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Item #: SCP-6229

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6229 is to be kept in a standard anomalous humanoid containment unit. Every month, SCP-6229 is to have a recorded therapy session by Dr. Elijah Whitaker Angela Richards for a period of one hour three hours at minimum three hours, up to a maximum of forty-eight hours.

A video feed of the unit is to be constantly monitored for any unauthorized departures. One Scranton Reality Anchor is to be embedded into each wall, ceiling, and floor of the cell and activated in the event a demanifestation incident were to occur.

Weylin and Rebecca Agapov are to be monitored by three Foundation agents at all times. Should SCP-6229 attempt to breach containment, Weylin Agapov is to be detained for a period of thirty minutes and, should SCP-6229 not return to containment, terminated.

Researcher Evelyn Agapov is not to be assigned to SCP objects above Danger Level: Caution.

Description: SCP-6229 is an incorporeal 24-year-old male humanoid formerly known as Bennet Zhu Hao. SCP-6229 consistently repels reality away from itself, resulting in a negative reality space where it should physically exist.

As a result of this state of non-existence, SCP-6229 does not possess a need, or the capability, to engage in standard bodily functions such as eating or sleeping, nor does it appear to age. It also appears to lack mundane senses including hearing and sight, instead relying on observing and measuring Humetic signatures1 with assistance from SCP-6229-1.

SCP-6229-1 is a full-body Andetheus-alloy2 suit with adaptive Humetic properties, allowing SCP-6229 limited physicality. It is equipped with a camera and voice synthesizer, the former being a detachable component connected to the chestplate while the latter appears to be directly connected with the neck. SCP-6229-1 possesses an external hume concentration of 99.9, theoretically rendering it immune to reality-based alterations.

Physically, SCP-6229-1 is capable of exerting forces up to 2 kN with its arms and 8 kN with its legs and shows a high tolerance against damage, able to withstand temperatures up to 5000°C and impact forces from bullets smaller than .50 caliber. SCP-6229-1 is capable of becoming incorporeal, allowing both it and SCP-6229 to phase through physical objects at will.

As of cross-testing conducted on May 19th, 2018, SCP-6229 is confirmed able to ignore external anomalous behaviors and triggers. Cross-testing revealed that anomalous objects and concepts, such as antimemes, infohazards, thaumaturgy, etc.3 had no effect on SCP-6229.


Files regarding SCP-6229 were seized by Foundation Agents from Prometheus Labs on August 26, 2008 following containment of SCP-6229. Those too damaged to read were sent to the Restoration Department.

Audio transcribed by Foundation AICs. Given the volume of files, they have been ordered chronologically.

Acquisitions Proposal: Bennet Zhu Hao
Prometheus Labs, Inc.


- Director Pratsky

A series of emails recovered between SCP-6229 and Prometheus Labs Acquisitions Director Pratsky.

The following email chain was sent shortly after the events detailed in Mission 30 and recovered partially by the Restoration Department.

A video file was found on SCP-6229's workplace computer.

Date: 11/30/1996

[Warning: File Corrupted]

SCP-6229 sits at a desk in what appears to be an office. The chair is bending under the weight of SCP-6229, though it appears unfazed. The door opens as Ethan walks in.

SCP-6229: So?

Ethan: He's better than I thought, but that's not saying a lot.

SCP-6229: I'd say you're welcome for even letting you see him, but I feel like the guilt is its own cost.

Ethan: I get it, okay? I'm sorry. Alright?

SCP-6229: You've already apologized to me. You need to apologize to him, but unfortunately he's in a coma.

Ethan: Apologize to him? Fuck that.

SCP-6229: I'm sorry? You put him in a coma and you're not even the slightest bit sorry?

Ethan: Why the fuck should I be sorry about a man who couldn't handle reality?

SCP-6229: Our mom died! The fuck is wrong with you?

Ethan: He did all of this to himself! Yeah, I get it, mom died, but that doesn't mean that he, as a fucking parent, got to check out of reality! We needed him to be there!

SCP-6229: And he needed us! But you fucking left us! You couldn't handle the responsibility so you just left us all in the dust.

Ethan: You think I wanted to leave? That I just decided, 'yeah, I'mma ditch my 16-year-old brother with a depressed alcoholic?'

SCP-6229: Sure looks like it!

Ethan: He made me leave!

SCP-6229: He was depressed! You can't blame him for mourning the death of his wife!

Ethan: But I can blame him for pinning her death on me!

SCP-6229: He-! What…?

Ethan: Didn't know about that, did you? Every fucking day, you know what I'd hear? 'Wei, why weren't you here? Wei, why did you let your mom die? Wei, why couldn't you be a good son?' He'd fucking beg me to bring her back, you know that? You think I could take that? Do you think you could? Well, guess what, I'm sorry that I was busy living my own life. I'm sorry that I wanted to meet up with my friends that night. But you know, sometimes that happens. People get unlucky, and then they die. And there's nothing you or me or anyone could do anything about it.

SCP-6229: …why the fuck didn't you tell me this earlier? What is wrong with you?

Ethan: (Sighs) I didn't want to ruin your relationship with dad. You were a kid-

SCP-6229: No, I'm talking this past year. Since you first showed your fucking face to me again. You could've told me then, and you could've told me any time up to now. Why didn't you?

Ethan: I don't know. Maybe because I blamed myself too.

(Silence for 8 minutes.)

SCP-6229: You should've told me.

Ethan: I'm sorry.

(Silence for 6 minutes.)

SCP-6229: (Sighs) I can't… I can't say your reasons were wrong. For leaving. But you still shouldn't have.

Ethan: …I'm sorry.

SCP-6229: …I know.

(Silence for 2 minutes.)

SCP-6229: Any other life-changing secrets you wanna tell me?

Ethan: …I'm married.

SCP-6229: …What-

Ethan: -and I have a kid.

[Video Ends]

A partial email chain recovered between former director Wayne Pratsky and SCP-6229.

Two videos were recovered, both taken by Prometheus Labs security cameras in Director Pratsky's office.

Security footage obtained of SCP-6229 from former director Wayne Pratsky's home.



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