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Photograph of SCP-6214 01/16/1958

Item #: SCP-6214

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6214 is to be contained within a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell with:

(1) Writing Desk
(1) Diary with necessary writing materials
(1) Bookshelf with unrestricted books available upon request.

Based on their long term good behaviour, SCP-6214 is granted one meal request a week and on special occasions.1

Description: SCP-6214 is a woman characterised by transparent skin2, described as resembling ‘frosted glass.’ This abnormality primarily affects the skin; internal organs such as bones, the nervous system and the vascular system, are visible. A few organs show signs of ‘slight’ transparency in irregular patterns. Most noticeably bones towards the ends of SCP-6214's limbs, the liver and segments of the digestive tract. Bodily Hair remains unaffected to the naked eye, but through photographic images, bodily hair develops as a pinkish hue.3

SCP-6214 was born Fatima Cel Tradat (10/11/1888), a former employee at the Foundation. The Object was employed within the Research and Development Division at Site-17 until exposed to anomalous elements. These elements were intended to reflect electromagnetic radiation to assist in securing energy-based anomalies. The exposure gradually rendered the Object’s skin transparent in a pattern consistent with vitiligo.

The skin's transmutation began at the exposure site, the Object's left hand, and progressively spread. Later developments formed in new locations around the mouth, eyes and chest. Within three months, the subject’s skin was completely transmuted. Subsequently, the object was contained for study and analysis. Results from these biographical tests displayed that, despite the Object’s skin, they were otherwise physiologically unremarkable to that of a human.

SCP-6214's perspective of the incident is recounted in their diary:4

Upon return from leave, the skin on SCP-6214's hand continued to shift into a translucent state. Within three weeks the majority of the skin around SCP-6214's hand had shifted into a transparent state. Director of Project ‘Helm of Hermes,’ Michael Pra’vi, relinquished SCP-6214 from their position on the project after talks with the Site Director. SCP-6214 was moved to the Archival Office and observed from afar for changes in their condition.

SCP-6214’s perspective of the incident are recounted in their diary:

SCP-6214 followed the protocols given to her. After a routine medical examination, SCP-6214 was eventually informed to move into Foundation Residential Communities within Site-5. SCP-6214 initially protested this direction, until convinced by their spouse Dr. Karson Dach.

The following entry is assumedly written shortly after the previous entry. The handwriting is notably careless compared to previous entries and the page is marked with violent pen markings which have torn segments of the page.

The state of SCP-6214’s condition was reported by Dr. Karson Dach. Site Director Moran Vandolin, after considering SCP-6214 medical reports, requested permission to register the Object for classification. Permission was granted after no evidence showed signs that SCP-6214 would return to a typical status.

Interview Log 001:

Interviewer: Dr. Karson Dach
Interviewee: SCP-6214

SCP-6214 has been in containment for approximately 24 hours (as of 12/6/1924) SCP-6214 is sitting within Debrief Room 11-2 unrestrained. There is one armed guard stationed behind the subject. Dr. Karson Dach requested to interview and debrief SCP-6214.

Justification was given: "[SCP-6214] will feel more accustomed into containment with the aid of a person [the object] trusts, such as myself. I know that this is an unorthodox procedure, but it will make our future with [SCP-6214] efficient and clean."


SCP-6214: Karson, I am glad to have you, debriefing me. Perhaps you can speak with the Director and…?

[SCP-6214 rises to their feet]

Dr.Dach: SCP-6214, I’m here, as you will be aware, to debrief you, discuss your status and all the formalities and, well, you know what this is.

SCP-6214: SCP…Oh you utter, Karson! Why aren’t you fighting this? Surely you see, I can’t be contained. I am not…I can not…be something to be locked away. I’m…

Dr.Dach: Normal? Typical? I’m afraid your condition has grown far too out of hand. The powers that be took a chance on you, let your incident slide, but…I am sorry Fatmina, but look at you.

[SCP-6214 stops briefly to examine their hands, then turns back]

SCP-6214: Sorry won't free me from containment. I am a scientist! We can deduce a symptom, cure it.

Dr.Dach: It is our sovereign duty to understand the abnormal, such as your condition. In containment, we have a neutral ground to see the mechanisms of your condition. I sincerely pity you, however, we’re a part of a greater cause, Fatima!

SCP-6214: Then let me serve that cause! Karson, please, what are you saying?

Dr.Dach: I’m saying that, unfortunately, that yes, you are still serving that cause.

SCP-6214: Don’t get smart with me Dach. You are the one who fell sick upon looking at his ill wife.

Dr.Dach: What sensible spouse couldn't!? Wait, that's right. I ‘lack the senses.’

SCP-6214 How did you? Nevermind. Karson, please, over such a minor comment, you cannot, genuinely fathom…

Dr.Dach: You are endless with your minor comments. I’ll speak with you soon, SCP-6214


Dr. Dach is now barred from interacting with SCP-6214 in any official capacity. SCP-6214 became verbally aggressive towards Foundation Employees shortly. The object was formally classified by their Containment Specialist Dr. Louisa Guzmán.

Interview Log 003:

Interviewer: Dr. Louisa Guzmán
Interviewee: SCP-6214

Dr. Guzmán intends to understand the mental state of SCP-6214 and their perspective of their condition. There is an armed guard in the room.


Dr. Guzmán: How are you this evening?

SCP-6214: Bored. Tired. I want dinner, and then I want to sleep.

Dr. Guzmán: Then we’ll get through this together. Are you comfortable?

SCP-6214: Enough.

Dr. Guzmán: Now, your skin condition. From our observations, it generally spreads across an affected area. On a rare occasion, new areas detached from the currently affected area appear.

SCP-6214: Such as my eyes.

[Dr.Guzmán nods]

Dr. Guzmán: Is there any sensation caused by your skin’s transmutation?

SCP-6214: At times, I feel my skin turn wrong. I cannot describe it, but I am unsure how legitimate this is.

Dr. Guzmán: You feel that this sensation is just trickery of the mind?

[SCP-6214 shrugs]

Dr. Guzmán: Has Karson visited at all?

SCP-6214: Pardon?

Dr. Guzmán: I apologize for being so forward. As your…

[Dr. Guzmán hesitates, and places her notepad aside]

Dr. Guzmán: As your containment specialist, I’m in a unique position. You aren’t some cursed textbook, flesh-eating doll or an abomination…

SCP-6214: Then why am I here? I am sick, and yet in the traditions of Barnum, I’m out on display. Look at this freak, look at her and how her insides gleam for all to see.

[The Armed Guard goes to apprehend SCP-6214, however, Dr. Guzmán gestures him to go back into positioned]

Dr. Guzmán: You are a human with a condition we are trying to understand. Your husband is still working on Project Helm of Hermes, and if they understand a method to remove the effects of a translucency shift, then we have a method to cure you.

SCP-6214: So perhaps I can return to normal? My position, even?

Dr. Guzmán: I won’t give you false hope. There is little I can guarantee. Now, as the containment specialist of one who is human, barring a quaint appearance, I see no reason to treat you as something dangerous, or like a criminal D-Class.

SCP-6214: I’m leaving this chamber?

Dr. Guzmán: That is, unfortunately, beyond my powers, but I am going to ask what we can do to make your life comfortable?

SCP-6214: Books, and-and my diary. It was in my room last I heard.

Dr. Guzmán: I’ll have that arranged. Although I must stipulate, this is a courtesy, and as you should know, we aren’t a hotel. You are still classified as an SCP, and there are still procedures we must adhere to.


SCP-6214 agrees to be cooperative on the grounds of a reward system. Meetings, dressed as both formal and informal, continue between Dr. Guzmán. (See SCP-6214 Interview Folder) SCP-6214 has continued to write in their diary daily. Dr. Karson Datch has visited SCP-6214 5 times in the 12 months the Object has been in Foundation containment. As of 15/6/1925 Dr. Karson Datch and SCP-6214 are divorced.

SCP-6214 condition spread to the large majority of her body; bones are now visible in extraneous limbs, and notably the ribcage. SCP-6214 expressed and visibly showed signs of distress from their condition. However, after some time, the Object appeared to grow contempt with whatever change had passed.

Addendum 1: SCP-6214 has become passive to Foundation authority and shows no developing abnormalities aside from their currently known skin condition. As of 01/01/1946, SCP-6214 has been permitted visits to the Foundation Garden at their request; this is a bonus from their previous agreement based upon their long-term good behavior. SCP-6214 must be accompanied by an armed guard in the event SCP-6214 attempts an escape, however in the 22 years they have been in containment, they have followed Foundation policies.

Addendum 2: On 25/06/1969, SCP-6214 died from age-related ailments at the age of 81 shortly after viewing the Apollo Landing at 1 AM UCT. The Object has been reclassified from ‘Safe’ to ‘Decommissioned.’

SCP-6214 wrote a final note, which has been included to preserve the final words of SCP-6214 by the request of the now-retired Director Louisa Guzmán.

Dr. Karson Datch, retired, has requested that SCP-6214 be buried in the Foundation Memorial. After reanalyzing SCP-6214's corpse, finding nothing of concern, this request has been granted

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