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Item#: SCP-6251
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Location affected by SCP-6251: 842 Thompson Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL

Special Containment Procedures: Custody of SCP-6251 has been transferred to the Foundation, with assistance by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. The area has been closed off using the cover story of a gas leak.

Foundation webcrawlers are to analyze police reports and complaints for any sign of SCP-6251 manifestations in other locations.

Description: SCP-6251 is a phenomenon affecting a house in the suburban area of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, owned by Lauren Puckett, where he, his wife, and their child reside. The house is unoccupied, as the family is vacationing for the holidays, having left for Paris.

Believed to have started soon after their departure, all lights and decorations left on the property were powered on all day long, and a playlist of Christmas songs (251 unique songs have been identified so far) has played continuously since. Neighbors reported this event to the police, with two policemen arriving shortly after. The two agents found the front door locked, all lights off, and no music playing. Entering through a back entrance, they were assaulted by unseen forces that forced their retreat.

Following this encounter, two patrols arrived and entered the house, being chased out in a similar manner. At this point, the activity was flagged by Foundation personnel, with two members of MTF Psi-7 (“Home Improvement”) and a member from MTF Iota-10 (“Damn Feds”) arriving at the scene to conduct an initial exploration of the building.

After cordoning off the area and speaking with local authorities, the group entered the house, with Iota-10 agent C. Columbus acting as overseer.

Exploration Log

Date: 2020/12/23, 21:56 PM

Overseeing Operator: Catherine Columbus, MTF Iota-10

Field Agents: Jared Hughes and David Mazer, MTF Psi-7

Equipment: Standard firearm (S&W M&P45), taser device (X26P), pepper spray (gel), restraining wrap, communications device, anomalous matter detection device (EMF, radiation, hume fluctuation.)

(Hughes and Mazer arrive at the house, and attempt to enter through the front door. It’s locked.)

Hughes: Locked, yeah.

Mazer: We already knew that. So, back door?

Hughes: Whatever’s in there knows we’ll come through the back door.

Mazer: Right. And they sure won’t see us breaking through a window or the front door.

Hughes: Ugh. (Speaking to Overseer) So what’s the plan, ma’am?

Columbus: Just go through the back door, boys. We're not breaking anything unless deemed necessary.

Hughes: Aight. (Turns to Mazer) You heard her.

Mazer: Told you.

(The agents walk around the house, spotting the back entrance, and carefully stepping in. They arrive at the house’s kitchen.)

Mazer: Alright, we’re in. Do we have a layout?

Columbus: We do. Walk out the kitchen and you’ll be in the living room. Got a couple bedrooms, three bathrooms, stairways to an attic space. Might have been repurposed, but it shouldn’t matter much. Focus on the second floor; the policemen before you already checked the first.

Mazer: Very well. We’ll be moving onwards then.

(The two agents walk through the kitchen when they are suddenly assaulted by pans and pots flying out some cabinets, several hitting each agent before dropping to the floor.)

Mazer: Holy- Fuck, that scared me. Cat, you see that shit?

Columbus: Yeah, I did. That- (Speaks with the police) That seems to be the ‘moving objects’ reported earlier. Everything fine on your end?

Mazer: Yeah, ‘twas just a scare. No injuries on my side. How are you doing hughes? Broke a bone?

Hughes: I’m fine, I’m fine. (Kicks pan with his foot) Think we’re dealing with a poltergeist of some kind.

Columbus: That appears to be the case. Agents, as a precaution-

Hughes: Knives out?

Columbus: Correct.

Hughes: On it.

(Hughes picks up a block with knives and throws it out of the house. Mazer moves and opens a kitchen drawer, confetti glitter being released in a burst from inside, covering the agent.)

Mazer: F- (Moves back in shock) … Glitter.

Hughes: Having fun over there?

Mazer: Shut up.

(Knives and other dangerous items are moved out of the house, without any further incident.)

Hughes: Alright, area cleared of dangers. Let’s continue.

(Hughes steps out the door, being greeted by a bucket of cold water falling over his head. He sighs before removing it. Mazer is heard snickering.)

Hughes: Seems like whatever’s here, it’s pulling pranks on us. Nothing dangerous so far. What exactly happened to the police that came before us?

Columbus: They, uh- (Speaks with the police) … Oh. A piano was thrown down the stairs as they were on their way up. Well, that’s not fun.

Mazer: Ehhh, it is kinda funny.

Hughes: Let’s see if you laugh when it drops on you.

Mazer: On us, buddy.

(The two move around the living room, noticing no unusual activity. Hughes approaches the room’s fireplace, noticing live embers amongst the ashes.)

Hughes: Someone put out the fire not long ago. Maybe-

(A gust of wind expels the ashes across the room, covering everything in soot.)

Mazer: (Coughs) -Come on! The-

(Mazer takes a step back, stepping on several small toy cars on the ground, slipping and falling on his back.)

Mazer: … I hate this place.

Hughes: (Offers Mazer a hand, pulling him back up) Beats any other place I’ve been to.

(The two continue towards the stairway, evading a falling christmas tree, two bags of flour and a bedpan thrown at them, eggs falling on their heads, and picture frames exploding into confetti.)

(They arrive at the staircase two minutes after, noticing a piano resting on the stairs’ base, having made a dent on the floor. Several of its keys rest on the floor.)

Hughes: Aight, we’re… We’re next to the stairs. There is indeed a piano here. (Plays a note) Still works.

Mazer: Why are we going upstairs again? Can’t we send a drone?

Columbus: The police already tried. Something got thrown at it and it broke.

Mazer: Great. Alright, let’s get this over with.

(The two agents remain at the base of the stairs for several seconds.)

Mazer: You gonna go or what?

Hughes: Wait, me?

Mazer: Yeah?

Hughes: Fuck that. You go first. I stepped through enough shit tonight. Your turn to bite the bullet.

Mazer: How about R.P.S.?

Columbus: Oh my God, are you boys ten? Go.

(Hughes gestures for Mazer to go first. Mazer sighs and complies, before getting pelted by snowballs as he makes his way upstairs.)

Hughes: See, it wasn’t so bad.

(Hughes follows after, a paint can being thrown his way, covering him in blue paint. Mazer laughs.)

Hughes: Fuck.

Mazer: I love this place.

Columbus: Boys, focus.

Mazer: Aye aye, ma’am. (Looks around the second floor area before opening a door to a small bedroom to their right, peeking inside.) Doesn’t seem to be anything here. Just more stuff that will be swung our way any moment now.

Columbus: Keep looking. You can return once you’ve cleared the floor.

Hughes: Ah, finally. (Smears blue paint off his face and onto a wall.)

Mazer: I’ll check this room, and you check over there.

Hughes: Sure thing.

(Mazer steps into the bedroom, looking up at the top rail to ensure there were no traps awaiting him. As he does so, a bucket with wood glue is thrown from inside the room, followed by a rain of feathers. Several eggs are thrown his way, but he closes the door before they reach him.)

Mazer: Glue and feathers, really?!

Hughes: Yeah, well, that’s karma for you.

(Mazer sighs, before stepping back in, looking around the bedroom. The bed is covered in red paint, but the room is cleared otherwise. As Mazer approaches the bed to check it1, several more eggs are thrown at him, hitting him over the head.)

Mazer: Alright, alright, I get the message.

(Mazer leaves the room. Hughes laughs at the agent's appearance.)

Mazer: Just go do your job.

Hughes: Yeah, yeah.

(Hughes moves forwards to the room on the left, before the rug under his feet is pulled, sending him down. The room he’s meant to go to opens, several eggs flying his way, covering him in albumen. The door closes soon after.)

Mazer: Well, well, w-

Hughes: Shut up. (Uses hand to remove the egg off his face and shoulders before getting up, opening the door in front of him.) Alright ghost, just pelt me with crap or whatever. I’m ready for it.

(Hughes waits momentarily, but nothing happens. He steps inside the room, a storage space. He quickly notices a single snowglobe in the middle of the room, highlighted by the moonlight entering through a window on the opposite sound.)

Hughes: Uh, yeah, that looks ominous. Mazer, get over here. I found something.

Mazer: (Yelling from outside the room) I ain’t putting my hand on whatever cursed shit you found!

Hughes: So what’s the plan?

Columbus: We’re not sensing any sort of activity coming from the item, or the room you’re in. Proceed with caution.

Hughes: So I’m grabbing the thing. Aight.

(Hughes looks around for any dangerous item, grabbing a plastic scimitar and two dumbbells, moving them out of the room before grabbing the snowglobe.)

Hughes: Aight, it’s- It’s just a snowglobe. It has a figure of a child inside and uh, lemme shake it and see-

(Hughes shakes the snowglobe, at which point it cracks, a gust of cold wind hitting the agent.)

Unknown voice: Out.

Mazer: (Peeks inside the room, having finished checking his.) Was that another vo-

Unknown voice: Get out.

Hughes: Think we should start moving, bud.

Mazer: God, what did you do?

Hughes: Shut up and start walking.

Unknown voice: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

(The snowglobe shatters in Hughes' hands, a blizzard generating from its remains, pushing the two away as snow quickly starts to fill the room. Several items begin flying towards Hughes and Mazer as the lights of the house begin to flicker.)

Columbus: Get out of there, agents.

Hughes: On it, ma'am!

(The two agents quickly make their way downstairs, the piano shooting upwards and onto them)

Hughes: Oh f-

(Hughes and Mazer jump over the rail to evade it, falling onto a hallway table. Paintings and frames fall from their walls, being thrown at the duo. Snow begins pouring from the second floor’s railing downwards, falling on the agents.)

Mazer: The fuck did you do?!

Unknown voice: GET OUT!

(A mirror is thrown at Mazer, hitting a nearby wall, fragments flying. The agents recoil, but are uninjured.)

Hughes: Maybe yell at me once we're outta here?

(A dozen faux fruits hit the agents as they argue. Agent Columbus is heard sighing over the comms.)

Mazer: Know what? That's fair.

(The two retrace the path they'd made before, passing through the living room, evading toy cars on the ground and ball ornaments flying past. The christmas tree is thrown their way, but gets stuck and doess not reach them.)

(The two walk into the kitchen as cabinets are flung open and utensils and kitchenware is thrown at them. They are hit multiple times before finally making their way out the house.)

Unknown voice: And don't you ever come back!

Following the agents' retreat, the house quickly filled up with snow. Personnel attempted entry, finding entrances closed shut, even the ones previously found unlocked. Soon after the house was filled, music began playing again.

Update: At midnight on the 25th of December, the same voice heard in the exploration voice announced "Merry Christmas!". The announcement was loud enough to be heard over a 350 meters area. Following the event, the snow subsided and the music stopped. The subsequent exploration revealed that all damage to the house had been reversed. The snowglobe could not be located.

Forensic speech analysts from the Illinois State Police (ISP) believe the voice to correspond to that of Kevin Murphy, an 8-years-old kid who died during an attempted burglary on 2019/12/24, with the crime having occurred 4 kilometers from the event. As no perpetrator was ever caught, the ISP is currently investigating Lauren Puckett’s possible involvement in the incident. Site-55 has forwarded a Cheyenne Appeal2 to the Ethics Committee, under the belief that the anomaly has not been appeased, and solving the crime would do so. The appeal is currently under review.

Regardless of the outcome, a period of 6 years has been established. If no activity is detected within this period, SCP-6251 will be considered Neutralized.

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