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Item#: 6223
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: A circular perimeter has been established 2km from the current location of SCP-6223, and a preliminary quarantine zone has been established 1km from SCP-6223 as well, subject to further review.

Residents of Caldwell, Idaho, and the Boise, Idaho area, are to be categorized into three groups in regards to SCP-6223. No action is to be taken towards the first group, who are listeners who have never shown interest in SCP-6223. The second and third group, consisting of Boise area radio professionals and listeners of Christian broadcasts, are, under Protocol PARAVELT, to be identified, interrogated regarding SCP-6223 and selectively amnesticized.

All tapes recovered from SCP-6223 are to be stored in the Euclid class media archives at Site 37.

Description: SCP-6223 is the KGBN radio station, formerly located in Caldwell Idaho and currently located in the deserts of the Danakil Depression in northern Ethiopia. SCP-6223 was transported to its current location through unknown means. Prior to its designation as an SCP, KGBN served the Boise Idaho area and broadcast Christian radio programs, with programs consisting of sermons and praise music. The station was bought from its original owners, ██████ and ██████ Wilton, by the ViacomCBS Corporation through its fledgling CBS Radio subsidiary. All employees were fired and replaced, and one month following the management change the station building and its broadcast equipment disappeared.

The building was discovered in its current location by a geological survey team from the Ethiopian government. Aside from damage by the elements, the structure was in a general state of disrepair inconsistent with its previous use. The interior and exterior of the building are marked by severe heat damage from an unknown source, but no fire detection systems activated. The interior also contains two charred corpses, presumably belonging to station employees, though DNA samples were inconclusive. Much of the furniture has been damaged extensively, including broadcast equipment, except for two objects: a SanDisk brand flash drive containing broadcast data found on one of the burned corpses (see Addendum 01), and a decorative wooden cross, rotated sidewise, completely intact save for a burn in the shape of the CBS logo. The origin of the building's damage and transportation remains unknown.

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