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Item#: 6262
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SCP-6262 in its current form. Note the eyes and smile not present in other iterations of the same bus.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6262 inhabits the city of Daegu, Republic of Korea, and as such the city is to be considered its containment area. An ultra-low-power GPS transceiver with no less than six months of available backup power is to be fitted to the subject, with appropriate methods for recharging the power bank as necessary. The GPS transceiver is to maintain unbroken contact with the Foundation monitoring station in central Daegu, which is to alert containment teams if unusual behavior is detected. Foundation agents liaise regularly with SCP-6262 as part of the containment procedures of other objects, reconnaissance, normal debriefings, and other activities, though should no such opportunities present themselves for whatever reason, agents should maintain contact with the subject at least once a week.

Ordinary civilians who have held conversations with SCP-6262 are not to be made aware of the abnormal nature of their conversation. Passengers disembarking the bus will be scanned for possession of unauthorized knowledge, and amnesticized if necessary. To date, only one instance has been recorded of SCP-6262 disseminating sensitive information (See Incident 6262-1). No Foundation employees of clearance level above 1 are to embark SCP-6262 without prior written authorization from a Level 4 employee or higher.

To date, SCP-6262 has shown a high degree of compliance with the Foundation, and forcible capture and/or detention is considered a last resort in the case of acutely hostile behavior or other risks as they may present themselves.

Description: SCP-6262 is an entity taking the form of a bus or other means of mass-transport, recorded since 1950 in various parts of (primarily Eastern) Asia. The subject currently resembles a multicolored Neoplan Skyliner bus with "DAEGU CITY TOUR" printed on the exterior, along with images of unconfirmed origin. The bus is registered to the Daegu Tourism Association, who retain records detailing the purchase and ongoing scheduled maintenance of the bus. SCP-6262 drives a route consistent with that developed by the Daegu Tourism Association, driven by any of a number of employees that seem1 unaware of the subject's sapient nature. It has been demonstrated, however, that SCP-6262 is capable of independent locomotion.

As of the time of writing, SCP-6262 is known to have shapeshifted six times, all of them resembling a bus of real make and model. It is understood through conversation with the subject that it is capable of shapeshifting into any form of transportation, though prefers buses as transporting civilians is one of its pastimes. This behavior, through extensive analysis and testing, has been deemed safe and is to be allowed to continue unimpeded.

A general record of the subject's form and whereabouts has been kept since its initial discovery in 1950, with specificity and completion of archives increasing as technology improves and resources become more abundant. At no point in the subject's history has it been considered a threat, aside from a minor scare at the time of initial discovery.

The Foundation initially became aware of SCP-6262 after folklore began to circulate within Tokyo regarding a "friendly bus" that shared "polite conversation" with its occupants. It is thought that post-war improvements in communication led to the subject's discovery, a theory supported by the subject's own claim that it had been operating "for many years" and "in many places" prior to its discovery by the Foundation, though it refuses to divulge further information.

Upon entering SCP-6262, occupants will have polite, telepathic conversation with the bus, to a level that is comfortable for the passenger. People who do not normally partake in conversation will report a quick exchange of pleasantries, while those who tend to converse more deeply report on discussing topics such as the history of transportation, East Asian culture (with a particular focus on the city in which SCP-6262 currently resides), popular media, and other topics. Participants generally do not consider the telepathic conversation abnormal and will refer to it as "a nice talk with an old friend", or other similar descriptions. It is only when made aware of the bizarre nature of the conversations that participants will begin to consider the encounter strange.

SCP-6262 is capable of absorbing, parsing, and storing knowledge from its passengers, including knowledge not explicitly revealed to it. The subject is either incapable of, or does not desire to, store duplicate knowledge and so most knowledge-gathering within the last ten years has been primarily about life experiences, instead of concrete facts. It has been demonstrated that the subject does not "know everything", as it were, though its catalog of knowledge is extensive. Consistent cooperation with the Foundation has led to the subject's status as a Failsafe Knowledge Centre (FKC), an archive to be used to back up and store critical information in the event of a K-class scenario. As part of its duties as an FKC, SCP-6262 is permitted to store knowledge regarding sensitive Foundation operations, accomplished by allowing Foundation personnel of high security clearance level to board under supervision.

The subject has contributed extensively to Foundation containment and testing operations, suggesting revisions to containment procedures and pointing out previously-unknown anomalous properties of cataloged objects. In two separate cases, SCP-6262 has offered an explanation for objects thought anomalous, confirmed by testing, and led to the declassification and removal of those objects.

Despite possessing knowledge of a vast quantity of sensitive information, SCP-6262 has maintained a near-perfect track record for not divulging this information to unauthorized parties. Even in cases where the subject's choice to divulge such information might save lives or ensure its own self-preservation, it has elected to remain silent (see interview snippet 6262-5A)

SCP-6262 first came into possession of classified Foundation knowledge as a consequence of its effects when its anomalous properties were first identified. Foundation researchers and other personnel in possession of such knowledge, upon first boarding the bus, report the subject as taking great surprise and interest in the knowledge it had gleamed from them, and stopping its route for six hours to filter through the new information. Subsequent conversations with the subject report its great delight and willingness to assist in operations should it be allowed to learn more about the Foundation and its activities. By the time this effect was even identified, the subject was in possession of such a wide breadth of classified knowledge that any sort of informational breach would've constituted a breaking of the veil. Information security procedures have since been updated accordingly.

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