armour, and dating indicates the individual likely perished thousands of years prior. When located, the corpse was still holding a steel tablet engraved with hundreds of rows of small characters.

These characters corresponded to no known language, but when they were presented to SCP-6265-1, it responded with the following:






The following day, a new incubation chamber emerged from the wall directly outside of SCP-6265-1's chamber. Details are presented below.







Observation is ongoing.

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