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Item#: 6244
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A view from the outside of SCP-6244.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6244-1 is to be monitored by the Department of Multiversal Affairs and the Subdepartment of Threat Analysis for any signs of aggression. In the event any members of SCP-6244-1 are seen performing reality-bending or otherwise anomalous actions, they are to be immobilized by on-site guards. As SCP-6244-1 has yet to show signs of hostility, further containment has been deemed unnecessary.

Description: SCP-6244 refers to the village of Novelty, located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. SCP-6244 has a population of 43 individuals, collectively designated SCP-6244-1. Members of SCP-6244-1 are non-hostile and possess mild reality bending abilities. These usually consist of the displacement of small objects, the transmutation of small amounts of material, and the ability to instantly relocate to nearby areas.

SCP-6244 appeared in its current location on September 14, 2014. Approximately four hours later, a flash drive appeared near the town limits of SCP-6244. The contents of the flash drive have been provided below. No record of the following events having ever took place have been found in any Foundation documents, nor in the memories of named personnel or SCP-6244-1.

Addendum 6244.1: Contents of Recovered Flash Drive

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