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The following file is Level 5/Abnormality-6219 classified. Unauthorized access will be logged and will lead to immediate disciplinary action.


Item #: Abnormality-6219 Level 5/Abnormality-6219
Object Class: Pending [?] Top-Secret

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Abnormality-6219 is contained within a windowless 5x5x5 meter containment chamber with a reinforced locking mechanism. No surveillance equipment are to be put in place within Abnormality-6219's containment chamber and no personnel are to be allowed to enter Abnormality-6219's containment chamber without authorization from at least thirteen members of the Overseer Council.

Testing and a full autopsy of Abnormality-6219 is not permitted.


Recreation of the logo carved onto Abnormality-6219's forehead.

DESCRIPTION: Abnormality-6219 is the designation given to a hairless and grey-skinned humanoid cadaver approximately 2.5 meters in height. Abnormality-6219 does not possess any reproductive organs or any facial features, and instead has a crude SCP Foundation logo carved into its forehead, with various degrees of burnt marks scattered throughout Abnormality-6219's torso and arms. Although Abnormality-6219 has been in Foundation possession since [DATA EXPUNGED], Abnormality-6219 has not shown any signs of decay.

Abnormality-6219 is a Class-I Semiontological Anomaly.A semiontological anomaly (semiohazard) is a disruption of the Semiosphere (the medium through which information about reality travels before it is perceived or measured) which results in reality's apparent adherence to some non-real axiom. These types of anomalies are often handled by the Department of Miscommunications (DoMC).. Any subject mentioning Abnormality-6219, whether through speech or writing (as such in this document), will refer to Abnormality-6219 as "Abnormality-6219"; instead of its proper SCP designation.

Abnormality-6219 was discovered in a previously sealed off underground room in Site-58 during a renovation to expand the West Wing of the facility. However, blueprint plans obtained from Site-58's archive shows no mention of the room ever being built.

The underground room contains only the following:

  • Abnormality-6219, lying on the ground with its hands rested on its chest,
  • A metal bucket full of an unidentified reddish liquid,
  • A metal placard reading "Department of Abnormalities",
  • Multiple drawings depicting a forested region,
  • A long thin silver rod, approximately 1 meter in length,
  • Two (2) golden-brown metal ingots of unknown composition,
  • A solid heavy metal door, currently inaccessible as the door's handle and unlocking mechanism was removed prior to discovery.

INCIDENT LOG 1: On █/█/███, the site containing Abnormality-6219 experienced a total power failure, resulting in a massive blackout and multiple Euclid and Keter Class containment breaches.This containment breach resulted in 26 injured personnel and 14 casualties with 1 personnel reported to be missing.. During the blackout, personnel reported hearing soft crying and faint screaming emanating from Abnormality-6219's containment chamber.

When the power was subsequently restored on the site, a D-Class was instructed to enter Abnormality-6219's containment chamber to examine any structural damage. The D-Class reported nothing out of the ordinary but then noticed a note taped on the chest of Abnormality-6219. The note is written by a standard graphite pencil and has been designated Document-Abnormality-6219-1.

The cause of the site-wide power failure is unknown inconclusive at this time.

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