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Office of Dir. John Doe, head of the Department of Unreality and an instance of SCP-6208.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6208 instances are to be designated non-anomalous and locked.

Foundation staff are to be made aware of the existence of the SCP Foundation Department of Unreality.

Description: SCP-6208 is the result of a recurring anomalous event affecting almost all major Foundation sites. This event is characterized by the spontaneous manifestation of offices, testing chambers, and containment cells inside Foundation sites. Said rooms usually manifest fully furnished, with common furniture pieces and decorations, including desks, board tables, filing cabinets, and other standard-issue Foundation office supplies.

All SCP-6208 instances contain spare nametags, computers, and placards related to the Department of Unreality. To date, no personnel working for the Department of Unreality have been identified.

Following the manifestation of SCP-6208 across multiple Foundation sites, an investigation into the Department of Unreality was conducted in relation to SCP-6208. Although records indicate the existence and active participation of the department in traditional departmental activities, all efforts to locate or identify any members of the department have failed, with the exception of Director John Doe.

Update 11/30/21: An exploration into an SCP-6208 instance by the Department of Memetics was approved. Researcher Jennifer Williams was able to enter SCP-6208 with a Kant Counter and a modified Scranton Reality Anchor in order to locate any personnel inside SCP-6208.

Update 12/01/21: Researcher Williams has been transferred to the Department of Unreality, by special request from Site-0 Director John Doe. Efforts to locate Williams are underway.

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