Item #: SCP-6240 Level 4/6240
Object Class: Keter Classified

Star cluster NGC 6604, the current location of SCP-6240.

Special Containment Procedures: The Interstellar Anomalies Unit (IAU) has been tasked with developing a permanent method of preventing SCP-6240 from reaching our solar system. Additionally, the IAU has been tasked with using contacts within both government and corporate space agencies to suppress public knowledge of SCP-6240.

Any data regarding SCP-6240 or its effects that becomes publicly available is to be discredited by Foundation front media companies. Any parties which independently discover the existence of SCP-6240 are to be either amnesticized, or recruited into the IAU1.

Description: SCP-6240 is an astronomical entity, previously categorized as Discrepancy-22A1B736PY. Images from the Foundation Orbital Observatory show it physically resembles a large nebula2, although it has displayed both the capacity to alter its shape, as well as to vastly accelerate and decelerate while retaining internal coherence. Given this, it is theorized that its appearance is a form of camouflaging mimicry.

Due to its unusual nature, it is difficult to accurately judge the physical properties of SCP-6240. However, based on its size and radiance, traditional methods indicate a mass of between 2 × 10^32 kg and 2 × 10^33 kg3. Its movements can be more accurately assessed, and observation has indicated a maximum speed of approximately 0.5c4 and acceleration capable of reaching this speed after a matter of weeks.

SCP-6240 seeks out and consumes stars, preferentially seeking those with sapient life within their solar system. It is currently impossible to effectively contain SCP-6240, or prevent it from continuing to consume stars.

Discovery: SCP-6240 first came to the attention of the Foundation via an anthropological investigation of several Late Bronze Age civilizations. Analysis of astronomical data taken from archaeological studies of these civilizations revealed that all had recorded the disappearance of a bright star within the Pleiades cluster at the same time, in a manner inconsistent with supernova or any other known stellar phenomenon5. This was combined with data from numerous other cultures around the world of extant stars which are now no longer present, far more than could be explained by non-anomalous stellar decay.

Addendum 6240.1: The IAU’s6 request for full SCP Classification.

Request for SCP Classification

Date: 1981/07/29

Requestee(s): Dr. Doug Y. Fluv, Dr. Edna Kowal, Dr. Otto Warner

Department: Interstellar Anomalies Unit (IAU)

Anomaly: Discrepancy-22A1B736PY, the unexplained disappearance of stars.

Reason for Classification: We at the IAU believe that this discrepancy may be the result of an unknown entity or entities that are somehow destroying stars. As this poses an obvious danger to the security of Earth, we suggest immediate classification as a full SCP object, as well as increased funding to our department. This funding will be used to recruit new team members to more thoroughly examine the historical record for data on this anomaly, and to monitor the stars for evidence of its current location, and proof that it remains active.


Reason Given: There is at present no evidence that this anomaly currently exists, or, if it does that it poses a threat to Foundation operations or goals. Additionally, were it to exist, there is likely no action the Foundation could take at this time to contain it or to limit its actions in any way. As such, no additional funding will be given and research will be limited to passive astronomical observation and historical data analysis.

Addendum 6240.2: An extract from the Log of Extranormal Events, recorded several years later:

Event Description: Proxima Geminorum, a red dwarf, disappeared suddenly from the sky in a manner consistent with historical records of Discrepancy-22A1B736PY.

Date of Occurrence: 1986/03/15

Location: Visually, Proxima Geminorum was present within the Gemini constellation. Astronomically, it was the closest star to Earth at a distance of 3.17 light-years.

Follow-up Actions Taken: Class 1 cover-up operation, with mass amnesticisation and alterations to publicly available data to amend records such that Alpha Centauri was always the closest star to Earth. All evidence of Proxima Geminorum removed from the public sphere.

Addendum 6240.3: Images taken as part of the investigation into Discrepancy-22A1B736PY.

Addendum 6240.4: The following is a video transcript of a meeting between the three Researchers of the IAU following the disappearance of Proxima Geminorum.

Date: 1986/03/17

Personnel Present:

  • Dr. Doug Y. Fluv
  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner


<Dr. Warner and Dr. Kowal are seated quietly at a conference table looking over the data on the Proxima Geminorum disappearance. Dr. Kowal is bouncing her foot up and down at a rapid pace. Dr. Fluv enters the room with a clipboard in hand. He tosses the clipboard on the table and sits down. He sighs.>

Dr. Fluv: Well, then. It looks like our suspicions from a few years ago have been confirmed: something is eating the stars.

Dr. Kowal: Yeah, this is one time where getting to say ‘I told you so’ doesn’t feel worth it.

Dr. Warner: I think this calls for another request to the Director7 for official classification. We need funding and manpower so we can take immediate action and stop this thing from getting anywhere near Sol.

<Dr. Fluv shakes his head.>

Dr. Fluv: We don’t have time for that.

Dr. Warner: What do you mean?

Dr. Fluv: The Foundation’s focus right now is on covering up the disappearance. By the time they get around to investigating the cause, the sun could already be gone. We need to act fast, get some idea of what it is we’re dealing with here.

Dr. Warner: So, what do you suggest we do? More or less every telescope on the planet has been pointed at where Geminorum was, and all they’ve seen is the dead husk of what used to be a star. Respectfully, you can’t just say we need to act. We need a plan.

<Dr. Fluv puts his head in his palm and rubs his eyes.>

Dr. Fluv: I know, I’m sorry. I don’t have any genius ideas. I just know we need to do something. Maybe there’s more to the historic records, something we’ve missed?

Dr. Kowal: Maybe. I’ve exhausted all the conventional sources over the past four years though, so we’d need to start reaching out to anomalous groups. Somehow, I doubt the Director would be happy about that. I reckon he might prefer to see the sun disappear than have his reputation sullied dealing with ‘uncontained anomalies’.

Dr. Fluv: Our first priority has to be on containing this thing, not keeping the bosses happy. Go for it, reach out to whoever you need to, and if he finds out, I’ll square things with Hirschilde.

<Dr. Warner (who has been studying the Proxima Geminorum data) puts his finger up.>

Dr. Warner: Hold on. I got something.

<Dr. Warner leans over the table, his hands clasped. He shifts his attention between Dr. Fluv and Dr. Kowal.>

Dr. Warner: Now, if we assume it's an entity consuming the stars and not just an invisible phenomenon, it should be possible to observe it. We didn’t manage to catch it after Geminorum disappeared, but maybe we just weren’t fast enough.

Dr. Fluv: That doesn’t exactly help us. There’s a hell of a lot of space to cover and we can’t just pick points at random to search.

Dr. Warner: No, but there’s only one route that should really concern us. We can track the path it would need to take to reach Sol, and have our telescopes sweep the area. If we don’t find anything, then at least we’ll have confirmed it’s not an immediate threat.

Dr. Fluv: And if we do find something?

Dr. Warner: Then we should have no problem getting that extra funding.

<Dr. Kowal scoffs.>

Dr. Kowal: Watch the Director keep ignoring us until the sun gets eaten.

Dr. Warner: Don't jinx it, Kowal.


Addendum 6240.5: A new request for full SCP Classification was sent by the IAU on 1986/03/24.

Request for SCP Classification


The entity responsible for Proxima Geminorum’s disappearance.

Requestee(s): Dr. Doug Y. Fluv, Dr. Edna Kowal, Dr. Otto Warner

Department: Interstellar Anomalies Unit (IAU)

Anomaly: Discrepancy-22A1B736PY, the unexplained disappearance of stars.

Reason for Classification: We have found the central cause of Discrepancy-22A1B736PY. This phenomenon was found near Proxima Geminorum after its disappearance. It is our belief that the image attached, captured by the Foundation Orbital Observatory, is enough to warrant an official classification, along with the expansion of the IAU and its resources.


The expansion of the IAU into a full department will begin immediately, with a resulting increase in funding and additional staff. Director Damien Hirschilde will also be taking a more direct role in the activity of the IAU going forwards, until such time that SCP-6240 is contained.

Addendum 6240.6: The following is a video transcript of a meeting between Dir. Hirschilde and Dr. Warner shortly after the expansion of the IAU was approved.

Date: 1986/03/28

Personnel Present:

  • Dir. Damien Hirschilde
  • Dr. Otto Warner


<Dir. Hirschilde enters Dr. Warner’s office.>

Dir. Hirschilde: Quite the new office you have here, Senior Researcher.

Dr. Warner: That's weird.

Dir. Hirschilde: What is?

Dr. Warner: It’s nothing, sir. It’s just odd to be a ‘Senior Researcher’ after so long. I’m still used to being the one taking orders from the Seniors.

Dir. Hirschilde: Ah, I get it. It took me a while to get used to it too, back in the day. But hey, you need to get used to authority if you’re going to be bossing around all the new Junior Researchers in the department.

<Both of them chuckle, followed by a few seconds of silence.>

Dr. Warner: All right, I presume you’ve already read what we have on SCP-6240, right?

Dir. Hirschilde: Of course, SCP-6240 is my top priority right now. In fact, that’s the reason I’m here. I have some questions I'd like to ask you.

Dr. Warner: Go ahead, I’m happy to help with anything I can, although I’m afraid there’s a lot that’s still a mystery to all of us.

Dir. Hirschilde: So, it says here that you found out about this anomaly through analysis of archaeological studies, correct?

Dr. Warner: Right.

Dir. Hirschilde: Do these studies have any relevance to SCP-6240 as it is now?

Dr. Warner: Pardon?

Dir. Hirschilde: Well, this entity is a celestial object, something physical and real that’s actively out there and will be here in just a few years. I don't see what clay tablets from ancient civilizations add now that we have modern telescopes looking straight at this thing.

Dr. Warner: Archaeological research has provided lots of valuable information so far.

Dir. Hirschilde: Like what?

Dr. Warner: Well, it let us know that this entity exists in the first place and well…

<Dr. Warner seems unable to think of something.>

Dir. Hirschilde: I thought so. And what about Dr Kowal? Don’t think I haven’t noticed her disappearing act. I know she’s out there associating with uncontained anomalies, no doubt getting more lies and myths than usable information.

<Dr. Warner glances away.>

Dr. Warner: I, uh, don’t know anything about that. What are you getting at here?

Dir. Hirschilde: Look, I just want to make sure we have our priorities straight. There’s a lot of brainpower in this department now, and I want to keep it focused on things that can help in the real world, and not waste it chasing historical knick-knacks or superstitious mumbo jumbo.

<Dr. Warner grimaces.>

Dr. Warner: But that’s how we’ve always done things, and it’s always worked for us before. Dr. Fluv says-

Dir. Hirschilde: Dr. Fluv isn’t in charge of this department. I am. And you’re in the big leagues now, Otto. The real Foundation. You can’t be chasing myths and nonsense anymore, we’ve got a world to save.

<Director Hirschilde leaves the room.>


Addendum 6240.7: A transcript of an interview with POI-45SE8 regarding her experience with SCP-6240.

Date: 1986/04/09

Personnel Present:

  • Dir. Damien Hirschilde
  • Dr. Edna Kowal

Foreword: Contradicting the Director’s orders, Dr. Warner was able to identify within the historic record anomalous individuals who claimed to have contacted SCP-6240. These individuals appeared very infrequently, usually after the disappearance of a star, and generally were already anomalous prior to contact. Based upon the theory that one or more of these individuals may currently exist, an attempt was made to contact one.

Through the use of her contacts in the anomalous community, Dr. Kowal was able to discover POI-45SE, a Type-Blue9 who matched historic descriptions of those who had contacted SCP-6240. POI-45SE was under the care of individuals hostile to the Foundation10, however, Dr. Kowal was able to arrange for an interview, in exchange for a guarantee that information obtained would not be used to pursue containment of POI-45SE or GOI-3376. For this interview, she was accompanied by Director Hirschilde, to observe and ensure Foundation protocol was upheld.

As part of the conditions of the interview, no video was permitted to the following. Transcript is based on audio-only logs, with supplemental descriptions from Dr. Kowal.


<Dir. Hirschilde whispers to Dr. Kowal.>

Dir. Hirschilde: Goddamit Kowal, there’s at least three psycho-spiritual entities in the room with us right now. I’m tempted to call in the big guns and put this whole place under containment.

Dr. Kowal: Calm down, Director. We’re here to try and save the world. You can go back to chasing ghosts later.

<Background audio of ambient conversation.>

Dr. Kowal: We’re here for Balaska. I assume you know who we are?

Unidentified Voice: Yeah, I know you. Remember the agreement, no funny business, and you can talk with what’s left of her. You have ten minutes, then you’re out of here. Got a problem with that?

Dr. Kowal: Not at all.

Unidentified Voice: Right this way then, Jailors.

<Sound of background conversation fades into silence. Dir. Hirschilde gasps.>

Dr. Kowal: Ah, Mrs. Balaska, I assume?

POI-45SE: In a sense. I am what remains of her.

<POI-45SE wore heavy clothing, including gloves and a veil which fully concealed her appearance. Additionally, the Keepers of the Dead had contained her within a Blavatsky-Anderson arcane boundary, a potent combination of physical and runic protections designed to prevent powerful hostile entities from crossing.>

Dr. Kowal: We want to talk to you about the entity we’re calling SCP-6240. The entity that consumed Proxima Geminorum.

Dir. Hirschilde: Damn it, Kowal, that’s classified information!

<POI-45SE laughs.>

POI-45SE: Your lies and your memory drugs have no power here, Jailor. Not among those with the true sight. I met the one you refer to, the hungering mouth that even now approaches.

Dr. Kowal: Tell me about how you encountered the entity.

POI-45SE: Very well. As I am sure you have surmised, I was a student of the metaphysical arts, and chief among my talents was my skill at astral projection. It was within the astral plane that I first glimpsed it.

Dr. Kowal: Can you describe what you saw?

POI-45SE: At first I saw only a great shining light upon the horizon, far distant but incredibly luminescent. And from it I sensed only hunger.

Dir. Hirschilde: That doesn’t make sense. SCP-6240 has very low luminosity, that’s part of why it took so long for us to find.

POI-45SE: Perhaps on the physical realm. Within the astral plane we leave our physical bodies behind, and become what many call the soul. It is our ‘body of light’, the part of us that makes us who we are, beyond mere flesh and mechanisms.

Dr. Kowal: And SCP-6240 has one hell of a bright light.

POI-45SE: Correct. Such a great light that I took it for a god or other celestial being. I assumed it had a mind and a voice, and that I could commune with it in some way. I was a fool.

Dr. Kowal: What happened?

POI-45SE: I found that it was but a mouth, immense and hungering. Upon drawing close to it I was devoured utterly, drawn in by its gravity and its sheer presence. For a moment, while my soul and my body were still connected, I caught a glimpse of what lies inside its maw.

Dr. Kowal: What was inside?

POI-45SE: Light. So much and so varied, more than I have ever seen before.

Dr. Kowal: What does that mean?

POI-45SE: I have seen beings that called themselves gods. I have spoken with immortals older than civilization, but I have never seen anything near as bright as what I saw in its maw. It is not a destroyer, it is a collector, and it is full of so much light from so many places. Alien lights from far distant worlds, and light that feels almost familiar. It contains worlds, and souls beyond counting, and now my soul numbers among them. I am there now, and I can only hope that the world within is not one of suffering.

Dir. Hirschilde: But you’re still here, still talking to us. What do you mean that your soul is gone?

POI-45SE: Am I still here?

<At this point, POI-45SE removed her veil, and revealed that her skin, eyes, mouth, and all other visible parts of her were perfectly dark, resembling a three-dimensional shadow which absorbed all light that reached her.>


Addendum 6240.8: A transcript of a meeting of all senior staff at the IAU.

Date: 1986/06/23

Personnel Present:

  • Dr. Doug Y. Fluv
  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner
  • Dir. Damien Hirschilde


<Dir. Hirschilde clears his throat.>

Dir. Hirschilde: It’s been three months since we got our first good look at this thing. Let's do a quick rundown, shall we? Dr. Warner, let’s start with your project, what’s the status of that bomb of yours?

<Dir. Hirschilde gestures a gloved hand at Dr. Warner. Doctor Warner sighs.>

Dr. Warner: Yes, in co-operation with our new recruits from the Rocketry Division and the Anomalous Weaponry Department we came up with a device that could, theoretically, destabilize spacetime around the anomaly, causing it to implode into a highly condensed state and hopefully either imprison or destroy it. We managed to get the device small enough to fit on one of the Ranginui-class rockets.

Dir. Hirschilde: Excellent, have you launched yet?

Dr. Warner: Um, yes.

Dir. Hirschilde: So what happened? The rocket couldn't have reached SCP-6240 yet. The entity’s not even at the Oort Cloud.

<Dr. Warner looks down.>

Dr. Warner: There was an… incident. The acceleration pressures of the launch were too much for the device; it activated prematurely shortly after leaving the atmosphere. Didn’t achieve anything other than destroying the rocket it was launched on.

Dir. Hirschilde: Well, at least we have a device capable of destroying it! I say we-

Dr. Fluv: Wait a second, hold on. We’re taking huge risks trying to use any anomaly, much less one with that kind of destructive power. What if it had malfunctioned on the launchpad? And we didn't even know that it would actually work even if it did reach the entity. The scale of SCP-6240 is enormous and for all we know you might just piss it off.

<Dr. Fluv gestures to Director Hirschilde.>

Dr. Fluv: You authorized this?

Dir. Hirschilde: Yes. Considering all the factors, I thought it stood a good chance of working. I’ve seen what this thing can do to people, if there’s a chance we can stop it, that’s worth a little sacrifice.

<Dr. Fluv stands up, leaning both hands on the table as he stares at Director Hirschilde.>

Dr. Fluv: Oh, so you’re the expert all of a sudden? I’ve been researching this thing for half a decade now while you told me not to worry about it. I’ve dedicated my whole damn life to saving this planet from the monsters that lurk out there in the dark, so don’t you tell me about sacrifice.

Dir. Hirschilde: Doctor Fluv, I have had to put up with a lot from this team, but I will not tolerate insubordination! I am in charge here!

<Dr. Fluv and Dir. Hirschilde stare each other down. Dir. Hirschilde grits his teeth.>

Dir. Hirschilde: Now, please. Sit down.

<Dr. Fluv takes a deep breath, then sits down.>

Dir. Hirschilde: Good. Now, Dr. Warner, do you have any other ideas?

Dr. Warner: Well, whichever weapon we use, the main issue at the moment appears to be getting it close enough to SCP-6240 before it reaches our solar system.

Dir. Hirschilde: Do you have any suggestions on how we can do that?

Dr. Warner: Well, I read your report on the encounter with POI-45SE. If she can reach SCP-6240 via the astral plane, I see no reason why we can’t do the same.

Dir. Hirschilde: If you’ve read the report, you know what happened to her. I had a little taste of it myself.

<Dir. Hirschilde removes the glove from his hand, revealing a pitch-black silhouette that absorbs all light.>

Dir. Hirschilde: It's not something I think you’d care to experience. The hand still has a full sensation, but there’s also an odd empty feeling. I keep forgetting I have a hand there at all, until I force myself to remember.

Dr. Kowal: I warned you not to touch her.

Dir. Hirschilde: You did. But I thought that taking her back here to study was worth more than keeping your word with some organization of uncontained anomalies.

Dr. Kowal: And look where that got you. I think the bigger issue here is that Balaska described how her soul was getting eaten by that monstrosity out on the astral plane. Any personnel that we send may not be able to get back.

Dr. Warner: What if this is a risk we might have to take? We can’t astral-project a device; an object alone has no soul. This can only be achieved by sapient living beings.

Dr. Fluv: If that's the case, then it's not useful. Unless we want to try wrestling SCP-6240 into submission.

Dr. Kowal: Maybe we could find a weapon with enough of a soul to reach the astral plane? The Foundation has plenty of sapient people and objects with anomalous capabilities, maybe one of them-

<Dr. Fluv shakes his head.>

Dr. Fluv: No good. None of them have the firepower necessary to affect something of this sheer size.

Dr. Warner: What about… an extension of the self? Could that work?

Dr. Fluv: Care to elaborate?

Dr. Warner: Think of a prosthetic arm, one that a person has had long enough to see it as a part of themselves. Could that transfer to the astral plane? If the user accepts that as a part of themselves, I'm sure it could work.

Dr. Fluv: That sounds plausible. Perhaps we could just replicate your previous device as a prosthetic then?

Dr. Kowal: No. If you pulled that off, it might let you take it to the astral plane, but it couldn’t touch the entity once it got there. Anything that works with energy or matter is out; those don’t exist on the astral plane. We need something that can target its soul.

Dr. Fluv: That’s… problematic. What could, in theory, damage it?

Dr. Warner: Perhaps we could use a memetic weapon? If we had a sufficiently potent meme, then, theoretically, we could transport it to the astral plane using our own minds as carriers. There we could infect the entity with something capable of killing or disabling it. I know of a few options we could consider.

Dr. Fluv: Sounds like a plan. I'm looking forward to killing this bastard alongside you all.


Addendum 6240.9: Termination Log 6240-01.

Request for SCP Termination

Requestee(s): Dr. Doug Y. Fluv, Dr. Edna Kowal, Dr. Otto Warner

Department: Interstellar Anomalies Unit (IAU)

Anomaly: SCP-6240

Reason for Termination: Imminent threat of human extinction.

Method of Termination: Astral Projection of subject experts, and subsequent utilisation of memetic agents to terminate or immobilize SCP-6240.


Reason Given: Director Hirschilde has determined that this method has a very low chance of success, and would likely result in the loss of valuable assets11 with little return. As such, the IAU is ordered to focus on researching alternative methods of termination that do not rely on the unstable mechanism of the astral realm.

Addendum 6240.10: The following document was added to the SCP-6240 file on 1986/07/15, without the permission of Director Hirschilde.

SCP-6240 Deterrence Expedition

Date: 1986/07/15

Staff Present:

  • Dr. Doug Y. Fluv
  • Dr. Edna Kowal
  • Dr. Otto Warner

To Director Hirschilde and the rest of Foundation Command,

We respectfully reject your orders, and have decided to continue on with the termination of SCP-6240, regardless of whether you grant permission or not.

The following document is a transcript of our expedition into the astral plane to stop SCP-6240. There is a good chance we will not return, so Dr Kowal has set this document to automatically update based on data transmitted back from the astral plane via a device she obtained from the Keepers of the Dead. No D-Class or other personnel will be involved in this process, as we believe only those who are willing to sacrifice themselves should bear the journey.

If we do not return, we are confident that the remaining members of the IAU will continue our work with the same efforts and talent they have shown so far. We, as the founding members of this department, know that they will continue to protect humanity from the abnormalities beyond the stars.

I know the Director doesn’t approve and considers this an unnecessary risk. My colleagues and I feel that since our opinions are so little valued by the Foundation, our deaths would be no great loss. And if this works and we save the world, I’m sure you will overlook a little flouting of the rules.

If this is our last goodbye, we would like to say that it has been an honor to serve the Foundation. May it continue to keep humanity in the light.


Dr. Doug Y. Fluv

Co-signed: Dr. Edna Kowal, Dr. Otto Warner


Dr. Warner: Well, that was certainly a sensation like no other. Tell me, can one’s soul vomit?

Dr. Kowal: I felt the same way my first time astral projecting. Just try to relax and let go of the physical, you’re thoughts and energy now, no pesky GI system to worry about.

Dr. Fluv: Focus up, people. We’re on a mission. Otto, are you fit to continue?

Dr. Warner: Uh, yes. I think I can manage.

Dr. Fluv: Let’s move, then.

<The three move towards SCP-6240, visible as an immensely bright light on the horizon. After an indeterminate12 amount of time they arrive.>

<SCP-6240 appears as a very large and constantly shifting mass of light. While initially appearing uniformly bright, there are patterns visible upon closer viewing. Many of these are strange and otherworldly in form, but several appear human.>

Dr. Fluv: OK, we’re not quite on the event horizon here, but we’re close enough to start trying to inject the weapon packages. Warner, start giving that thing everything you’ve got, and Edna and I will see if there’s anything we can learn from it. Damn shame we can’t bring equipment into the astral plane.

Dr. Warner: No problem, sir.

<Dr. Warner begins using ritual practices to generate cognitohazardous memetic imagery. Parts of his ‘body of light’ detach to form these symbols, which he then channels towards SCP-6240.>

Dr. Fluv: It’s one thing looking through a telescope or at data. It’s quite another meeting this thing in person. It’s so damn huge. We have to stop this thing from reaching Earth, no matter the cost.

Dr. Kowal: I’m open to ideas if you’ve got any.

Dr. Fluv: Those shapes are strange; some of them almost look like people.

Dr. Kowal: You’re probably right.

Dr. Fluv: I assume they astral projected and got consumed.

Dr. Kowal: Yes, I belie-

Wait, I think I recognize one of them… Balaska!

<Dr. Kowal starts moving forward.>

Dr. Fluv: Wait, Edna! Get back here! It’s not safe!

<Dr. Kowal approaches the SCP-6240 entity, moving an indeterminate distance closer, and speaks.>

Dr. Kowal: Sofia Balaska. I can tell it's you. I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but I spoke with a part of you that was left behind. Can you talk?

Unknown Voice: I… Yes, I can talk. You need to leave now, you are not safe here. I do not know you, but I promise that if you stay here much longer you will never leave.

Dr. Kowal: Would that be so bad? What’s it like in there?

Unknown Voice: It is a trap, a poison, a sinkhole of immense proportion. It takes in light and souls and digests it, turns us into fuel for its travels and substrate for its thoughts. It is empty and cares for nothing save itself.

Dr. Kowal: Shit. Can we get you out of there? Maybe if one of the cognitohazards works we can pull you out.

Unknown Voice: No. It’s too late for me. I was consumed only recently, but already I feel myself unravelling to join the mass that roils below. You must run, before it is too late.

<Dr. Kowal nods, and attempts to retreat, but finds herself unable.>

Dr. Kowal: Well, that’s not good. Doug, Otto; can you hear me?

Dr. Fluv: Loud and clear, Edna. Sound seems to travel far here, thankfully.

Dr. Kowal: So you heard the bad news then. Another fun little detail, it looks like I’m stuck here, at least until we can kill this thing. I’m not being pulled in any closer, but I can’t get away either.

Dr. Fluv: We’ll get you out, don’t worry. Any luck on your end, Otto?

Dr. Warner: Sadly not. Its mind is too simple for anything complex, and too vast for any of the more basic agents to be effective. I think the souls contained within it fuel it somehow, I’d need a memetic agent powerful enough to convince trillions in a single maneuver, an action which seems near impossible… I’m sorry. I will keep trying.

Dr. Fluv: Damn right you will. It might seem stationary from where we are, but this thing is moving towards Earth at a million miles a second, we have to find some way to stop it.

Dr. Kowal: Balaska, you said that it uses your minds as a substrate for its own thoughts. Does that give you any control over it? What if all the light inside it decided it should move somewhere else?

Unknown Voice: That’s not how this works. There’s too many minds, too many differing opinions. And I think most are happy with things as they are. They’re too dissolved to care much about anything, and the more that is consumed, the more the burden is shared.

Dr. Fluv: Now there’s something… Otto, what if instead of infecting the overmind, we got into the minds inside, changed how its inner light thinks.

Dr. Warner: Well, that’s theoretically possible, but it would need to be an incredibly potent yet simple idea to transmit through the sheer quantity and diversity of the minds contained within. And that’s putting aside the issue of how we would get the idea in there to begin with.

Dr. Fluv: I think that's something I can figure out. You have ways to generate new memetic agents, right? Ways to make ideas contagious?

Dr. Warner: Yes, it’s a fairly simple process. What idea did you have in mind?

Dr. Fluv: It’s hard to explain. I have it in my head, start the ritual and you’ll see for yourself.

Dr. Warner: Very well.

<Dr. Warner begins performing the ritual. In the process, he reaches out towards Dr. Fluv’s ‘body of light’ and alters structures within, imbuing a part of him with sigils designed to greatly enhance a memes ability to spread via anomalous means.>

Dr. Kowal: What’s happening? What are you doing?

<The ritual is completed, and Dr. Fluv begins moving towards Kowal.>

Dr. Fluv: It’s time for you two to head back, if this doesn’t work the IAU will need you to figure out what to do next.

<Dr. Fluv moves past Dr. Kowal and continues on towards SCP-6240.>

Dr. Kowal: What are you talking about? What did you do?

Dr. Fluv: I’m giving this monster the most powerful idea I have, the one I hold true above all others. Earth is precious, and must be kept safe. You two must go now. The future of the IAU is now in your hands. It was an honor to work alongside your brilliant minds, and I know that you all will make great progress without me.

Dr. Warner: Wait, Doug! No!

Dr. Fluv: Long live humanity. Long live the IAU. Long live the Foundation.

<Dr. Fluv crosses the event horizon of SCP-6240 and is consumed. While SCP-6240 is distracted by this, its gravitional forces diminish, allowing Dr. Warner and Dr. Kowal to return to their physical bodies.>


Addendum 6240.11: Status of SCP-6240 as of 1986/07/20.

Following the events of 1986/07/15, SCP-6240 has been observed to have changed course and is now heading towards Alpha Centauri. While the immediate threat has passed, SCP-6240 remains active and is considered a high risk threat. As a result, the IAU will continue its attempts to identify a long term means of safely containing SCP-6240, and retrieving those entities which it has consumed.

Damien Hirschilde has been removed from his position as Director of the IAU. As the most senior member of the team, Dr. Fluv would generally have been appointed to this position, but due to his current condition this is presently impossible. As a result, Dr. Warner and Dr. Kowal have been made Joint Acting Directors of the IAU until such time as he recovers.

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