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Anomaly №: SCP-6257

Anomaly Class: Neutralized-provisi

Anomaly Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers and various AIC are to consistently analyze and scan various public internet forums regarding conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena, including but not limited to 4chan's /x/ board, various Reddit sub-forums, and the forum system.

Researchers are to manually analyze archived Parawatch correspondences in order to attempt to pinpoint the exact vector in which SCP-6257 spreads, as well as attempting to discover SCP-6257 itself.

Staff involved in studying and reconstructing events regarding SCP-6257 are to have counselling and therapy readily available if needed. Out of respect, the candles are to remain lit.

Anomaly Description: SCP-6257 is currently hypothesized to be a memetic or cognitohazardous antimeme that deletes itself after reaching a currently unknown threshold of infected humans. When SCP-6257 is perceived by a human subject, said subject's neurological makeup will undergo a painless, instantaneous restructuring that will make them permanently resistant to all methods of invasive memory-alteration.1 Once SCP-6257 deletes itself, those who perceived it become unable to recall what SCP-6257 itself consists of, with memories of its makeup being either missing or unattainable. SCP-6257's effects do not alter the natural pliability of one's memories over time by organic internal means, such as general forgetfulness and neurodegenerative diseases.2

Addendum 6257.1: Initial Infection and Discovery

Due to the transpiring of significant world events, along with moments of global economic instability, Foundation staff had been unable to consistently update and maintain the security and encryption of SCiPNET servers. On 8 June 2020 at 5:04 AM, an unauthorized entity was able to bypass multiple firewalls and security protocols, granting them access to a cache of SCP files that were backed up onto several isolated servers. Most documents on these servers consisted of SCP files that were written and catalogued during the Foundation's former "Information Lockdown" period,3 though there were three files that were of Level 4 clearance.

The entity was quickly isolated and locked out of the database, with a small team of agents and computer scientists being tasked to determine the origin of the attack and the identity of the entity itself. Before the source could be located, the series of SCP files that were accessed were all posted to the Parawatch forums. The mass post remained online for 28 minutes and 41 seconds before being removed by Foundation webcrawler Watchman.aic.4 The exact number of subjects that witnessed the information breach is still currently unknown, estimated between 30 and 60 individuals.

The research team assigned to identify the threat quickly changed objectives, now attempting to locate and identify as many exposed Parawatch members as possible. Within the span of two days, 25 forum members that viewed the information breach were located, with amnesticization teams dispatched to each of their residences. It was swiftly discovered by the deployed MTFs that none of the subjects were responding to the administered amnestics, leading to the detainment and interviewing of the 25 individuals. The interviews conducted along with amnestic treatments revealed that they had all been exposed to SCP-6257 when it had been uploaded to a significant main thread in the Parawatch forums on 29 February 2020. Foundation analytical models estimate that between 1,500 to 3,000 individuals across the globe were exposed to SCP-6257.

Those detained were given a cover story of a mass-media alternate reality game before being released.

Addendum 6257.2: Meeting Tapes

Three members of the Parawatch forums were able to evade Foundation containment efforts, organizing in secret in an empty warehouse on the outskirts of Potsdam, New York. These members were Michael Dodderson, Caitlin Reed, and Jacob Sato, with Sato recording their sessions on a Jensen portable cassette recorder. Important undamaged segments have been provided below.

Addendum 6257.3: Journal Entry

Found on the personal blog of Jacob Sato.


I don't really know what to think. There's this chance that we've all found something so much bigger than all of us, and I don't really know what to think.

Mike is over the moon - he's overjoyed that there's a chance that the theories he bought into his whole life all have ground now. Caitlin is anxious. I can see the cogs in her brain turning whenever we talk about our investigations, but there's this underlying anxiety that is bubbling behind her eyes. She's afraid. She's afraid that we've crossed the point of no return.

Mike keeps saying that we have to tell someone, that we have to go out there and show the world the reality of everything. He speaks in this grandiose way that sounds like a presidential speech, and while I can fully admire his courage, we always have to talk him down. None of us want to be hunted down for this, and even then, nobody will really believe us.

At least, I hope they won't believe us.

Caitlin is afraid, Mike is excited, and I feel nothing. How novel.

Mike found a building that he fully thinks might be an old facility run by these people. He says it was abandoned in 1998 and that there might be a chance that there are old files left behind that we can look into. His reasoning is that if they were so sloppy with their coverups, they have to have been a little sloppy with their evacuation. Caitlin and I keep saying that going in there is a bad idea, but I think we both know that there's no way we can hold back Mike. That and we both know that we really do not want him going there alone. We convinced him to wait a little so we can prepare ourselves.

I haven't told Erin any of this. It's not worth getting him involved. I just hope it will all be over soon.

Addendum 6257.4: Recovery

On 15 October 2020, a 911 call was dispatched from the cell phone of Caitlin Reed. The call was intercepted and recorded by Earworm.aic due to a geographical trigger. It is transcribed as follows:

Operator: 911, what's your emergency?

Reed: Yes! Yes, it connected - we need help, we need people here right now, PLEASE!

Operator: Alright, ma'am, where are you?

Reed: We're in the old Dawson complex near Adirondack Park! Ambulance, police, please anyone you can! (Voice distant, as if farther away from the receiver) Stay with me, for god's sake Jacob stay with me.

Operator: Ma'am, is someone injured?

Reed: Yes, yes, we have an injury, his name is Jacob Sato, and he got bit by that fucking, the- he's-

Operator: Okay miss, deep breaths for me. Where is the wound?

Reed: (Frantic) He's bleeding, there's an open wound on the side of his neck - there's so much blood and I think he's having trouble breathing.

(There is a growl heard nearby.)

Reed: (Whimpering) Oh god. It got back up.

(There is a shrill scream followed by a crash.)

Operator: Miss? Miss, are you there?


Sato's tapes were discovered at the scene, with the tape transcribed below found inside his damaged cassette recorder.

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