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Item #: SCP-6227

Object Class: Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to locate and take down websites, programs or applications promoting/advertising "Instant Pizza Delivery" or "Instant-Pizza".

Description: SCP-6227 is a pizza delivery and order service capable of manifesting pizza at the doorstep of the subject who has ordered. These pizzas have no inherent anomalous effects or traits and are edible. SCP-6227 is capable of delivering to any location within Earth's atmosphere, with the exception of Antarctica. SCP-6227 typically takes the form of an application or a website and is been promoted through television, social media and print.

After first tracing the location of the company, a factory was located in Milan, Italy that produces pizza delivered by SCP-6227. Upon being produced, the pizzas will immediately dissipate. The staff in said warehouse are seemingly unaware of their employer or the purpose of the pizzas they produce. After discovery, production of the pizzas was halted and SCP-6227 no longer functioned.

Addendum.6227.I: Notable Incidents
The following is a log of incidents that have occurred within the aforementioned factory.1

Date Description
01/01/2015 Marco Raymond injures his leg after falling down a flight of stairs.
05/04/2016 A physical altercation between Gary Sanchez and Paul Henry occurs.
06/24/2016 A theft occurs, with multiple gallons of cooking oil missing.
11/02/2016 A staff member Romeo Carter is arrested for theft.
01/23/2017 A staff member, Joseph Ceaser suffers a heart attack during work, survives.
04/12/2017 Rais Ikhsan's job is terminated after causing machines to malfunction.
02/28/2018 Gianna Park falls inside of a vat of tomato sauce and is pronounced deceased.

Addendum.6227.II: Customer Reviews
The following is a log of customer reviews created before decommissioning.

Julia Nash
So I heard about this app from my friends a few days ago and was ready to be amazed. Sure the pizza arrived on time, but it tasted bland and tasteless. Props for the weird magician stuff going on here but make better pizzas.

Ariel Toria
This app is uhh strange. First I have a lot of questions. HOW THE HELL DO YOU SHIP IN 2 MINUTES?!? Second the pizza sucked. The sauce tasted old and rotten and the cheese looked like slime. You guys should be closed down.

this app is so cool. my dad ordered a pizza and it came in 1 second and vomited after but I liked it.

Karen Polly
I will SUE YOU. You had the balls to create a pizza THAT GAVE FOOD POISON TO MY ENTIRE FAMILY. I WILL SHUT YOU DOWN. Whoever made this pizza, you can go DIE IN HELL! I have already called the police and they will make you BANKRUPT! NEVER ORDER FROM HERE OR YOU COULD DIE!!!!

Harry Smo
I really had high hopes for this. When I ordered it, I was surprised to not see a delivery man or anything like that. It just sat there on my welcome mat. It smelled odd when I opened the case but thought nothing of it. It was when I looked at the pizza, I saw the horrors everyone is talking about. it looked like spoiled milk on top of blood and a burnt crust. I was disgusted, and even so, I still took that first bite. I regret it. Never buy this, a waste of time, money and food.

Julia Nash
I heard from a friend that this service had improved. I was reluctant but agreed to try it. Let me just say that this has just become my number one pizza delivery service. It was the best. I really enjoyed every bite. I loved it.

Ronnie Ray
Wow, my feelings for this can't be described in words. I loved every moment of eating this. This tops any pizza I've had before. The cheese was a bit bland but the sauce makes up for it in all the ways, probably the most flavourful sauce I've eaten.

Emily Park
Wow, never thought I'd enjoy eating a pizza as much as I did this. I've been sort of depressed recently because of some stuff that happened a few months ago. I went into this sad but came out really happy. The sauce was definitely the best part. Really brings out the flavour. I wonder how they make this stuff. Would love to try and recreate it at home.

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