Item#: SCP-6263
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Archives and Revision, Site-43

Special Containment Procedures: Evidence of SCP-6263's existence is generated daily via social media, but has proven insufficient to reveal the anomaly, as such, to the general public..Simpatico-class anomalies pose unpredictable containment challenges but are otherwise non-threatening. Personnel are encouraged to suppress the production of further evidence via public shaming of egregious typo policing.

Description: SCP-6263 is a phenomenon triggered by correcting the spelling or grammar of others. Said action incurs a statistically unlikely risk of immediately committing a similar error oneself, typically within the corrective statement, with the likelihood and severity increasing in proportion to the vehemence of the initial crrection.

What is this? This isn't a real anomaly. Where's your evidence? Where's your testing logs? And you misspelld "correction" you bafoon! — W. Wettle

Thanks for the evidence, Willie! Knew I could count on you — H. Blank

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